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Xplosion Write-Up: If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Surprise Knockout fans as I welcome you to the first 2017 edition of Xplosion Write-Up. It certainly has been awhile since we’ve last had one of these recaps coming from Impact’s alternative show – in fact, this very match between Laurel Van Ness and guest star Deonna Purrazzo was taped back in January but nevertheless its a chance to witness an extra Knockouts match. Let’s see how the action unfolds.

After Jeremy Borash introduces both Deonna and Laurel to the ring, he jumps to the commentary table alongside Madison Rayne to call this match. Whew, at least we’re finally getting a break from Josh Matthews! The bell sounds off and a confident Laurel steps up to Deonna but Deonna doesn’t take to kindly to this and shoves her away.

The women tie-up with Laurel winning the bout and trapping Deonna in an arm wrench. Deonna manages to free herself from Laurel with a pattern of roll throughs and the women are back to a stare down from the center of the ring. Laurel dashes towards Deonna, who sidesteps out the way and brings down Laurel with a headlock takedown.

Laurel gets to her feet, taking Deonna to a corner and landing a right forearm once she breaks free from the headlock hold. Laurel whips Deonna across the ring but Deonna hops to the second turnbuckle, evading Laurel’s offense and taking her down once again with a running clothesline.

Deonna follows up with a chop to the chest that forces Laurel to roll to the outside to regroup herself. Laurel paces herself before entering the ring again but eventually does after using Earl Hebner as a referee shield to blind Deonna with an eye rake. Laurel then grabs a handful of her opponent’s hair, pulling her down onto Laurel’s right knee to inflict some extra damage to Deonna’s back as we head to a commercial break.

When we return from our break, Laurel is dusting off her hands from all the dirty tactics she’s applied in this match so far. But wait, there’s more trickery to come as Laurel whips Deonna down to the mat with a hair pull, uses her boot to choke Deonna from a corner, snapmaring Deonna around the ring by the hair and even driving Deonna face first to a middle and bottom turnbuckle. After all of this, Laurel goes for a pin cover but Deonna still has enough to kick out at two.

After kicking out from a second cocky pin attempt from Laurel, Deonna is back on her feet and ready to regain control of the match. Deonna lands some good elbow shots to Laurel, a spinning kick to the midsection and even a running knee shot that brings Laurel down for a near three count.

Deonna charges after a cornered Laurel but gets a taste of her right elbow and big boot instead. Laurel then tries to put Deonna away with a facebuster but only earns a two-count, which sends Laurel into a mini outburst.

Laurel trash talks Deonna a bit who responds with a Russian Leg Sweep. Deonna misses a running Senton follow-up, which allows Laurel to hit a Curb Stomp and pick up the win.

Thoughts: What I enjoy about Xplosion is that there is more time given to these matches and are a perfect chance for Impact to give outside talent a chance for a televised performance without the cost of meshing some of the storylines happening on the main show.

This match was fun and straightforward match. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this was taped all before Laurel had snapped into her broken bride persona but for me, it showcased that Laurel can still be a solo star what with the Lady Squad being dissolved and all. Laurel showing bits of tantrum and flaunting herself throughout the match helped add to that bratty character she initially came in when joining Impact and I would like to see some of those mannerism again.

Now, we know Deonna isn’t a stranger when it comes to making appearances at some of Impact’s programs (or anywhere else for that matter) but it’s always a treat to see her. With some Knockout spots now open, I think Deonna would be a great pick-up. Fans are familiar with her, she’s a well rounded performer and can really help freshen up the Knockouts division.

What did you think of the match? Would you like to see Deonna signed to the Knockouts division? Have you been enjoying Laurel’s “broken bride” chatacter? Let us know in the comments below!

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