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Latest Posts Names Alicia Fox One of the WWE’s Most Underrated has published a list of who they consider to be the most underrated performers in the WWE, and the lone Diva represented is former Divas Champion Alicia Fox.

The reason behind the pick seems to be Alicia’s recent in-ring improvement, as the article states:

Alicia Fox has shown the most in-ring improvement of any Diva — or Superstar, for that matter — in the last year. Don’t believe me? Search her name here on and watch one of her matches from 2012. From her tight lockups to her precisely placed dropkicks, her wrestling is Divas Championship caliber.

In addition to improving her craft on the canvas, the fabulous Miss Fox is in flawless condition. With a body that looks like it belongs to a comic book heroine, her speed and conditioning are better than ever.

There seems to be just one intangible piece missing to complete the puzzle of Alicia wearing the butterfly again. Perhaps a fresh finisher? In any case, the hen house that is the Divas locker room would do well to fear the fox.

Fox, despite being a constant presence in the WWE since her debut in 2008, has only held the Divas Title once.

You can see the full list on

Do you agree with the article? Is Alicia the WWE’s most underrated Diva?

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