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WWE Main Event Redux (May 27th, 2014): Who Will Crumble Under Their Pressure?

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. It’s the battle of the babyface Total Divas on this week’s show as Brie Bella is clashing with Natalya. The authority have forced Brie to compete and with her husband Daniel Bryan’s medical situation on her mind, plus Stephanie McMahon being a major biatch and Kane surely not far away should he want to stalk her (I refuse to call him The Demon Kane, worst thing ever), can Brie maintain her composure and beat Nattie, the woman who beat her at SummerSlam the last time they fought? Oh, and her job is on the line come Sunday. I’m sure Brie was feeling super confident going into the match…

Putting the shoe on the other foot, Natalya has also got a lot on her mind. Most of the Total Divas hate her and her artwork, she’s got a history of bladder, bowel and nasal problems and she’s got a live match for the NXT Women’s Championship to focus on tomorrow night. Was Mrs Wilson’s head screwed on properly last night? Let’s have a gander.


Mrs Bryan Danielson is out first this week, flanked by her sister Nikki Bella. Even though she’s got the Authority breathing down her neck and major pressure on her shoulders, she’s not letting that stop her from shimmying that arse out-of-time with Nikki during their entrance. Priorities! Next, accompanied by no-one and shimmying with no-one, it’s Natalya. Least she’s got her own t-shirt. She’s got her game face on and she’s ready to gain some momentum heading into NXT Takeover. We even get a nice graphic hyping the match. Cool!

The match starts with a rough collar-and-elbow tie-up, which Brie got the best of, pushing Nat into the ropes. Natalya rebounds back whilst still in hold, taking Brie down with a judo style throw. Following a cover, Natalya locks in a bodyscissors, which Brie gets out of without a massive struggle. The two have quite the nice mat wrestling exchange before staring each other down.

Natalya makes the most of the next exchange, seamlessly switching from a waistlock into a leg trip. She then rolls over Brie and applies a front facelock, which Brie reverses into a hammerlock of her own. Back on their feet, Brie transitions the hammerlock into a side headlock before Natalya rams her down with a shoulder block. Next, Natalya flips over Brie after running off the ropes, a nice show of athleticism which doesn’t faze Brie, who fights back with knees the gut and a flip armdrag.

After another staredown (don’t they know it’s rude to stare), Tal winds Brie with knees to the stomach, strikes that she follows with another martial-arts throw and a key lock variation. Nikki looks on concerned as her sister reverses the submission she was in with an armdrag. Brie gets fired up, rallying the Atlanta crowd behind her before kneeing Natalya right in the kisser. Brie then calls out Stephanie (LOL!) and volleys Nattie with another knee to the face. Watch that nose Natalya!

Brie then showcases her training with her husband as she locks a single leg crab in on Natalya. Nattie grimaces in pain for a short while before managing to reverse the submission into one of her own – the Sharpshooter! Brie has no choice but to tap and her life has gone from bad to worse as Natalya has got some much needed momentum towards Takeover.

Thoughts: A really solid match between these two. Even in defeat, Brie came across looking great. The fans were behind her, we sympathize with her now that her personal situation has got even worse (a masked stalker from hell is after her and she’s a loser) and her performance was solid; looking good Brie. Although actually, I wasn’t convinced with the “YOU BETTER WATCH OUT STEPHANIE!” A little lame.

The match did what it needed for Natalya too, allowing her to pick up a win, which promoted her NXT Women’s Championship match perfectly whilst putting her over as a winner and serious contender to win come Thursday night.
It was a throwaway match that most people won’t remember in about a week a few years yet it was definitely entertaining to watch. It got me very much looking forward for both Takeover and Payback come Sunday. Let’s hope Brie and Stephanie FINALLY get physical.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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