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WWE proposes an Eva Marie return in 2019

In a current video on WWE’s website, WWE List This! , mentions several superstars they want to see return in 2019. “All Red Everything,” the vixen known as Eva Marie left WWE back in 2017. She is the only woman that they mentioned on this list.

Eva Marie may not have had a lot of televised in-ring matches, but she did make waves in the business. The show Total Divas became her new home quickly as she was placed on the new show shortly after joining the company in 2013. Due to her quick rush to fame as a television personality, her in ring training was halted.

As a result of Total Divas, Eva Marie was thrown into several storylines on the main roster. She served as a valet for The Bella Twins and fell right into the “diva” persona. With very little in-ring experience, she started to train with cruiserweight veteran, Brian Kendrick. This was depicted on Total Divas as she adopted his finishing maneuver.

As a result of her training, she was placed in NXT to obtain more developmental experience. Arguably her in-ring work did improve, but the fans would still boo her immediately upon her entrance. Using the heat she was receiving from the fans, Eva Marie seemed to start using it to her advantage.

Eva Marie slowly started to impress some nay-sayers after gaining some victories against competitors Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan, and future SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella. After a short hiatus, she was drafted to the main roster as part of the 2016 draft for SmackDown, but this was the beginning of the end.

With the addition of a voice-over announcer to her entrance music, Eva Marie was developing her heel gimmick. The voice-over described her as stylish, bewitching, and continuously charismatic just to name a few adjectives. Her matches back on the main roster were considered no contest matches as something unusual would always tend to happen.

She would “hurt herself,” have a “wardrobe malfunction,” or was “stuck in traffic,” but her failure to perform always made the crowd furious. Eva Marie has a lot going for her outside wrestling between her clothing line and movie roles.

Diva Dirt discussed her Rolling Stone interview back in August 2017 about her departure from the company. At that time, she mentioned her close relationship with the McMahon-Helmsley family. Over a year later, she spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheets in October 2018 and she continued to be in high hopes for a part-time return.

Would you like to see Eva Marie return to in-ring action? If so, would you like her to be full-time or part-time? Were you surprise only one woman made this list?

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