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WrestleMania 28 Predictions: Beth Phoenix and Eve vs Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

Tonight, it’s the biggest show of the year as WWE presents WrestleMania 28 featuring a Divas tag team match involving Extra host, Maria Menounos. Maria teams with Kelly Kelly to take on Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve. Who will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weigh in.

Watch a video hype package for the Divas match

Bobby: Well, I am still a little bummed they didn’t go for someone more prominent in pop culture, or someone who could actually show up and help promote the match, but nonetheless I am thrilled that the Divas do get a WrestleMania match. Not only that, I’m happy that the three actual Divas involved are the three I felt have had the best year in terms of consecutive build and momentum. I’m kind of excited about the match because, while it may just be another tag team match, Beth has proven she can bring out the best in everyone. Kelly has worked wonders with her before, and since this is Mania, they may go for something a little extra. I really don’t want Maria to be involved in the pin if the face team wins, but honestly I’m going to go on a limb and say Beth Phoenix and Eve take the win. Beth needs momentum leading into her next title feud, and a victory at ‘Mania could certainly do it. She did it at BunnyMania the last time they were in Florida, so she can do it again!

Cryssi: This prediction hurts me because the lack of Maria Menunous around to help sorta build this up has really gotten on my nerves. I wasn’t a fan of her involving herself while shes doing Dancing With The Stars and it’s hurt. Kelly, Beth, and Eve have worked all year for this and they absolutely deserve the big stage come Sunday. I want Beth and Eve to win but Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos will pick up the victory. Faces always reign supreme at WrestleMania.

Katelyn: Despite their current push of bad girl Eve, I think they’ll go for the feel good moment of putting the faces over. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos to win.

Melanie: History dictates that celebrities always win at WrestleMania (Snooki last year, Floyd Mayweather, Donald Trump), but I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that tonight may break that streak. They are really behind Eve right now with this new heel gimmick and she’s also the only Diva on the WrestleMania programme booklet. I think it’d do a lot more for her character and for Beth to win this match than it would for Kelly and Maria. Maria hasn’t had any involvement on Raw in the past two weeks to hype this match and after two wins in WWE already, I think she can afford to take a loss even if she is a celebrity. For Maria, I think being part of WrestleMania is enough for her, as judging by her tweets, she is incredibly honored to be part of the show. Does she really need to win as well? I doubt it. I say there’s a way to keep Maria looking strong while giving Eve and Beth their much needed victory. You could have Beth or Eve pin Kelly so as not to make Maria look ‘weak’. You could have her save Kelly from a post-match attack or something, or just have her check on Kelly and raise her hand to get a pop. I say tonight Beth Phoenix and Eve win.

Who do you think will win tonight at WrestleMania?

Check out this pre-match video package:

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