Thursday, August 11, 2022

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WWE Stamps Out ‘Wrestling’

World Wrestling Entertainment is no longer.

The company is now simply going by its initials: WWE.

In a major rebranding announced today, the company revealed that it will be expanding outside of wrestling with plans for a cable network, and getting involved in things like live television and live event production, something which, it can’t be denied, WWE excels in.

Perhaps most interestingly, WWE says it will have a new talent development department headed by Triple H. “The new department will put a greater emphasis on worldwide recruitment, training and character development to identify future WWE Superstars and Divas,” notes a press release. Whether that will mean any changes in the way WWE hires its Divas remains to be seen.

Read the full details here.

Your thoughts on WWE banishing the word ‘wrestling’ from its vocabulary? Will Triple H’s new department alter WWE’s ‘model’ hiring ways? (Not holding breath) Discuss!

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