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WWE Axes Survivor Series PPV

WWE will not be promoting another Survivor Series pay per view, Vince McMahon revealed today in an investors conference call. The WWE Chairman called the concept ‘obsolete’ in light of falling buyrates in recent years.

The November pay per view will be rebranded beginning this year, putting an end to the 23 year long Thanksgiving tradition. The Survivor Series was considered one of the ‘big four’ along with the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

The original concept saw teams compete in elimination matches and in the past two years, the tradition has been extended to the Divas.

Melina and Mickie James have the distinction of being the final sole survivors in a Divas traditional elimination match at Survivor Series.

Given the prestige of the concept, I’d love to see Night of Champions moved to November and become part of the ‘big four’.

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