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Miss Elizabeth is Caught Between the Mega Powers (WrestleMania V)

WrestleMania V

April 2nd, 1989

The main event of the fifth WrestleMania pitted former Mega Powers Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage against one another, Savage putting the WWE Championship on the line. The pair’s breakup placed Miss Elizabeth firmly in the middle of the two, Savage’s jealousy and belief that Hogan was “lusting after” Elizabeth putting her in a very uncomfortable situation.

When the time came for the match, Elizabeth stood at ringside in a neutral corner. Savage gave her plenty of grief, even hiding behind her at one point to save himself from Hogan’s attacks. Still, Elizabeth showed some loyalty to Savage, once preventing Hogan from ramming him head-first into the ring post. It only served to distract Savage even more, prompting the referee to banish Elizabeth from ringside for the remainder of the match. Savage would lose the match and the championship, promptly dropping Elizabeth as his manager and replacing her with Sensational Sherri.

Watch the match below:

What are your memories of this moment?

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