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Just one week after it was reported that Maria Kanellis and her husband Mike Bennett had signed new deals with Impact Wrestling, PWInsider now reports that the husband-wife duo have parted ways with the company.

The report adds that both Maria and Mike were working on pay-per-appearance deals after their contracts expired in December 2016. Additionally, the company had attempted to sign the pair to new contracts and according to one source, had agreed to terms with the company only to later inform TNA they would not be signing.

Maria and Mike Bennett made their Impact debut at the start of 2016 and in the same year captured the Knockouts and X-Division Championship respectively. The couple’s final televised appearance took place last week where they played an instrumental role in Allie and Braxton Sutter‘s wedding segment.

Are you shocked by the Bennetts’ departure? Will you miss them on Impact? What are your favorite Maria memories? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Robin Zabriskie

    good luck to maria…..she surely left a mark in the division…..but i am very excited to see sienna finally go for it without a boss

  • MK126

    What are the odds they show up at WWE?

    • Number One

      With Nikki Bella in WWE? I’d say those are the same odds of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl

      • MK126

        Wasn’t there “beef” done with when Maria apologized? Besides Nikki is taking a break in 30+ days anyway. Maryse is on SDL… Kelly Kelly is gonna be at WM33 and possibly returning. Why cant Maria return?

  • Charlie Flickinger

    How do they storyline this though? They need to have Maria comes back and ‘quit’ because of Allie’s behavior. And then Allie beats the shit out of her on the way out. Maybe tosses her out in dumpster? (PS I love Maria as a person & love to hate her TNA character, so I’m not trying to be as mean as that sounds)

    • Dark Heel

      Just say she left the company after Allie humiliated her.

    • Number One

      I’ll go with that idea

  • saul de la efe
    • Luna Lovegood

      They will probably go to WWE.

      • Number One

        Not as long as Nikki’s there

        • BlondeNightmare

          The funny thing is that Maryse is working for WWE. Even though we thought it would be impossible for Maryse to return to the squared circle because of the speculation that Nikki Bella always blocked her from getting a contract of WWE. And would it ever bizarre or strange if Maria succeeded in getting another contract?

        • Luna Lovegood

          Maybe these two don’t have hatred with each other anymore.

          • Number One

            I honestly hope so. Maria does owe the Bellas a load of apologies

      • saul de la efe


        and i know it i just hope they don´t

    • She’s coming to RETIRE Nikki.

      • saul de la efe

        omg! MESS VS MESS

  • Rodney Holston

    On the very off chance the ‘E is interested, the feuds on SD would write themselves! Just imagine Maria and her man in Maryse and Miz’s spot lol

  • ralfikh

    When i thought maria will help more to the KO division n now she left..
    She did really good in tna.. Im impress..
    Hope good thing happen to her in future

  • OJ Von Erich

    So they’ve lost The Bennett’s & The Hardy’s.

    • Raekon

      and Jade too.


    I just wish some knockout stuff felt like it had proper endings. Taryn leaving left The Dollhouse in a weird spot and Maria leaving just kind of leaves her stuff in the same weird spot in my opinion.

    Maria was entertainingish, nothing to necessecarily write home about lately and felt like there were starting to be too many couples so I’m okay with her leaving. Just kind of wish Laurel was left in a better spot story wise

  • Juan

    Well at least they were able to end the Allie/Lady Squad story on a high note. Im curious to see where this leaves the Lady Squad since they just lost their leader (repeat of the Dollhouse it seems).

    Best of luck to Maria by the way.

    • Gail-Rollins

      Miss Karen will most likely take that role as it’s said she will return to tv at the next tapings

  • Tunasha

    Damn I don’t like when things get cut out of nowhere. I hope they somehow find a way to “write” her off at the next set of tapings. Hopefully this means Allie will become a full time wrestler.

  • This is weird considering the fact that the knockouts division was really built around her character in the past year or so. Another blow for the division. With her arrival in TNA, the division finally got some direction again and now it will be back to the same old.

