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Winners & Losers: RAW 08/26/19


Monday Night RAW kicked things off the right way this week and that was with the women on our television screens. More importantly, RAW kicked off with The Boss, Sasha Banks and boy did she have a lot to say.

She starts off the segment saying that everyone wants to know why and where Sasha Banks has been. Being gone for four months she has minded her own business and hasn’t talked to anyone yet all she hears is her name coming out of peoples mouths.

After the crowd chants for Becky Lynch, Sasha goes down the list.

“How Sasha Banks threw a fit….I did.”

“How Sasha Banks was seen crying at WrestleMania at the locker room floor…I did.”

“How Sasha Banks took her ball and went home…ya damn right I did.”

She then stated that all of these reasons were because she was regulated at WrestleMania to a tag team title match that she cared nothing about. This happening while Becky Lynch was main eventing with Ronda Rousey. As a result, Banks went on vacation with the lesser paycheck from WrestleMania as opposed to what Lynch made by main eventing.

Banks explained that she came back and picked the right person to target, Natalya. After fake caring about Natalya’s tearful remembrance of her father, Banks chose the perfect time to attack. Lynch came out at that moment to try and help Natalya, but we all see the beating that she took as a result.

And why? For Sasha to be the center of attention. She states that she is the standard of the women’s division, she is the talk of the women’s division, and she has been since day one.

Natalya’s music then hits and she makes a bee-line to the ring and the two get into a brawl. Natalya throwing Sasha into the steel steps. Sasha grabbing hold of Natalya’s hair. The two continue to go at each other as the crowd chants “let them fight” as the officials try to pull them apart.

Two matches were scheduled this week on the red brand. Sasha Banks vs. Natalya to happen later in the night and first was Bayley vs. Nikki Cross.

The match between Bayley and Cross was said to be from the disrespect that the SmackDown Women’s Champion showed to Alexa Bliss on A Moment of Bliss. Cross was attempting to avenge Bliss’ honor from this match. This match was honestly not needed.

With Bayley moving on to Charlotte Flair, it is unsure why Bliss and Cross are still feuding with her. This time could have been literally any other RAW women’s talent instead. With that being said, It was a solid showing by both women at a decent length. Cross focused on the midsection of Bayley throughout the match. Bayley picked up the win as she executed an elbow from the top rope to get the pin.

Natalya facing Sasha Banks was also a nice showing for the few minutes they had. Both ladies showed offense throughout. Nattie took control first as she comes at Banks fast. The action spilled to the outside. She drives Banks into the barricade. As they get back into the ring, she follows up with a huge suplex.

Banks ends up taking control and focuses on Natalya’s injured arm by using the ring post. She then tosses her into the ring announcer area. Back in the ring, Natalya attempts to lock in the Sharpshooter but Banks counters and hits the backstabber into the Bank Statement. Nattie tries to hang in, but with having an injured arm she tapped out.

After the match Banks enters the ring again and applies another Bank Statement.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Banks continues to make it on the winner list since her return just a few weeks ago. She cut a great promo to start RAW. Going over the checklist of everything, people had been saying about her since she has been gone was done perfectly. She even delivered a nasty blow to the tag team titles. Her match could have been a few extra minutes, but it was good for what they gave them.

Her continuing to face Natalya isn’t a bad thing. It will most likely still be Lynch vs. Banks at Clash of Champions, but the use of Nattie until then is a good way to keep the two apart for the time being.

Winner: Natalya

Sure, Natalya was the loser this week of her match, but she did a great job throughout the night. The brawl at the beginning was great, her offense against Banks during the match was solid. She had a nice showing regardless of the outcome of her match.

She has been doing a great job since her run with Becky Lynch leading up to SummerSlam.

Loser: Nikki Cross

There really was no point to have Cross face Bayley on RAW or at all at this point. The whole thing really doesn’t make sense. Their feud is over and done with, so can we all just move on? If they actually had her pick up a win against Bayley then that would have at least been something. Bayley could be considered on the loser list as well, but she at least won the match.

Maybe instead of using the SmackDown Women’s Champion on RAW, they could have the Sarah Logan and Dana Brooke feud from Main Event be used? They must be tired of facing for the tenth time on a show no one watches.

Let’s hope that this week’s SmackDown will at least get a women’s match. Last week we were highly gipped.

Who were your Winners & Losers of this week’s RAW? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section below.