Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Alisha & Masha Win Knockouts Tag Titles At Under Siege

Alisha Edwards has won her first championship in TNA as she and Masha Slamovich are the new Knockouts World Tag Team Champions. Edwards has been with TNA since 2017.

This win marks Slamovich’s start to a third reign as tag champ. Previously, she held the gold on two different occasions with Killer Kelly known together as MK Ultra. Edwards and Slamovich just recently became a team as Kelly is currently taking time off.

Edwards and Slamovich won the titles Friday night at TNA’s Under Siege event with a win over Spitfire (Jody Threat & Dani Luna). This ends Spitfire’s reign at 55 days.

The final moments of the match had Edwards hit Threat with a kendo stick. Slamovich landed Threat on a gutwrench powerbomb, then Alisha hit a Pedigree for the win.

Elsewhere at Under Siege, Ash by Elegance wins a match against Havok. She landed Havok on the ramp with a DDT post match.

Still to come, a mixed tag team match as the Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace and PCO face Steph De Lander and Kon.

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