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WWE Main Event Redux (April 1st, 2014): Tamina Celebrates With April, But She’s No Fool

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Main Event Redux. Following a string of victories between them the last few weeks, Nikki Bella and Tamina Snuka are squaring off tonight. Who will get a much needed win of momentum heading towards WrestleMania? AJ Lee and Brie Bella are at ringside too so there will no doubt be some shenanigans!


We’re backstage first with Renee Young who talks with Nikki and Brie. She asks them that considering they don’t know the rules of the WrestleMania match, has that meant their preperation has been more difficult? Firstly Renee, although this was technically taped before Raw, we now know the rules. It’s one-fall. I think you need to stay out of The Shield‘s locker room and get your finger firmly on the journalism pulse! Otherwise, I’m coming for your job! And the job I’m referring to is backstage interviewer, not anything to do with a certain United States Champion. Ahem…

Brie says that even though Vickie Guerrero probably has a trick up her sleeve yet what with her wedding to Daniel Bryan coming up, she’s used to chaos. Who knew wedding planning and cat-fighting with 13 other women were so similar?! Nikki says that she’s been training a lot and then she goes on to sadly botch her last lines. She was meant to say her and Brie agree that there will be a new champion but they can’t agree on who it will be yet she ends up saying it the other way around. Live TV for you, folks!

After a commercial for the new WWE/Scooby Doo crossover I don’t care about whatsoever (although I might just buy it just to send a photo to Stephanie McMahon on Twitter so I can get a retweet), we see The Bella Twins make their way into the arena. Following them, Tamina has for some reason decided to straighten her hair instead of wear it tied up. It’ll only get messy and sweaty Tamina, you may as well have not bothered. Talk about wasting electricity with the straighteners!

The match starts with Tamina wrenched at Nikki’s wrist before Nikki reverses it and does the same to Tamina. The Pacific Princess knees Nikki to get out the predicament, yet she ends up in another sticky situation as Nikki vaults from the middle rope, delivering a nice looking kick to Tamina’s mush. Nikki works over Tamina’s hard headbutter with a headscissors yet eventually, the leather lover makes it to the ropes. Tamina stands up only to get span right back down again after being hit with a headscissor takeover from Nikki. For a girl saying she’s progressing more into using power based moves, Nikki can go with the agile stuff too.

Taking no crap, Tamina is practically unaffected by the move, leveling Nikki with a brutal clothesline on the outside. Because it has to happen in all matches, Tamina takes off her vest before throwing Nikki back into the ring. Following a cover, Tamina uses her battering ram-like head to headbutt Nikki’s brain cells out. Maybe because of that, she’ll stop reminding us she’s not married to John Cena as she has forgotten it. Although the headbutt was pretty sick, it’s not enough to put Nikki away. Tamina tries a different tactic, opting for a chinlock to try and force the breath from Nikki’s chest. Stop thinking dirty you lot!

Nikki eventually breaks out of the move and manages to shrug Tamina off completely after vaulting up the ropes upside down and nailing her in the face – amazing! She then keeps the momentum up with a clothesline, a dropkick and a big back body drop. She then rammed Tamina’s face into her knee, nearly getting the win. Tamina really is taking no bull in this match, as she fights right back, knocking her into the second rope before kicking her to the outside. Tamina then assaults Brie before superkicking Nikki in the ring. She then hits the Superfly Splash and that is that. Tamina is on top form.

After the match, AJ celebrates with Tamina like Tamina just won the lottery. AJ hugs Tamina yet Tamina isn’t having any of it. AJ is playing mind games yet Tamina is no fool.

Thoughts: Tamina didn’t mess about in this match, did she? Bloody hell, she was having none of the Bellas. She kicked ass and took names. Interesting to see her swat Nikki away with such ease before WrestleMania yet it only strengthens the feeling of mine that she will win the match, or is certainly in WWE’s minds as one of the favourites. Both Tamina and AJ’s subtle performances have been really interesting to me and I’m excited that it’s all coming to a head on Sunday.

Nikki Bella also majorly impressed me in this match. She yet again added new moves into her arsenal and I loved when she did a headstand in the corner. Really unique and as I love Nikki, I’m glad it was her that did something so unusual!

I’m very excited for WrestleMania and can’t wait for the match! Join me and some of the other Diva Dirt staff on the LIVE WrestleMania audio special this Sunday where I’ll spill all opinion beans on who I think will walk away with the Championship and who I think might make a return or debut!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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