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Women of Honor Write-Up (October 25th 2017): First time refresher

Hello Diva-Dirt Dirters, or whatever you call yourselves, ‘dirters’ sounds wrong on so many levels. The Women of Honor are back this week with another match from Global Wars in Buffalo. This time it was Jenny Rose taking on her Dojo Sister, Mandy Leon, who came back from a successful tour with STARDOM.

We are joined by Ian Riccaboni and WOH Pioneer, Deonna Purrazzo on commentary as they explain that Mandy’s first ever match was against Jenny Rose. The two have a sisterhood relationship with one another and Jenny requested to be Mandy’s first match back from Japan.

They also mention during the match of a 6-women tag team match taking place in Pittsburgh involving Deonna, Mandy and Jenny facing off against Sumie Sakai, Faye Jackson, and the returning Britt Baker. There’s also a mention of Sakai facing the debuting Holidead in Columbus, so those matches should be exciting to see.

But back to this match! The two were evenly matches throughout the the start of the match, showing a few interesting submission holds, and Mandy showing many new additions to her arsenal of moves. Some things she picked up in Japan perhaps?

The match actually got more vicious as things got to the outside, stiff kicks to chests, spears onto ring aprons, and more stiff strikes as thing got back into the ring.

Mandy finished the match with a new move she picked up in Japan, a Pumphandle Package Driver. After the pinfall victory, Mandy checks up on Jenny to see if her friend is alright. The two eventually shake hands and hug it out.

Thoughts: This was a really fun match by both women. Both brought out the best in one another, things getting more and more vicious as things went on. Jenny with her strikes and submissions, matches that of Mandy, who brought much more in her return to ROH.

Mandy definitely stood out more, not just from her new moves, but because the match was basically built around her. Mainly cause of her recent STARDOM tour granted, but that was the whole point. To show people she’s back and is looking to remind all the Women of Honor she is the Exotic Goddess.

The commentary by both Ian and Deonna was really good in mentioning future Women of Honor matches. Also mention of past victories and exchanges really made parts of the match feel more important.

But what did you think of this week’s Women of Honor? Are you excited to see Mandy Leon back? Are you excited for the future planned WOH matches? Let us know in the comments below!

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