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WWE Main Event Redux (October 16th, 2015): Naomi Looks to Even the Score

What up, ladies and gents? I know, I know, twice in one weekend?!

This week’s Main Event picks up from Raw, where it was Nikki Bella vs. Naomi in singles action. After Nikki came away with the win, it’s time for Team B.A.D to get some payback on Team Bella. It’s Nikki and Brie vs. Naomi and Tamina!

Before the ladies all head out to the ring, Team Bella takes the time to speak with Renee Young in what is, essentially, a verbal beatdown of the rest of the women’s roster. Nikki claims the division is now filled with spoilt brats who whine when they don’t get a chance. Alicia and Brie declare Team PCB – or what’s left of it anyway – to be Team PMS. They then kindly inform Renee that Nikki is on the cusp on taking her title back from Charlotte, and that this isn’t a Divas’ revolution; it’s a Bella evolution.

The ladies all head out to the ring. Team Bella are sporting their Rise Above Cancer tees, and Team B.A.D are looking beautiful (no pun intended) in blue. After some shit talking in-ring, the referee calls for the bell and Brie and Tamina look to start things off.

‘We want Sasha!’ echoes around the arena before the ladies even lock up.

Brie and Tamina lock up, but Tamina just throws Brie down like a sack of bricks, all the while muttering ‘this bitch’ to the referee. Classic.

A second unsuccessful attempt but Brie sees her tagging in her sister, the powerhouse of the two. But even Nikki’s bulging biceps aren’t strong enough to take on Tamina, who really just looks like she’s having fun. Some back and forth ensues, and Nikki manages to catch Tamina in the back of the knee. This gives her vital time and she attempts to out-power The Rock’s cousin. But Tamina just drops right on top of her and goes for the early pin. Nikki kicks out.

Tamina lays Nikki out and then tags in Naomi, who’s bound to be looking for some payback after last Monday night. Naomi goes right into the pin from a big leg drop, but Nikki still manages to resist and powers out. Not one to let her opponent rest, Naomi locks Nikki up right away into a headlock. The former Divas champion manages to fight her way out, but she walks right into a hurricanrana from Naomi. It looks like Nikki lands a little awkwardly there, too, as she rolls out of the ring and calls for a time out.

Naomi’s not inclined to give her one. A sliding drop kick sends Nikki crashing to the floor, and Naomi remains standing tall in the ring.

We come back from break and Naomi is relentless in her attacks on Nikki. Despite Naomi keeping her grounded, Nikki manages a brief respite and comes back with a head lock. Naomi leaps out of it and is soon back in control of the former Divas champion. The tables turn quickly, however, as Nikki counters Naomi’s favourite butt-smother move with a big kick to the chest. She then tosses Naomi to the apron and hangs her up by the arm. While the referee is distracted with Nikki, Brie takes the opportunity to stamp on Naomi’s bad – and now even badder – hand.

Nikki rolls Naomi back into the ring and goes for the pin, but Naomi’s not out just yet. Nikki heads to the corner and tags in Brie, and between them they instil yet more damage to Naomi’s left arm. As the commentary team is so rightly telling us, Team Bella is and always has been ruthless.

Brie continues her assault on Naomi in the corner, with the referee calling for her to let up and giving her fair warning. Brie abides and then drags Naomi to the centre of the ring, where she ties Naomi up in a quite punishing manner. Sufficiently pleased with her work, Brie tags in Nikki once more and the pair set about slamming Naomi’s head back down to the mat. Naomi really needs to make a tag to Tamina asap, if she hopes to keep her team in the game.

Nikki continues on the offence, but Naomi manages one quick counter off the top rope and it’s enough t give her some time to recuperate. Nikki’s faster, though, and so Brie comes in running off the tag and immediately, smartly, knocks Tamina from the apron so that Naomi has nowhere to go. Brie keeps on top of Naomi, beating her down and breaking her resolve. She nails a running knee to the face, but somehow Naomi manages to stay in it. She kicks out of the pin and tries again to get to Tamina, but to no avail.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Naomi manages to break the hold Brie has her in. Well placed kicks leave Brie clutching her face, and Naomi seems to be making a go of it. Brie lifts her up but Naomi counters, and with a little between-the-legs highjinks she finally makes it to her corner!

Tamina descends upon the ring in a fit of fury, knocking down everything in her path and damn near taking Brie’s pretty head off! She is seriously pumped, and after the punishment the Bellas have inflicted on Naomi this whole match, who can blame her?! I’m loving it.

Taming goes for the Samoan drop but Brie counters, only to be caught mid-air and slammed back to the mat anyway. Taming goes for the win but Nikki arrives in the nick of time to break the pin. Naomi puts herself back in the mix but only earns herself a stiff shot to the jaw from Nikki. Tamina repays the favour in bucketloads with a massive kick to the chin. But it’s Brie and Team Bella who get the last laugh here, as Tamina turns around into the Bella Buster from Brie!

It’s 1, 2 and 3 and it’s all over!

Until next time, ciao! x

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