  • Dark Heel

    The reason is Dixie Carter give her and Bennett an overpriced and onesided contract which TNA got nothing out of and what is pretty much a part time schedule. ($250,000 per year), Wrestlers thought they could work Anthem. That is not the case at all…

    • Gail-Rollins


  • Gail-Rollins

    This is a good thing. She and Mike (along with the Hardy’s) had big fat contracts, and now that money can be allocated elsewhere. Besides Maria’s whole schtick was basically Karen Jarrett lite so now that the queen is back, she can do that role herself for half of the cost.

    Maria did a really good job at getting Allie the last few months, but anyone that thinks she was good for the Knockouts other than that is crazy. They spent half of 2016 building to a match with her and Gail only for her to get injured right before, and then the whole division was put into a holding pattern with transitional meaningless title reigns until she was able to compete with Gail in what turned out to be a huge flop of a match anyways.

    She’s great in a manager role, but not worth what she was getting paid..

    • glassjaw

      Maria’s all talk and no do. And right now the Knockouts division needs more do.

  • Maddox

    Am actually more surprised they let the Hardys go

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Honestly she is no loss what so ever to the knockouts. She doesn’t compete and she hasn’t been anything to remember as a valet or leader of the knockouts so the knockouts will be better without her imo. Her so called “great mic skills” were subpar at her best. She just literally didn’t offer anything to the knockouts. Hopefully her and her husband keep their annoying gimmick away from WWE and they aren’t leaving because they got an offer.

  • glassjaw

    This comes at a great time. Allie is already over and has impetus to phase into the Knockouts division. And Maria not being there to chew up so much TV time means the spotlight will rightfully be focused on Rosemary more.

    • trishlita721

      It doesn’t actually there should be a pay off for allie to move forward

  • Mark

    Damn they lost the hottest Knockout. She was awesome on the mic and would have been great as just a manager. Oh well

  • Luiz Giem

    Would love to see Mike Bennett in the WWE, I think he would be a great asset to the company whether if it’s on NXT or the Main Roster. Obviously big part of Mike’s charisma comes from Maria so having her back would be something that I would love to happen even if she’s pulls a Maryse and becomes a full-time manager and an occasional wrestler.
    Hell, Maria (with Mike) can even star on Total Divas alongside Maryse and Kelly Kelly like it was supposed to be if she comes back.
    I know she’s doing school stuff or something like that but I would love to see her back.

    • trishlita721

      Maryse has not wrestled nor will she…. most probably I’m betting two moves max at mania. Just saying

      • Mykiiey

        Maryse has stated since last year that if she had the right storyline. She’d have no issues getting back in the ring! You can see it in her eyes that coming back re-lit a passion in her, because Maryse hasn’t been this on fire personality wise since after second knee injury!

      • Luiz Giem

        She has never been a very physical wrestler but I’m excited she’s returning to the ring at WM. I know she probably will pull two moves considering Nikki cannot take too many bumps but there’s something different with Maryse since she’s on Smackdown, even of she never becomes a full time wrestler I’m fine with occasional matches to help his husband.

        I’d love to see a Mike/Maria vs. Miz/Maryse feud.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    And I got shit for calling her a flip-flop :D

    • Amy

      Truth hurts hun

    • Raekon

      It always depends on the Situation. You don’t know the new Terms of the contracts or the payment they are willing to give to the Talent.
      There must be a reason why the bennets, the hardys and jade are already leaving with others probably been preparing their departures too.

  • Sass.

    I think Maria has great mic skills, especially as a heel. Mike Bennett is a wonderful talent, and should be signed to WWE. I’d love to see them come as a package. Maria’s familiarity with the WWE audience would help get Mike over. I’d like to see Maria in more of a valet role, occasionally wrestling. Like Maryse.

