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WWE Superstars Redux (November 15th, 2013): Girl, Bye!

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Superstars Redux! We got a double dose of Funkadactyl fierceness on Friday as not only did the girls compete on SmackDown, but they also kicked some arse on Superstars! This week’s Superstars showing, the third in as many weeks, sees Naomi make her third straight appearance on the show. She’s teaming with Cameron to face my favorite tag team ever *sarcasm* Aksana and Alicia Fox, although one good thing about them is together, they can make up some cracking portmanteaus. AKLICIA and FOXANA sound pretty epic. Shame one of them has no character whatsoever and the other crawls around the ring like a toddler who has filled it’s nappy. Anyway, we need to get that image out of our minds, so let’s get right into it! TO THE VIDEO!

Out first are Planet Funk’s finest exports, Cameron and Naomi! The two of them looking stunning in satsuma (that is the name I’ve giving to their orangeness) – really liking the new attires ladies! Out next are Foxana and Alex Riley compliments how well they’ve been working as a team. If you’ve teamed together about 56 times and won 0 of the matches, that doesn’t constitute to working well, but whatever! Alex has been really impressing me on commentary as of late, so he better not start talking rubbish! We get enough of that on Raw.

The match begins with both girls trying to pump up the crowd before Alicia grinds at Naomi’s neck with a headlock takeover. Back to her feet, Naomi forearms her way out of Alicia’s grasp before traversing over the top rope and walloping Naomi in the head with a sweet kick. Naomi then flips over Alicia and bounces off the ropes before hitting a flip clothesline on Foxy. A flustered Alicia tags out to Aksana, who doesn’t do much better in handling Naomi! After a hurricanrana, Naomi tags in Cameron, who hits a wheelbarrow armdrag on Aksana before tagging Naomi back in. The Total Divas cast members hit a double suplex on Aksana before Alicia runs in to interrupt their celebratory dance. Sadly, she doesn’t interrupt it very well, as she ends up on the arena floor! As Naomi’s back was turned, Aksana has made it back to her feet and she drops Naomi with a gutwrench suplex.

Aksana then delivers some stomps before leveling Naomi with a sideslam. The crowd sarcastically chant “THIS IS AWESOME” yet I don’t blame them as Aksana then starts to perform the bane of my life, the sexy slug crawl! I laugh as Aksana could only muster a 1 count following a kick to the face and she then tags in Alicia to see if she can do any better.

Alicia hits a snapmare and… can only get a one count. Alicia’s next move is a new move in her arsenal that I really like. She hooks her leg around Naomi’s head and then sandwiches it between her leg and the mat. Although not enough to put Naomi away, Alicia did manage to get a two count – hooray! Next, ‘Lic lynches in a chinlock to see if a submission will fare better for her. Apparently not, as although she knocks Naomi back down when she first attempts to break out, Naomi hits a massive monkey flip and tags in Cameron!

Cameron blitzes the ring and delivers a series of clotheslines to Alicia before pulling off a very sloppy headscissor takeover. Well done Alicia and the camera work for sort of covering that up! Cameron then shakes what god gave her before hitting a split leg drop on Alicia. Aksana breaks the pin attempt up but then gets clobbered by Naomi. Cameron kicks Alicia in the stomach, lets out an almighty “GIRL BYE” and then hits a devastating Mickie James-style DDT. 1-2-3 – Cameron just GOT her first pinfall win on the internet WWE TV!

Thoughts: Another competent performance from the Divas, and it’s memorable because it’s the first time Cameron has hit the GIRL BYE DDT on TV. The move relies a lot on the strength of the seller too yet I thought it looked epic, as you can expect from someone like Alicia. Other than that dodgy headscissor takeover, Cameron is continuing to impress me with every showing. She has the looks, the charisma, the catchphrases and she’s getting it together in the ring. Although this show didn’t really mean anything, I’d rather see some Divas action rather than none, so I’m glad the girls got the chance to work again and hone their chemistry with each other. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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