Saturday, September 30, 2023

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WWE Doing Some “House Cleaning”

It’s that time again, folks! A little later than usual, WWE is finally making it’s annual post-WrestleMania roster cuts. And as I look at the current Divas roster, I look at the girls which may be on the chopping block. And actually, there are far fewer than ever before! Usually, I worry for the likes of Victoria, Jillian and pray WWE will finally get rid of Ashley but this time around, there are actually only two Divas who are offering nothing and WWE should and may cut their losses.

Truth be told, the WWE has done a pretty damn good job of utilising more Divas than ever before. Last night is proof! 12 Divas in one match, that’s 80% of the Divas roster. I think it’s safe to say all those Divas are safe. Furthermore, Eve regularly provides interviewing assistance as she did last night, so she too will likely be safe. From the injured list, WWE isn’t about to let Candice go and we already know that Torrie Wilson is staying with WWE and renegotiating her contract as we speak!

So I know what you’re thinking – “Hold up and rewind… who are the two Divas you mean?” I’m talking about two girls you wouldn’t even miss (literally, not in the emotional way), yes they truly offer that much. They are Lena Yada and Maryse. So, we want to ask you – of the two Divas (if they even deserve to be called that), who would you cut? Lena? Maryse? Both? Or someone else? (If someone else, comment and say who!)


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