    • trishlita721

      Maryse hasnt wrestled yet ffs and she probably won’t

      • Pearlita Marie McGee

        probably will, with her current story line.

        • trishlita721

          Um… Probably one match…. Like Lana… Yay!?!?!

      • Sass.

        But she’s going to. Stevie Wonder could see this one coming.

  • trishlita721

    I’m devastated she is great but to think of it we have rosemary……. But I’m over managers at least Maria got involved and had a purpose/character…. Wtf is the point of maryse/Lana I’m so done with these bitches standing there doing nothing in the attitude era no one was safe even Lillian got smashed…… #matchvsrenne

  • Flawless24/7

    Now I see all of this. I now can get why WWE congratulated her 35th birthday, which all of us considered weird since we thought the couple would always be with TNA :p

  • Radical

    Maria was a character people loved to hate, and she did that well, so in that aspect, the hole she left for the women may be difficult to fill up. But with that hole left by her, Mike, The Hardys (including Reby) and Drew, leaves LOADS of possibilities. And of course I was (not very) subtly using the ‘hole’ as a metaphor for money.

    They could bring in a few new face or some more returning faces to the company alongside Love and Brooke. I mean I can think of some…

    Veda Scott? Leva Bates? Kay Lee Ray?

    Maybe more unknowns/up-and-comers trying to make it big?
    Kiera Hogan? Britt Baker? Amber Nova?

    Isn’t Jeff Jarrett back? Maybe he can get Christina Von Eerie to come back in TNA after her one off appearance as Toxxin? Do something with their GFW Womens Champion since GFW is sadly non-existant at this point.

    I’d say names like Kong, Havok, Taeler Hendrix and Santana Garrett/Brittany for returns, but most are either too expensive for past issues (Kong/Havok), working with other places (Havok/Taeler) or were treated poorly during their last run with TNA (Taeler/Santana), so maybe bringing new faces would be better for all involved.

  • D. #ILoveMelina

    Her run was wack to me idk.

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    Good luck to Maria, I’m sad we won’t get an conclussion to the Allie vs Maria feud but I guess they’ll shift it to Allie vs Laurel

  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    So glad that Maria is gone. She was great on the mic but trash in the ring, she wrestles since 2004 and still couldnt put one good match in TNA shame on her. Now if we can only have these queens back

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Part of me is sad cause Maria was slaying her role and than other part of me is like Yay it’s a step towards WWE. But….. I kind of want them to not to go there.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    This is TNA’s loss. Maria was doing a fantastic job as a knockout and people started watching and caring because of it. She got Allie over & the storyline with Gail Kim went well (even when the match wasn’t as fantastic). I hope this opens doors for her and to go back as a manager to WWE, there’s so much she can offer. Outside of Stephanie & Vickie, WWE hasn’t seen a lot of females in power. Maria could do a heck of a job there.

  • S/P
  • Steven5812

    When she made “Allie” lay down for her: That’s my memory of Miss Maria in TNA. I wanted to see her get hers so badly after that. >:(
    Hopefully we’ll get to see “Allixton” vs Miss Maria and Mr Mike Miracle (LOL I LOVE “Allie”) before the end.

  • hitesh khanna

    Why do people detest maria now.. she was just doing her job.. I mean she was once the most loved babyface diva in wwe and outside.. whats everyones problem

  • Windyhawaii

    i want to be sad but think kind of seems like Maria and Mike’s fault here. Either way oh well, they’re gone now. if this is on the other hand TNA’s fault, the TNA, you have no future to me anymore.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    She was a great heel character and a fantastic mic worker. They knew how to utilize her strength in the division without exposing toouch her in-ring level. A big loss due to her importance in the actual division but it will allow others to step up and get much more spotlight as she was hogging quite some.

  • Sable’s Bumps

    what is wrong with TNA? damn.

  • Oh NO! That’s a shame, I loved Maria on Impact Wrestling along with her Husband. Maybe she is a terrible wrestler but at least can portray a good heel character.