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WWE Main Event Redux (March 6th, 2015): Paige Takes No Prisoners

Welcome, welcome ladies and gents! After the good time we had on Raw (at least I liked it, I hope you guys did too) we, as Diva fans, should be proud of ourselves. Especially you guys! You pulled together and got the higher ups talking. Hopefully they’ll continue to put time and effort into the ladies now, because they know how much the Divas are loved. Fingers crossed.

This week’s Main Event saw us revisit a past rivalry, pitting Paige against former NXT buddy Summer Rae. After the night Paige had on Monday, I’m guessing she’s looking forward to handing out a beating. As for Summer, she might wish she stayed out of the way on this one… Paige is mighty pissed at the Bellas already, and with AJ’s confusing return, I’m not sure where Paige’s mindset might be. We’ll soon fight out, though!

The one and only Summer Rae is out first. Paige follows, and we’re shown a recap of Raw, wherein the Bellas attacked Paige, and AJ made the save. Back in ring, the bell sounds and the ladies lock up.

It’s an aggressive start from both ladies, but Paige gets the upperhand and brings Summer down to the mat for an early pin attempt. She gets a count of one, and then goes once more for the pin. Summer kicks out a second time, and Paige sends her flying into the top rope. Very aggressive indeed. Paige tells us, once again, that this is HER HOUSE. She then nails Summer with a head butt, knocking the blonde back on her her ass. Another pin, another kick out. Paige has Summer up on the ropes, delivering her patented knees to the ribs with extra gusto this week! Taking out some unresolved anger, are we?

Paige gets cocky and attempts the PTO, but Summer is wise to her method and drags herself to the ropes. Paige is forced to break the hold, and Summer lands a show to the face. Paige stumbles back, and Summer takes control. A big spinning heel kick gives Summer a count of two, but it’ll take more than that to put down the former divas champ. Summer still has the upper hand, and she punishing Paige in the corner. She moves her to the ropes and chokes her out, keeping her right where she wants her. Another cover and a two count, and Summer has Paige tied up. Beautiful submission from Summer, here! Stunning!

Summer lets up, but she’s still on the offense and she’s determined to make Paige suffer. She walks right over her, then delivers a great standing leg drop but it’s still not enough to put Paige away. Summer gets a two count, but instead of staying on her opponent she taunts the crowd and takes her time. It’s too much time in the end, as Paige gets a burst of energy and rolls Summer up. Summer kicks out, but turns straight into a big boot to the face! Ouch!

Summer charges her opponent, but Paige reverses and lands a series of clotheslines, dragging Summer back for more each time! A running drop kick off the ropes and another big kick to the face later, and Paige sets Summer up for the PTO. This time, Summer isn’t able to pull herself out of Paige’s clutches. She succumbs to her opponent, and Paige picks up the win!

Thoughts: This week’s shaping up to be pretty good for Paige, huh? She looked great in this match, took no prisoners, and Nikki Bella needs to watch out. Nikki might be the more powerful of the two, but if Paige brings that same level of aggression to their next title bout (should they have one, that is ) then I think Nikki might need to watch out. The Paige we saw in this match could go through both Bellas on her way to the title, and I feel like we’re either getting a Fatal Four at Wrestlemania, or a tag match. Either way, I’m game.

Summer was also great in this match. She plays her part well; weak-seeming at first, but turn your back or take too long and she’s unload. That’s exactly what she did, and it was fun to watch her play the villain here. Despite the loss, I think she looked strong. If and when Layla returns, I hope it gives Summer more time to shine.

Until next time!

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