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Xplosion Write-Up (July 5th, 2014): The Calm Before the Storm

Hello, Knockout fans! This week’s Xplosion features a match between Brittany and Madison Rayne, set before Brittany’s change of heart on Impact. Watch it below and see if you can pinpoint the moment that Brittany decided to betray Madison:

The two, since they haven’t yet had their big breakup, shake hands before starting the match. They tie up, Madison catching Brittany in a side headlock. Brittany expertly removes herself from the hold and locks in one of her own. Madison soon reverses it, taking control again before slipping behind Brittany and rolling her up. Brittany kicks out.

Madison dodges an attack and hops up into a crucifix hold, rolling up Brittany again. Brittany kicks out again, and hops up to lock eyes with her opponent. They have a brief stare down, Brittany telling Madison that she knows her moves. They tie up again, Brittany taking control and wrenching Madison’s arm behind her. Madison reverses the hold, but can’t keep it locked, Brittany tossing her over her shoulder.

Madison captures Brittany in another side headlock, but is shoved off into the ropes, knocking Brittany off her feet on the return. She runs the ropes and blocks an armdrag attempt by Brittany, tumbling forward and using the momentum to send her across the ring instead. She flips Brittany once more before locking in an armbar. Brittany gets to her feet quickly and back Madison into a corner, taking control of the hold and hitting her with two armdrags, capping it off with an armbar as we head out to a commercial break.

When we come back, Madison is on her feet, working to get out of the hold. She takes a page out of Brittany’s book, backing her into the corner to free herself. Brittany seems to call a truce, both Knockouts backing off. That is, until she plants a boot into Madison’s midsection. Madison fights back, though, attempting to whip Brittany into the ropes. It’s blocked with a sharp elbow, and Brittany’s back in control, nailing Madison with a clothesline. She covers Madison, but only gets a two-count.

Brittany hits a snap suplex, flipping backwards to cover Madison in a pinning position. Madison kicks out again. After hitting a neckbreaker, Brittany goes for a third pin, but Madison again kicks out. Brittany looks to be getting frustrated, grabbing Madison by the face and talking trash. She sends her into the corner but misses her mark, Madison dodging her attack and pulling her into a roll-up pin. Brittany kicks out at two.

Brittany pummels Madison a bit and leaves her in the corner, this time hitting a handspring elbow. With Madison dazed, she goes for a monkey flip out of the corner, but it’s blocked, and Brittany is shoved across the ring. Madison comes out of the corner hot, taking Brittany out with a clothesline.

Both Knockouts are slow to get to their feet, but it’s Madison that takes control, ducking an attack from Brittany and hitting a series of clotheslines. She bounces off the ropes and lands a sick kick right to the side of Brittany’s head.

She sets her up for the Rayne Drop, but Brittany reverses, taking her out with a side Russian leg sweep. Brittany goes for a standing moonsault, but Madison rolls out of the way and hits the spear! She pins Brittany, earning the victory.

Thoughts: This was a nice little match, hopefully just a preview for what we’ll see later on in their feud. Brittany is definitely busting out of her “generic good girl” box, showing a bit of arrogance and temper. This served as a nice mid-point in their feud, things starting genial but turning into a more hard-hitting match.

Though, the whole thing kind of loses its luster when we already know what happened on Thursday. Maybe if I didn’t know that Brittany turned heel, this would be a bit more compelling. As is, it’s nice to watch and see the shades of heel Brittany peeking through. Personally, I can’t wait to see that side of her in the ring.

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