WWE Women’s Division really want Tag Team Championships


On this week’s episode of Raw, Sasha Banks and Bayley were featured in a segment with new Raw Women’s General Manager, Alexa Bliss. During the open forum, Bliss was fielding questions, and during one of the question and answers, Bayley and Sasha Banks hinted that they want to be the first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Back in march Diva Dirt’s Landon Buford spoke to Bayley prior to the Raw and SmackDown Live invasion of Dallas, and asked her if she thought it was time for the company to implement tag team titles for both brands.

“I have said this a couple of times in past interviews, but I think it has been discussed as far as the women in the locker room. The women’s division is strong on both Raw, Smackdown, and NXT, and I think we would be able to highlight a lot of us in a tag team. Maybe it is not too far off, as we already had the opportunity for a lot of firsts this year. I do not think it is too crazy to believe that there will be a women’s tag team division pretty soon.”

Back in October, Buford also spoke to both Mickie James and Naomi about the leaked match card before WWE Evolution, which had the Tag Team Title match featured it in.

“Now they are putting three women’s matches on the show, but aside from a personal issue, the only thing that is valuable to grab a hold of is the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. There can only be one person going after those championships at a time, in the reality of things. So, what is it that will give everyone a different way of fighting and getting more camaraderie and storylines?  In the same way that they do with the men who have the tag team championships, the Universal Championship. They have a plethora of championships and storylines to be able to go after, where the women only have one per show,” said James.

She would continue:

“I think the tag team championships, even if it’s just one belt that’s then defended on both shows, but you have the IIconics now that are coming up. Think about it, like when Layla and Michelle were together, it would have been a great storyline when they were with the company. Or Alicia Fox and I can be the veteran team in the division. It would just give everyone, I think, a different catalyst for things, too, and ideas from different stories. Storylines could also spawn off from those stories. It would also show how diverse the women’s division could be, because tag team wrestling is a whole different dynamic. You would be building towards different moments than there are in singles competition.”

I’m so ready for it, tag teaming is so exciting, and it’ll be great for the division, because it will give us another championship to fight for, which we need. Being married to a tag team specialist, and in my opinion, one of the best to ever do it, I will have all the coaching and guidance I need to be the first to hold those titles,” said Naomi.

Naomi would continue by even naming who she would like to win the titles with:

Asuka!  We have a lot in common, surprising, and she’s just badass inside that ring point-blank period. There are no holes in her game. If there’s anyone I could learn from, grow with, and dominate with, it’s her.

Recently, Lana was interviewed by Nerdist’s Fangirling host Markeia McCarty, and spoke about her desire to implement them in the women’s division while dishing on WWE’s all-women’s pay-per-view Evolution.

The discussion of implementing Women’s Tag Team Championships is an ongoing decision, and is something the Superstars and the WWE Universe want to see. The Superstars have even started the hash tag . The last time a hash tag campaign was started was #GiveDivasAChance, which demanded Divas, now Superstars, the opportunity of longer matches.

There’s no telling when, or if, WWE will ever implement them, but Tables, Ladders, and Chairs: TLC would be the perfect opportunity to debut them. Especially, since it is a pay-per-view made famous by The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian.

WWE TLC will air on Sunday, Dec. 16, streaming live starting at 6 p.m. EST, on the WWE Network.