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Women’s Wrestling a Highlight on NWA Shockwave

With the COVID-19 pandemic still having the globe in its clutches, the world of pro wrestling continues to adapt to the circumstances.  After a several months long absence, NWA returned to YouTube last month with a new show. 

NWA Shockwave is a much different show versus Powerrr in both visual and presentation terms.  While Powerrr was trying to find a balance between both talking and wrestling segments, Shockwave focuses on what is going on inside the ring.  Scaling back from so many segments in an hour’s time gives matches the concentration they deserve.

A welcome treat to Shockwave is the Women’s Division.  Former Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa has been on a roll in 2020, and her match with Priscilla Kelly was the highlight of episode 2.  WWE fans recall Kelly on the second Mae Young Classic, and her notorious tampon incident that followed. 

Controversy aside, Kelly’s performance gave Thunder Rosa a run for her money in a hard fought battle.  While Thunder Rosa remained the Champion, the impression Kelly left makes for a bright future in 2021.

Thunder Rosa
Credit: AEW

Kamille serves as one of NWA’s powerhouses with her ripped build.  The term “brickhouse” suits her well and is a far cry from being Nick Aldis’ insurance policy.  Kamille knows how to garner attention, and her work in the ring exemplifies that.  The NWA Women’s Championship is definitely in her future.

Another Mae Young Classic competitor Nicole Savoy took on Allyson Kay in episode 3.  The former Shimmer Champion still retains a strong presence in whatever promotion that she is in.  They don’t call her the Queen of Suplexes for nothing.  As another powerhouse, Savoy is an excellent addition to the NWA Women’s Division.

There are only eight women thus far, with veteran Serena Deeb as its new NWA Women’s Champion.  The saying big things come in small packages comes to mind with the division, as every woman has variant strengths and weaknesses.  Deeb’s veteran status is instrumental for the ladies, as well as Thunder Rosa’s growing star power.

All the women’s matches that were featured thus far have been enjoyable.  Consistent, well rounded matches have been the norm for these ladies.  The NWA Women’s Division is something to look forward to as it grows and becomes even better.

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