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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 04.03.20

The last night prior to the taped “Too Big For Just One Night” WrestleMania weekend and the women were here to entertain. The match of the night was a Triple Threat match between three of Bayley‘s WrestleMania opponents. Bayley will be defending her SmackDown Women’s Championship in a Fatal Five-way Elimination Match this weekend. Naomi, Lacey Evans, and Tamina took to the ring tonight to see who can get a last win before they face Bayley.

Bayley and Sasha Banks were at ringside on commentary during this match. During the commentary, Michael Cole did everything he could to drive a wedge between the two by interrogating them. What will Banks due in this championship match at WrestleMania if it came down to her and Bayley?

The match itself was what it was, however, the commentary and storytelling was what made this worth watching. The turn of the match was when Banks excused herself to use the restroom. Instead she attacked Evans from behind who was outside the ring and ran her into the steel steps. This prompted Naomi to kick Banks knocking her down. After Cole repeatedly asked Bayley if she was going to go help out her best friend, she didn’t.

Naomi then took control of the match as Evans was laid outside and Tamina was in the ring. After getting a near fall from Naomi to Tamina, Tamina hit the Samoan Drop but only gets a two-count herself. Bayley then leaves commentary and interjects herself into the match and hangs up Naomi on the top rope. This allowed Tamina to take advantage and pick up the win.

After the match, Bayley enters to ring to shake the winner’s hand. She tells her that it is an honor to have her in the title match at WrestleMania and that it is good to have her back. She says she will see her on Sunday, and as she turns to leave she receives a superkick from Tamina.

Banks enters the ring to aide her fallen best friend. She tries to strike some nostalgia with Tamina by saying, “remember this, UNITTTYY!” as an homage to their Team B.A.D days. That wasn’t enough for Tamina and she hits a Samoan Drop to Banks to end the segment.

Other than these ladies, we finally get a progression in the Fire & Desire storyline with Dolph Ziggler and Otis. For some odd reason, the “hacking” and weird images and interruptions that have been happening on the screen through SmackDown for weeks now somehow relate to this storyline. After Tucker vs. Ziggler ends in a disqualification, Ziggler goes to add more injury to Tucker with the steel steps. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville rush out to the ring to stop Ziggler’s attack. Otis rushes out afterward and comes to his tag team partners aide.

Once everyone is out around the ring and Fire & Desire are on the ramp, this mysterious person emerged on the screen. They were wearing a black hoodie and was sitting in front of several computer monitors and vowed to show the truth. The truth in question was what really happened during the Rose/Otis Valentine’s Day date. The phrase also appeared on the screen saying, “The Truth Will Be Heard.”

The mysterious person then showed footage of Rose and Deville backstage talking about the Valentine’s date that Rose was about to go on. When Rose left the room, Deville took Rose’s cell phone and was the one behind the text to Otis saying she was running late when she really wasn’t.

Once Otis responds to the text, Deville would delete the text. Next, Deville is seen with Ziggler saying that she is going to get what she wants and he is going to get what he wants and that everyone is going to win. Ziggler then leaves to meet Rose for the date and beat Otis to it.

Rose is then seen distraught on the ramp as Deville tries to plead with her that she would never hurt her. The two were later seen backstage as Rose was walking away with Deville trying to stop her.

Let’s get into the Winners and Losers:

WINNER: Tamina

Tamina is the clear winner this week. She wins the last match before WrestleMania and it would be the shock of the year if she were to become champion this weekend. So, at least she got this win. It may be way past Tamina’s time to get a title. At least a singles title. Perhaps if she were to be paired with Nia Jax again, the tag titles would be a possibility. Until then she will continue to just have the 24/7 Championship listed as her accomplishments when she comes to the ring.

LOSER: Sonya Deville

Well, she is a loser this week in the sense that she got caught. Overall, however, she may be a winner if this sees her getting a singles push. There were prior rumors that these two would break up prior to WrestleMania. It was speculated thought that they would be in a mixed tag team match at Mania. So, Sonya & Dolph vs. Mandy & Otis. As of now and unless something changed at the taping, the match is only Dolph vs. Otis.

I personally am iffy with this break up. I am a big fan of the storyline itself and glad it has progressed finally. What draws me back is the tag team division has no one in it. I really wanted Fire & Desire to hold those tag belts also. We will just have to see where this takes them. I am not sure who would be pushed more as a singles competitor. I want to say Mandy.

If the person behind telling the truth is Mustafa Ali as people have been speculating prior to tonight, what does he have to do with this? Or is he just going to be a “truth teller.” Or is it not Ali at all? What are your thoughts?

Who were your Winners and Loser tonight? Leave your comments below.

Check back in with Diva Dirt all weekend long for news on WrestleMania.

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