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WrestleMania: Best That Never Were

Yesterday, we looked at the best and worst WrestleMania matches in history and today, Diva Dirt delves into the best WrestleMania matches that never were. Some of these matches could still occur, it’s just a case of they haven’t yet. And in other cases, due to retirements, firings etc. they haven’t been able to take place. Featuring some of the most legendary Divas and Divas that could go onto become legends, without further ado here is our guide to the best WrestleMania matches that never were!

10. Chyna vs Trish Stratus
Both have their own unique, individual accomplishments. You put two of the most decorated Divas in WWE history and you have WrestleMania magic. Sure, when these two were on the same roster, Trish wasn’t up to par with the dominant Ninth Wonder. However, we think that Trish in her prime could give Chyna in her prime a run for her money.

9. Lita vs Victoria
Two fierce competitors, fans loved Lita for her daredevil persona and fans love Victoria because she is an all out brawler. These two Divas competed in the first ever steel cage match, but were never given a storyline feud. We think that Victoria as the Vicious Vixen she was when she won her first Women’s Championship and Lita, during her 2003-2004 era could put on one hell of a WrestleMania match.

8. Ashley & Maria vs Candice & Torrie
A step up from WWE’s idea of BunnyMania, we think this match is way more appropriate! Old school vs new school, Ashley and Maria teaming up against Candice & Torrie seems a little more logical than Beth and Melina. All four are Playboy covergirls and with Candice and Torrie’s real life friendship and storied on-screen history, it would be a great reunion for Vince’s Devils/Ladies in Pink.

7. Lita & Trish vs Melina & Mickie
We believe that Melina and Mickie are the next Lita and Trish, unfortunately WWE just hasn’t realised it yet. These two Divas could have one heck of an epic rivalry, coming close to that of Lita and Trish’s. Wouldn’t it be fun to put the old school against the new school in a similar logic to the match above.

6. Candice vs Victoria
Sure these two Divas have some on-screen history, but with Candice’s improvement in the ring and Victoria being well, Victoria – these two Divas could have a rivalry similar to that of Trish and Victoria. Victoria, being the aggressor with Candice as the underdog going into a WrestleMania match.

5. Beth Phoenix vs Melina
I’m not sure why, but I really love toying with the idea of turning Melina face. The fans kinda love her already, despite her character so it could be fun to see. Having her feud with her WrestleMania tag team partner could really put the A-List Diva on the map in terms of fan reaction by toppling the Glamazon. Both these Divas can handle their own, there’d be no need for the typical underdog storyline here.

4. Torrie Wilson vs Trish Stratus
Having shared nearly six years together on the same roster, it’s a shame we never got to see an all-out feud between Torrie and Trish. Both are amazingly popular and during 2006, Torrie’s in-ring skills improved vastly. Perhaps it’s just a case of wishful thinking, but had Trish not retired, this would’ve been my dream match for WrestleMania 23. I couldn’t really see either Diva playing the heel, it would definitely have to be the rare occasion that we got to see a face vs face feud among the Divas.

3. Beth Phoenix vs Victoria
I think this is one match everyone would love to see, two of the most dominant females in WWE right now. We’d love to see a battle of the toughest between Beth and Victoria to see just who would come out on top. Given Beth’s lukewarm fan reaction, it would probably be for the best if it was Victoria though!

2. Melina vs Mickie James
As I said above, I truly think these two Divas are the future of the WWE women’s division. The next Trish and Lita. Both have their fanbases, both are passionate about the business and not to mention, they have a storied relationship and rivalry both on and off television. Melina and Mickie give their all and on the grandest stage of them all, I’m sure they’d really slug it out to put on a great match for the fans. Sure, we’ve seen them battle time and time again – but if you raise the stakes and really give them a meaningful storyline, their feud could ignite the women’s division. Seeing these two Divas battle over the Women’s Championship would be the next best thing to…

1. Lita vs Trish Stratus
Honestly, I have no idea why WWE has never put the two biggest Divas in WWE history against each other at WrestleMania. Maybe it’s just a case of bad timing with injuries and such, but this has to be the ultimate Divas match that could headline WrestleMania. They’ve had epic encounters over the Women’s Championship, including main eventing RAW and who could forget Trish’s retirement match? It’s just a shame they couldn’t do it at ‘Mania!

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