Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Xplosion Write-Up: Friendly Competition

Greeting and salutations Knockout fans and welcome to another recurring edition of Xplosion Write-Up!

This week, TNA has uploaded a Knockouts match between Awesome Kong and Brooke that originally aired way back in the first week of June. If you recall, it was during this time that both Kong and Brooke began to make a bond to conquer over their common enemies, The Dollhouse. As we would later find out, the unlikely pair would come out the winners in their feud with The Dollhouse but who will come out the victor when they go head to head? Let’s find out.

After the Knockouts have made their entrances, Brooke literally kicks things off with a dropkick to Kong but Kong barely flinches at Brooke’s offense. When the full front attack fails, Brooke slithers behind Kong and begins throwing a combination of fists and kicks to Kong’s back.

Still relying on attacking from behind, Brooke launches a second dropkick to Kong and this time it proves to be effective as it sends Kong into the direction of a turnbuckle. With Kong now caught off guard, Brooke climbs on to Kong’s back to target Kong’s head but Kong is able pull her smaller opponent off her.

When Brooke lands on her back, Kong runs the ropes to capitalize with a running splash. Brooke rolls out the way, leaving Kong to splash the mat instead. A crucifix pin attempt by Brooke only reaches a count of one, leading to Brooke to run the ropes for some quick attacks. Things don’t go as planned as Kong catches Brooke midway and instead body slams the bootyful Knockout as we go to a short break.

When we return, Kong remains in control of the match by using her size advantage to get the better of Brooke. She whips Brooke to a corner for a running splash at the turnbuckle and chokes Brooke with the help of her fashionable snow boots!

When Brooke ducks Kong’s spinning back fist, she gets another chance to bring Kong off her feet and tries to do so by running a marathon to the ropes to hit Kong with multiple running clotheslines but it’s no use as Kong never goes down.

For Kong, a single shoulder block is enough to bring Brooke down. Just when we it seems like Kong is going to end the match with an Awesome Bomb, Brooke is able to counter with an elevated face crusher that at last brings Kong down!

Brooke then proceeds to climb the top rope to hit a flying elbow drop and go for the pin cover, only to get a two count when Kong kicks out at two. Shortly afterwards, the match comes to an end anyway when Brooke makes the mistake of trying to grapple Kong from behind, keeping her in easy reach of Kong’s clutches to hit the Implant Buster finisher for the three count.

Thoughts: As with their match from earlier this year in the UK, not a whole to say about the match overall.

Kong pretty much dominated Brooke throughout the match aside from two or three spots where Brooke did get a chance to hit some offense that felt believable; like that face crusher that does come off nicely when executed. For her part, Kong’s offense felt pretty dull here and nothing really stood out for me.

I know this is just Xplosion where main storylines and wins/losses don’t exactly matter but we have seen some solid and decent Knockout matches come from this extra TNA program in the past so it does feel like a let down when the matches come across as uninspired.

Personally, I prefer seeing the Booty and the Beast pair as a fun tag team, with two completely different personalities from one another than opponents against each other in the ring.

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