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WWE Survivor Series Predictions: Eve Torres vs Kaitlyn

WWE presents its annual Survivor Series pay per view tonight as Eve defends the Divas Title against Kaitlyn. Who will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Adrian: Since Hell in a Cell, WWE haven’t done a great deal in furthering this storyline, reducing it back to a mere afterthought, which is a shame because it started out as one of the most interesting and high-profile Divas’ feuds we’d seen in a while. Nevertheless, I think this is finally going to be the moment where Kaitlyn (or as I like to call her, “Her Royal Thighness”) becomes Divas Champion. She’s been on the cusp of victory for weeks now, and she picked up a big win on Raw earlier in the week, defeating friend and former champ Layla in what was effectively a squash match, so the momentum is in her corner. Just don’t ask me who attacked her a few weeks ago, I couldn’t care less anymore!

Bobby: This could honestly go either way, and in fact, I would say this is the match as of late where I genuinely have no glimmer of thought as to what’s going to happen. Eve’s reign hasn’t been insanely long, but I would say it’s been about the length of the typical one outside Beth Phoenix, Kelly, and Layla. So unlike last month, I actually can see Kaitlyn winning. All I know is I really hope the attacker storyline is revealed tonight because every week it goes on is another week I feel like it will be dropped entirely. Oh, and as for predictions, I’m going to say Eve retains with help from this mystery person, and then eventually faces Kaitlyn at TLC for the final time after it’s had a month to play out.

Cryssi: Hmmm, this match is both tricky and interesting to me. I feel like it’s honestly a 50/50 toss-up over who could win, with each Diva having an equal chance at emerging from Indiana with the championship. I think the match itself will be solid. Both Eve and Kaitlyn are similar in size and the way they work. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Kaitlyn sells Eve’s submissions, and how Eve is going to handle Kaitlyn’s power. These two are both beautiful, different, and unique, and I think we should feel kind of fortunate that for once we are getting something fresh, and with a storyline attached to it. I think the ending is going to boil down to who attacked Kaitlyn revealing herself and either costing Eve the win by accident, or costing Kaitlyn the victory. It could really go either way. I’m going to stick with my gut and go with Eve pulling out the win, but having been a fan of hers since NXT season three, I really want Kaitlyn to be a surprise champ.

Erin: Surely the mystery of Kaitlyn’s attacker has to be solved soon, so I think this match will have something to do with it. No matter who it turns out to be, though, I think it will put Kaitlyn in the forefront of the division. That’s why I think she’ll end up besting Eve and winning the Divas Title tonight. Kaitlyn wins.

Jack: I’m looking forward to this one as I’m hopeful that we will finally found out who attacked Kaitlyn, and I think we’ll find out thanks to the finish of the match. I see Kaitlyn’s attacker assaulting her once again to allow Eve to get the victory. I definitely don’t see the champ losing as she’s hasn’t had the belt long. I see her keeping hold of it and then feuding with AJ after a month or so sharing the spotlight with the mystery assailant.

Melanie: I did say last month that I expected Kaitlyn to become Divas Champion at some point, but the more I think about it, the less I think it will happen in the near future, nor do I think she’s ready for it. Honestly, while Kaitlyn has improved a lot, something just isn’t clicking for me with her and I don’t yet see her as a champion. I would like to see Eve victorious here and then move on to Natalya who has kind of usurped her position on SmackDown as assistant to Booker T. And then from there, I’d have her feud with AJ, eventually losing the title. So tonight, Eve wins.

Steven: Judging by the past couple of weeks, it seems that WWE is finally ready to pull the trigger on Kaitlyn as Divas Champion. They’ve spent a good amount of time building her character and making her a credible contender for the championship. Do I think she’s write ready for the championship? No. That being said, I didn’t think that Trish Stratus was ready for the Women’s championship when she won it for the first time, and look how that turned out. I fully expect Kaitlyn to pull out the win over Eve tonight, and perhaps start a new feud with someone NOT named Eve or Layla. Just saying…

Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments!

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