Friday, June 9, 2023

Latest Posts Highlights AJ Lee’s Love for the Divas Title has released a new photo gallery of shots demonstrating AJ Lee‘s affection for her Divas Championship.

We all know AJ loves her title, even getting a tattoo to commemorate the date she won it, but now AJ has given some quotes about her “baby” to further illustrate her attachment.

“They’re personal conversations between me and my child,” AJ said, referring to being spotted talking to her Championship.

The gallery contains several photos of AJ kissing her title belt and holding it tightly against her chest. On that, she said, “I just reassure it. I just reassure it it’s not going anywhere.”

AJ has definitely shown she’s not ready to lose her belt anytime soon and feels the need to keep her belt safe.

“It’s scared anytime it’s around The Bellas or Kaitlyn or any of those girls,” Lee said, “But it’s going to stay here forever and ever.”

Yikes! has certainly succeeded in making AJ seem even more imbalanced! After hearing this, one has to wonder if AJ Lee could go on to be the longest reigning Divas Champion ever.

You can view the full gallery on

Do you think AJ Lee’s Divas Championship reign will break the record?

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