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tara’s latest addition to its “Where Are They Now?” feature spotlights former WWE Women’s and TNA Knockouts Champion Tara aka Lisa Marie Varon.

Varon talks about a plethora of topics, including training for her WWE tryout, working with Steven Richards and the moment that changed her life: a chance meeting with a former WWE Intercontinental Champion at a health club.

“I ran into Chyna at a health club. I told her I was friends with Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus. She said I had a good look and asked if I had ever thought about [getting into wrestling].”

Immediately following her surprise encounter with the Ninth Wonder of the World, Lisa reminisces on how she put together a tape of her fitness competition material and news segments that she had appeared in. Following a call from WWE and high praise from Jim Ross, she began to learn to wrestle at UPW before attending a WWE tryout.

“I called them and said, ‘I have 28 days to learn how to wrestle, can I come visit your facility?’ Of course, you can’t learn how to wrestle in 28 days.”

One of Lisa’s most popular on-screen relationships is her partnership with Steven Richards. Lisa recalled the connection her and Richards had, saying, “Oh my gosh, we had total chemistry. I remember one time, I got so into it that I licked his face and bit his ear. People were like, ‘Whoa, what was that?’ I didn’t know. Once my music hits, Lisa doesn’t exist, I’m Victoria.”

Lisa also discusses her working in OVW, training with Finlay and her current work at her restaurant, The Squared Circle.

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