Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling, TNA Xplosion and One Night Only: Joker’s Wild.


TNA Xplosion

* Jade defeated Laurel Van Ness.

* Laurel Van Ness def. Alexxis Neveah.

One Night Only: Joker’s Wild

* Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter defeated Tyrus and Crazzy Steve after Tyrus chased after Maria for his chain. Bennett was about to get the pin but Sutter tags in and hits his finisher on Steve for the win.

* Jade and Sienna defeated Allie and Laurel Van Ness.

* Moose defeats Bram, Mike Bennett, Jeff Hardy, Davey Richards, Braxton Sutter, Jade, Sienna, Eddie Edwards, Eddie Kingston, Rockstar Spud, Aron Rex, Caleb Konley and DJ Z in a gauntlet match to win the Joker’s Wild Tournament and presented with a $100,000 check.

Impact Wrestling:

* Brooke defeated Deonna Purrazzo. Post match, Sienna attacks Brooke and eventually lays her out.

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  • Divo’s Champion

    So happy Brooke is coming back!

  • Juan

    Yup Dutch Mantel is definitely back and booking the Knockouts! Spoilers always confused the hell out of me when he was around during the Knockouts golden era but boy did it make for some very entertaining tv!! I expect no different here!

    Brooke is back!! Oh yeah!! And I’m willing to bet Alexxis gets signed seeing as how her husband works for the company already! I wonder is they’ll finally sign Deonna? She has literally been in TNA, WWE and ROH yet hasn’t been signed anywhere yet!

    • Joseph

      Well Deonna is about to on a 3 month tour of Japan for Stardom.

    • Ace

      She’s only 21 and has plenty of time before needing too get signed. Let her get all the experience she needs I say.

    • HEELHornet

      Deonna is VERY young, and probably too young for TV (as WWE are finding out with Paige) she needs seasoning.

      • Juan

        Oh wow I didn’t realize she was so young. I guess you’re right. Then again having someone so young on your roster can lead to creating a star in the long run!

      • cubs1998

        That has nothing to do with paiges issues.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Brooke is back!!!!! Yes!!!!

  • Huntrry94

    I can’t wait to see how this goes for sure!! Yay for Brooke being back!! I wander what they have cooking for her and Sienna???

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Brooke!!!!!! Yay!!!! That’s all I care about from these spoilers.

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess
    • she looks AMAZING!

      • Lindsayswoodward

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    • Ace

      She’s looks great no doubt about it!

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Finally some gear from Brooke

    • Summer_Slay#BellasAreOverParty

      Queen better use her old iconic gear, this brunette natalya/nikki bella mix gtg

      • HOLLA

        Omg yes

        • Virginiajrosati

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    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      She’s looking amazing! I don’t get WWE not trying to catch her. She’s very talented and looks better than 95% of the roster they have.

      • KatyaMenelli

        More like 75% but close. She was already with WWE and when she left, it wasn’t on good terms.

    • SHe look’s amazing. ?

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess
  • Jazmine Monique Perciann Gordo

    Sounds very good.

  • Jim jones

    Brooke is back I’m definitely watching every week now

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    Heard she got a really good pop as well my fav is back my interest in TNA is back 2017 > 2016 already

  • glassjaw

    Allie and Laurel teaming?

    • Femme Fatale Venus Fly

      If you knew Joker’s Wild, you’d know that every match is a tag team match where tag partners are drawn at random.

  • KevinOwensShow

    Brooke is back she better not come back and be #6 knockout I’m super happy right now and she looks great

  • WWE fan

    Brooke is back great start for knockouts in 2017 tho


    Brooke vs Sienna wow you wins do you have Brooke lose right after returning or does Sienna lose I would book Brooke winning but just me

    • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

      Brooke winning of course

  • The Queen #BlissPlease

    It would be amazing if Brooke and Angelina come to NXT!

    • Ace

      Except they aren’t anytime soon lol……

  • 3???????

