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Xplosion Write-Up (February 5th, 2014): The Unstoppable Alpha Female Meets the Immovable ODB

What’s up Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Xplosion Write-Up! It’s been a while since I’ve recapped any Knockouts action and what a way for me to get back into the swing of things. ODB is set to do battle with Alpha Female, who is making her TNA debut appearance on this episode of Xplosion.

Now apparently, Alpha Female is not signed to TNA and the UK tour is a brief set of dates for her yet it’s a shame to see her debut on Xplosion. She’s a worldwide renowned star and TNA stick her on Xplosion? Spoiler alert: Alpha appears on several episodes of Impact that have been taped in the UK, so if they are using her regularly on their main show, I don’t see why she couldn’t have debuted on there. Alas, I am not a member of TNA’s creative team nor am I Dixie Carter, so I don’t get a say on how these things go down. Not to mention, most people don’t watch Xplosion so I guess it makes no difference. Let’s take a look at the action as the Trailer Park takes on the Berlin Wall.


An incredibly generic rock music beat pulses around Glasgow’s Hydro Arena, which can only mean one thing…. any of TNA’s wrestlers could be making their way to the ring. However, this particular rock music beat belongs to Alpha Female, who gets talked up by the commentary team as she storms her way to the ring whilst holding her native German flag.

Out next to a big reaction is ODBRRRRR… sorry ODB. Is your throat a little sore Christy Hemme? HOLY RING ANNOUNCING. ODB slaps her assets as Alpha stares her down whilst stood stoically in the ring.

The bell sounds and the match gets underway with both women going face to face before clobbering each other with stiff forearms. Alpha ends the forearm frenzy with a knee to the gut before whipping ODB in the corner. Alpha misses a splash in the corner before ODB connects with one of her own. ODB tries to follow that up with a monkey flip yet Alpha throws her away like a rag doll. Alpha launches ODB yet again, this time roughly by the hair and follows that stiff move up with some shoulder blocks into the midsection. Alpha yells at the crowd yet this temporarily distracts her as ODB is able to reverse an Irish whip attempt. ODB tries to hit Alpha with her patented fall away slam yet Alpha’s strength is too much and she flattens ODB and gets a two count.

Back from the commercial break and Alpha is still in control as she chokes ODB with a boot. Alpha hits a snapmare before beating the stuffing out of ODB’s chest. ODB will not be happy if she loses all the ammo in those bazookas! Jeremy Borash then talks some garbage about how the arena came to TNA asking to host Xplosion. Yeah, that definitely didn’t happen.

Following a near fall, Alpha once again turns her attention to the crowd instead of her opponent and ODB sees this as an opening yet again, beating Alpha red with some open-hand slaps. Alpha responds with a major clothesline in the corner, knocking the wind out of ODB’s sails. Alpha then tries to cripple ODB’s respiratory system some more as she locks in a cobra clutch. With the support of the Scottish fans, ODB eventually gets out of the submission, yet she gets shut right back down with a clothesline. Alpha then looks to hit a running powerslam yet ODB wriggles free and manages avoid contact from a charging Alpha Female. Speaking of charging, ODB runs full force at her German foe, aiming to knock her down with a shoulder tackle. It takes three attempts for ODB to succeed in knocking Alpha down, yet after she;s done it once, it’s time to do it some more!

ODB hits two electric clotheslines before hitting a back body drop. She then hits a scoop slam before climbing to the second rope to hit a Lou Thesz press to the delight of the crowd. After that move only gets a two count, ODB tries to jam Alpha in between herself and the corner yet Alpha levels ODB with a boot to the face. Alpha signalls the end by ‘cutting’ her throat and she picks ODB with both hands by the neck. ODB clubs her way out the predicament and continues to hit Alpha, going so far as to even push the referee out of the way. Alpha fights back, and she also goes all Sweet Brown on the referee and he calls for the bell, signally a No Contest. The girls fight on the outside before ODB gets the better of things in the ring, clotheslining Alpha to the outside. Alpha tries to keep going yet ODB tells her to “STOP, BIATCH!” as the segment comes to a close.

Thoughts: This was a solid debut appearance by Alpha Female. It’s the first time I’ve had the pleasure of watching her work and I was very impressed. Her raspy voice pierced the arena and her antics got under the crowd’s skin really well. Her look is so unique and I loved her stiff style in the ring. Each shot she either delivered or got hit with looked really physical, so credit to her and ODB for making everything look so raw. If TNA doesn’t keep hold of this woman, they are stupid. I know Alpha has a few US dates still to come yet once they are through, TNA would be doing great business if they could keep her around.

As for the match, I really liked the ending. Whilst not many people watch Xplosion, for those that do, the match sets up future potential confrontations between the two nicely and I’m glad Alpha didn’t just job to ODB seeing as though the fans know one but not the other. The No Contest meant that both women looked strong and it also teased that this one is far from over. Storyline building on Xplosion? Well I never!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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