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WWE Main Event Redux (December 18th, 2013): AJ and Kaitlyn Deliver an Early Christmas Present

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Fresh off her two consecutive victories over Aksana on Superstars, Kaitlyn has been promoted to Main Event this week and her opponent? None other than the thorn in her side for the majority of 2013, the WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. Since defeating Kaitlyn, AJ has managed to thwart all other challengers that have stood in her way. Can Kaitlyn get a win this week to put herself back at the top of the hierarchy? There’s only one way to find out…


Out first this week to be introduced in lackluster fashion by Tony Chimel is AJ Lee, who looks so smug after her victories at TLC and Raw. Tamina Snuka is by her side (not that Tony is bothered). After a Royal Rumble sponsor that got me far too excited for January, Kaitlyn struts her way to the ring next, doing her NFL hand gestures of whatever they are. In my quest to find out what she’s doing, I’ve thought that maybe it’s her own secret language that her and the 8th Militia use to speak with. Or maybe not.

The match starts with AJ locking herself around Kaitlyn’s midsection before the Houston, Texas native throws her off. Kaitlyn goes for a headlock, which AJ slithers out of before grasping Kaitlyn’s waist again. A standing switch occurs and Kaitlyn shows off her wrestling basics, taking AJ to the mat and going for a quick cover. AJ applies a side headlock but Kaitlyn shrugs her off, hits a shoulder block and goes for another cover. The long-time rivals then lock eyes before AJ slaps Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn scares AJ, who runs towards the ropes, but Kaitlyn grabs AJ’s (better) jorts and clotheslines her. The NXT Season 3 winner then whips AJ into the corner yet gets kicked in the face for her troubles. AJ catapults off the middle rope yet Kaitlyn catches her mid-air. Kaitlyn looks to try and go for a running powerslam but AJ wriggles out of danger for a second before being knocked to the floor by a stiff elbow.

Momentum starts to shift AJ’s way as she trips Kaitlyn face first into the second turnbuckle. The Divas Champion then snapmares her foe before applying a sleeper. Kaitlyn eventually gets to her feet yet AJ quickly shuts her down. AJ nonchalantly works over Kaitlyn in the corner before skipping in the way that only she can. AJ charges at Kaitlyn in the corner and the Hybrid Diva averts the assault and tries to start one of her own. Kaitlyn hits AJ with an elbow and just when you think Kaitlyn might be on the up, AJ ducks a clothesline and locks in a stunning reverse dragon sleeper. Alex Riley is normally great at the announce booth yet he can’t see the difference between this and the Black Widow. OH THE SHAME!

After dropping to her knees, Kaitlyn finds a way to get back to her feet and break the submission hold yet AJ jumps right back on her, this time utilizing a sleeper hold with body scissors. Kaitlyn powers AJ off of her yet again but AJ delivers two knees to the back to send Kaitlyn to the canvas. AJ then spin kicks Kaitlyn in her gut but Kaitlyn finds a way to find get some breathing space, hitting a nice backbreaker on the Divas Champion.

Business starts to pick up for Kaitlyn, who hits two clotheslines and a thrashing shoulder tackle. I don’t know why Kaitlyn ever does that as logically, she could just hit a Spear there, but nevermind! Kaitlyn goes for a cover yet she can only muster a two count. Kaitlyn whips AJ, the latter of which kicks the former in the face. Kaitlyn rebounds though by hitting a dropkick that I’m sure Brie Bella is laughing at somewhere. Kaitlyn hoists AJ up ready for her patented gutbuster yet after a distraction from Tamina on the apron, AJ reverses the gutbuster attempt into the real Black Widow, forcing Kaitlyn to tap out.

Thoughts: How nice was the ending to the match? Although people are sick of Tamina interfering and AJ using the Black Widow to win, this was a fresh way of pulling both of those typical trump cards off. Tamina getting involved all the time is by far better than her just standing there doing nothing and I honestly don’t get why people complain. Tamina is a bodyguard for AJ who is a cowardly heel, so their tactics make perfect sense.

Kaitlyn did rather well in this match and it’s obvious she has tons more chemistry with AJ than she ever will with Aksana. That’s why I didn’t mind seeing AJ vs Kaitlyn again. It was the WWE’s best feud of the year and it was a nice way to end 2013 by throwing back to the Spring. The match was short and sweet and was a nice early Christmas present for sure. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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