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Leilani Kai vs. Wendi Richter (WrestleMania I)

WrestleMania I

March 31st, 1985

At the very first WrestleMania, Leilani Kai defended her Women’s Championship against Wendi Richter. Both women had a legendary backup in their corners: Wendi brought along pop star Cyndi Lauper, while Leilani recruited the incomparable Fabulous Moolah.

It didn’t take long for the villainous Moolah to interfere, but she was quickly neutralized by Lauper. This allowed Wendi to get the win unencumbered, reversing a pin off of Leilani’s crossbody to get the three count. With the win, Wendi started her second and final reign as WWE Women’s Champion.

Watch the match below:

What are your memories of this moment?

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