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WWE Superstars Redux (January 30th, 2014): Can Natalya Handle Summer’s Raege?

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux! Firstly, I’ve got to thank Erin and Cryssi for covering for me yesterday. Both did stellar jobs of the Main Event and NXT Redux respectively! I was busy filming my appearance on a television quiz show due to air in April or May, yet I’m back now! Enough about me and onto the Divas. Natalya and Summer Rae are squaring off in singles action for the fourth time, with Nattie currently leading the tally with 2 wins to one. Will Nattie extend her lead or will Summer even the score?


Out first this week on WWE’s E show is Summer Rae, salsa-ing and quick-stepping that fine body of hers down the ramp. Still not keen on the gharish gear. I wish WWE would let her wear her NXT attires on the main roster! Speaking of attires, Natalya is out next and she’s wearing her new one with her name on the front in a cartoon font. For someone with a prude/aunt who you rarely visit gimmick, that’s quite daring!

The match starts with Nattie getting shoved by Summer, yet she fights back with a standing headlock. After being pushed away by Summer, Natalya shoulder blocks Summer before flipping over her and running under her, only to meet a hip toss. Summer prances around before Natalya cuts those moves right in their tracks with two boots to Summer’s face. Tal gets grounded with a headlock takeover to Summer, who eventually gets out of it buy wrapping those long legs of hers around Summer’s neck. Natalya then grabs Summer’s waist and goes for a cover, yet she’s unsuccessful. Natalya tries to go for a submission instead with a Sharpshooter yet Summer squirms her way to the outside.

Summer checks her skin for bruises in hilarious fashion before trying to walk away as she thinks she’s better than this situation. You’ve lost twice girl, you need to prove it! I am made to eat my words as Summer clearly was thinking way ahead of me and Natalya, because as soon as she’s back in the ring, she dropkicks Natalya, who whacks her shoulder off the apron.

Summer splashes Natalya’s arm before going submission crazy with a lotus lock, and once the girls are back to their feet, an armbar. The Dungeon Diva fights Summer off yet she gets a MAHOOOOOSIVE roundhous kick to the mush for her troubles. Ow! After a cover, Summer reverts back to Natalya’s arm and applies a short arm scissors. Natalya rolls onto Summer to break up the move yet after a pin, Summer goes right back to Natalya’s plagued body part with an armbar. After looking like she just got hit by a bus for a short period, Natalya armdrags Summer off of her and begins to mount a comeback.

Nattie hits two clotheslines with her strong arm before knocking Summer around with a suplex. Nattie then runs over Summer’s back and hits a slick basement dropkick, a combination move I really like. Standing on someone’s back looks legit painful. Natalya tries to hit her sit-out scoop slam next, yet Summer wriggles out and majorly bitch slaps Nattie. Natalya whacks right back with her discus clothesline before locking in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Thoughts: The match was technically sound and I loved it. Natalya’s selling was great throughout and Summer’s submission repertoire continues to impress me. However, Natalya let herself down as she started her comeback as she didn’t sell the arm injury whatsoever. Then the referee raised the injured arm at the end and it wasn’t hurting at all. For someone who has been wrestling for as long as she has, Natalya should know to keep the continuity up. It may just nitpicky, but I noticed and I’m sure others did too.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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