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WWE Main Event Redux (September 30th, 2014): Brie Beats the Odds Once More

Hey Diva fans and welcome to the Main Event Redux! Last night, in true Bella fashion, Brie was forced into another handicap match. This time, it was against Layla and Summer Rae who are a much more formidable team than Cameron and Eva Marie. Sorry, not sorry. Are they called Slayla? Summer Lay?

Either way, they’re feisty and ready to kick some Bella Butt. Slayla are out first, and they’re rocking the Courage, Conquer, Cure shirts. I’m a big fan of WWE’s partnership with the Susan G Komen organisation and if you’re able to donate to help fight this horrible disease, or any other for that matter, then you should.

Brie follows them out to the ring in a pink tee of her own, with the emblem ‘Support the Twins.’ I have to say: I frickin’ love that shirt. We’re shown a recap of what went down on Raw this past Monday, wherein Nikki had been hoping to teach her sister a lesson. It didn’t work, as Brie defeated Cameron and Eva Marie and left to raucous YES chants from the Chicago crowd.

Back in the ring, Brie is all smiles as the referee calls for the bell. Layla and Brie start things off, locking up tight. Summer screeches to get Brie’s attention, and it works, leaving Layla to knock her opponent down with a sneak attack. Summer is all smiles as her bestie gets the upper hand on Brie, knocking her hard into the turnbuckle. Slayla tag and Summer enters the fray. After a few quick kicks to Brie, Slayla make some quick tags and beat the good Bella down. We’re shown a clip of Nikki watching on from the back.

Summer hits a big clothesline on Brie for a count of one. Layla tags in again and has Brie all tied up on the ropes, before forcing the break and tripping her opponent up on the mat. Slayla with another quick tag; Layla hits a drop kick to the face and Summer finishes off with a big boot to the same place. Summer with another pin attempt and another count of one. Brie fights out but winds up in a modified chin lock.

Brie manages to get Summer off, but Summer comes right back with another clothesline and Layla tags in once again. It’s very good tactic from Slayla. Layla with a take down and kick to the spine, followed up with an attempted hold. But Brie’s had enough of that and fights back, laying Layla down with a kick to the thigh. Is it just me, or does Layla sound like she smokes fifty a day?

‘Brie Mode!’

I am still finding it funny that Brie Mode actually alludes to getting assbackwards drunk.

Brie with a stiff knee to the face of Layla, and likely sensing trouble, Summer Rae provides the distraction long enough for Layla to recover and roll Brie up for a two count. Layla chokes Brie on the ropes and the ref gives her a warning. With his back turned, Summer Rae once again seizes an opportunity to get involved but she can’t follow it through. Brie is able to keep Layla away with a kick to the chest, and after Layla hits an irish whip, Brie slides out of the ring and bounces Summer Rae’s pretty little face right off the apron!

Brie is quickly back in the ring but Layla’s not going down easy. Layla with a crossbody (that Brie wasn’t close enough for, by the looks of it) that still can’t keep Brie down, and Layla turns right around into the Bella Buster.

Brie gets the three count and the win as Nikki looks on, very displeased.

Also on Main Event, Natalya‘s issues with her husband Tyson Kidd has spilled over from NXT, Total Divas and ringside during Rosa Mendes matches onto Main Event. Natalya accompanied Tyson to the ring for his match against Kofi Kingston after working her magic to get him the match.

Tyson wins, but contrary to how the video above ends, it’s hardly a happy ending for the pair. Natalya ends up storming off after Tyson freezes her out of his post-match celebration.

Thoughts: Nice, short match that accomplished what it was supposed to. Brie looks strong in her rivalry with Nikki, doing what Nikki seemingly wasn’t able to; win handicap matches. Layla did most of the grafting for team Slayla this week, with Summer playing up her heelishness nicely. They make a good team and hopefully they’ll stick together for a little while longer because, really, I don’t know what either of them would do in the Divas division right now without each other.

As for Brie and Nikki, there have been some people speculating that they’ll meet at Hell in a Cell in some shape or form, and while I’d like to see them finally clash, I don’t know what’ll happen after they do. This feud had the potential to be amazing and I know more than a few fans feel let down by it.

There’s always hope, though. Isn’t that what the superheroes all say?

Until next time, ciao! x

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