    So no build up ?

    • HEELHornet

      You’re expecting build up for Xplosion/Jokers Wild?

      • 3???????

        I’m talking about Brooke return .

        • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

          It was supposed to be a surprise

          • 3???????

            Which is why she could at least made a save , or came out to cut a promo and then get attacked , her fighting someone who isn’t even on the roster for a “surprise ” return feels so empty .

          • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

            Oh well Brooke’s back I’m happy

          • Juan

            TNA tapes out of order, plus backstage segments and vignettes are almost never shown to the crowd. My motto is wait until it airs…

          • 3???????

            Still doesn’t explain the random match with somebody who’s not on the roster

  • 3???????

    Tna just needs direction , everything always seem so random

    • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

      Give it time Brooke just came back

    • HEELHornet

      And to add, Jade vs Rosemary is a MONSTERS BALL match, so they are keeping them fresh because they’re going to beat the shit out of each other.

  • SamoanSquad

    Not really sure who’s left on the Knockouts roster since TNA doesn’t even have a roster page on their website.But going by some of the women I saw on tv.

    Knockouts Roster

    Gail Kim
    Brooke Tessmacher
    Brandi Rhodes
    Madison Rayne?(She’s been on commentary for KOs matches I’m not sure if she’s still a full time competitor anymore.)

    Laurel Van Ness

    Marti Belle
    Angelina Love

    • HEELHornet

      Angelina will be back soon, I think Marti could be pink slipped.

      • KatyaMenelli

        Over Maria, LVN, Brooke, or Brandi? Haha that’s psycho!

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    Brooke is also going to be on a reality show on TLC network as well

    • hitesh khanna

      which one??

      • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

        Brooke Adams will be on a reality show idk which 1 follow her on Twitter or something

  • #Lasskicker

    With Brooke being back they actually have a decent roster again if they get Madison off commentary, remember Marti exists (or replace her with someone better) and let Allie shine. Maria needs to go home or have a role more like Maryse.

    • Robin Zabriskie

      agree, maria has done her year, she won a championship and she was the main heel….now she can just manage bennett…..marti bell can go home she is really a bad wrestler….brandi can be just a manager, i am fine with that, she is terrible in the ring……brooke gail allie and jade are 4 good babyfaces…..sienna rosemary laurel and madison (she is an excellent heel, i can’t see her just on commentary) are 4 nice heels…..this can be a nice division

      • KatyaMenelli

        You’re crazy if you think Marti is a bad wrestler, but Brooke and LVN are. She is better in the ring and on the mic than both. Try watching Indies Wrestling please.

        • Jim jones

          Brooke is better

        • Robin Zabriskie

          i do, i really think she is bad, especially in selling

  • Andrew Ellis

    Just seen pics of Brooke from last night and she looks fantastic, has she really had a baby!!!!! Only last September

  • Ev #RookieOfTheYear?

    I’d love a new KO vs original KO feud culminating In a lethal lockdown match. Jade Sienna Allie and Rosemary vs Gail Brooke Angelina and ODB

    • MK126

      More like NODB…

  • John Finnie

    Brooke really is the only girl from Tna that needs to prove to wwe she can hang with the best
    Strange spoilers rivals teaming up

    • HEELHornet

      Its the Jokers Wild concept. I love Brooke, but Rosemary is a special talent.

      • John Finnie

        True I can see a few TBH I meant Brooke needs Another shot in Wwe

    • Jim jones

      She hung with Mickie Tara and Gail

  • Dysfunctional

    I really enjoyed Brooke,especially in 2011-2012.These were the ”don’t mess with Tess” days.

  • I like the direction that KO’s are taking, even though this spoilers haven’t some Rosemary action. I’m glad Brooke is back, she adds so much to the division. ???

  • Carlos?#canigetarefill
  • KatyaMenelli

    Is it bad I think Bram is Sexy af?

  • The first step for me will be to subscribe to their youtube channel and we’ll see what happens