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WrestleMania: Best & Worst Diva Matches

WrestleMania 24 is just 24 hours away and every year there is usually some controversy about the Divas match involved. For you see, unlike the Superstars who are piled onto the card by the bucketload, there is usually just one spot reserved for the Divas. And as such, it is a race to see which Diva can bag herself a coveted spot on the ‘Mania card. This year, four Divas make the grade when BunnyMania explodes onto our screen! It will be Ashley & Maria taking on Beth Phoenix & Melina. As we look toward this match, Diva Dirt is recounting some of the best and worst (in no particular order) Diva matches in WrestleMania history!

• Chyna vs Ivory, WrestleMania 17
Before Chyna became cuckoo, she was the most prominent women’s wrestler in North America. After dominating the men’s division for so long, WWE decided to pit her against the Women’s Champion, Ivory. No doubt, Chyna being the stronger and bigger of the two, laid waste to the “Right to Censor” star and became the new Women’s Champion in a moment that left fans in attendance and watching at home, cheering on their feet. Chyna captured the minds and hearts of fans among the T&A-driven WWE and finally, fans had a Women’s Champion that they cared about. Cool ‘Mania moment if you ask us. Of course, then she went onto, you know, make a sex tape and become a trainwreck…
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• Jazz vs Lita vs Trish Stratus, WrestleMania 18
Back in the day, WWE actually promoted true women’s wrestling at WrestleMania. Evident of this, going into WrestleMania 18, the Women’s Champion was Jazz. She battled in a triple threat match with two of WWE’s most influential Divas in history. The end product? A hard fought battle between three of the best Divas and female wrestlers WWE has ever employed.
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• Jazz vs Trish Stratus vs Victoria, WrestleMania 19
For the second year in a row, WWE held a triple threat match for the Women’s Championship. And for the second year in a row, Jazz and Trish were involved. Replacing Lita this year was ‘Mania newcomer, Victoria. The Vicious Vixen was the Women’s Champion going into this match, but it would be Trish Stratus gaining another career highlight, leaving ‘Mania 19 with the gold and leaving fans happy in the process!
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• Molly Holly vs Victoria, WrestleMania 20
It’s hard to believe that the Vicious Vixen, Victoria who headlined WrestleMania 19 and 20 is the same Diva we just saw trouncing around the ring in a snorkel and swimming arm bands this past week on SmackDown! For the second straight year, Victoria entered ‘Mania with the Women’s Championship gold around her waist and this year she got to leave with it! And in the process, she got to shave Molly Holly’s head!
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• Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler vs Sable & Torrie Wilson, WrestleMania 20
If you’re gonna pull the Playboy card, this is how you do it, WWE! Long before there was what will no doubt be a craptastic BunnyMania match, there was a Playboy Evening Gown Match! Playboy covergirls, Sable and Torrie teamed up against Miss Jackie and Stacy in a fun match that passed a few minutes. The key here was light entertainment, the main course was served later in the night with the Women’s Championship match (see above). Apparently, someone forgot to send WWE that memo this year.
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• Christy Hemme vs Trish Stratus, WrestleMania 21
Despite the appeal and bravado of Trish Stratus, it was hard to sugarcoat this match. A low point in Trish’s career was her feud with Christy Hemme. Did anyone really think Trish would actually lose the belt to freakin’ Christy Hemme? Let alone at WrestleMania?! Trish ended it all with a Chick Kick, thank God and closed the book on Christy’s short-lived push – but not before Christy could botch her way to the five minute mark.
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• Mickie James vs Trish Stratus, WrestleMania 22
This listing may shock a lot of people, but personally, I don’t see why. Featuring two of the most talented women on the WWE roster at the time, we were expecting an amazing, competetive match to make up for last year’s disaster (see above), instead we got a really badly choreographed match. Perhaps Mickie was just nervous as it was her first WrestleMania, but this match just left me feeling underwhelmed and kinda pissed off. Couple the botches with Mickie’s really inappropriate hand gesture, Trish Stratus has seen better days and way better matches. If you can sit through this match without cringing at the botches and feeling awkward at Mickie’s amateur porn antics, good for you but until I can, it goes under one of the worst.
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• Candice Michelle vs Torrie Wilson, WrestleMania 22
Despite featuring my favourite Diva of all time, the Playboy Pillowfight at ‘Mania 22 was agony to watch. Painful, honestly. Despite two hot Divas stripping off, the crowd could not get into this match and we don’t blame ’em. It was just really, really bad. But every cloud has a silver lining and in this case, Torrie won. Rock on!
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• Ashley vs Melina, WrestleMania 23
A prime example of A) Why WWE doesn’t give a fuck about quality control as long as they get your money and B) Why Ashley should never wrestle. Ever. When you got Mickie and Trish the year before in a not so great match, there was no hope in hell I could’ve sat through this match without hiding behind a pillow. Despite Melina’s best efforts to draw some semblance of talent from Ashley, this match was a complete and utter trainwreck. However, not one to learn from their mistakes – this year, we get Ashley again – but wait, this time she’s bringing a friend! I have erased from my mind this match, except for the sigh of relief that I sighed when Melina retained the title. If you’re looking forward to BunnyMania, watch this match and multiply the badness of it by 10.
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That rounds up our Best & Worst. What’s your take? As always leave a comment and let us know! Join us tomorrow as we countdown the best WrestleMania Diva matches that never happened!

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