Cherry Released

Well, I guess it was inevitable that we’d lose at least one Diva… unfortunately it was a Diva that has been heavily part of SmackDown over the past six months. Cherry has been cut from the roster, I guess simply because she’s not a cookie-cutter bimbo. This has to be seen as a complete surprise, considering how much Cherry has appeared on television and even been booked in programmes of her own (with Maryse) despite not fitting the Diva mould. Cherry had a unique look and I guess in WWE’s eyes, that’s a bad thing when it comes to Divas.

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  • Daniel

    Well, I think it’s a shame and Cherry will be missed. Difference is something I love in Divas and Knockouts and Cherry was a girl who wasn’t half bad in the ring either.

  • Francesca

    Hahaha, I just emailed you and told you this, i guess you already know :)

    I am really sad about Cherry, she was a great wrestler, and she got a descent pop when she went out to the ring, Hopefully she will go to TNA or somewhere better.

  • Lee

    Do you think they will still show her Summer Skin stuff?

  • Stacey-Louise

    I never thought that Cherry would be released. She was a decent wrestler from what we have seen on television as of late. And she was unique!

  • MH

    DAMN IT! This really pisses me off. Cherry was one of my favorites. She was far more talened than WWE allowed her to show. A vet that paid her dues and knows the business. And to add insult, the likes of Lena, Tiffany and Maria are still employed. Ugh. I don’t have any doubts that Kara will continue her wrestling career though. Hopefully TNA will pick her up. If not, I’m sure she’ll do just fine on the indies.

  • Lee

    Layla’s summer skin is up now…

  • ghonerrea

    I wanted to see Cherry in Summer Skin! Dx WWE hates us, don’t they?

  • Lee

    Cherry’s little summer skin pic has been deleted. We will never see the pics, videos or favorites.

  • Dani

    This is ridiculous.cherry had such a unique look and she could wrestle.the wwe tried to make it seem as if she was inexperienced as a wrestler but I saw a video of her when she was in the indys and she was great. Ugghhh

  • Ryan

    I was starting to like her somewhat. Oh well. She’ll move on somewhere else, where she gets the attention she deserves.

  • Erin

    Ugh, that sucks. Well, I guess now there’s more room for the cookie cutter type. Err..

  • Luis

    MANN this is sucks hse was my favorite faxce diva on smakdown mann thats gay and well never get to see her summer skin shoot thats gyaa =[[

  • Kayla

    This is so unfair. She just released that great boxing photoshoot and debuted her new finishing move! WWE need to get their heads sorted and get rid of divas like Lena!

  • christi

    damn that sucks…guess this means Canidce Michelle is going to SD if they got rid of a credible, somewhat popular Diva like Cherry instead of Lena or Tiffany

  • Anthony

    Cherry’s character could only last so long though..they would have needed to give her a make over or something because she was getting kinda played out.

    I guess TNA will have a pretty good new knockout though

  • Anthony

    I also think by removing Cherry from the picture they can be making room for maybe the rumored Candice to come to smackdown or push the likes of Eve or Alicia Fox as wrestlers?

  • Luis

    i agree with u there Anthony or they just released her cuz the whole Duece and Domino Thing fell apart so they thought they had no use for her…

  • Doug

    I’m assuming that Cherry was released from SD, because Candice is rumored to return in SmackDown. If she wasnt released, there would be too many babyface divas on SD. And lets face it… Cherry wouldnt do well on either Raw or ECW.

    I just dont understand… how can they fire someone like Cherry (with talent), and keep someone with no talend (*cough Lena, Tiffany….*cough*)

  • Kayla. T

    we’ll I think it’s way to early to put girls like Lena, Eve, and Tiffany down when we have yet to see what any of them can really do. But i will say that it does suck thats she’s gone but I’m not too surprised by it.

  • Aaron

    hmmm, im dissapointed about this!!

    i always thought lena would be the one to go if any diva =/

  • marco

    holy shit?!?!
    i don’t know what to say??
    they release her?!?!?!
    this is strange!
    and even before her summer skin was gonna come out :(

  • marco

    (before i say they release her)
    they give sher a push and now they
    (sorry made a typo)

  • Emma

    So they will release someone who actually wrestled and was made use of, but they keep the likes of Eve and Lena Yada who do absolutley nothing for the WWE if you think of it, and now theyre bringing other model divas into the rosters.
    Just goes to show what they really think of their womens division.
    And by the way Im not slating anything I am merely expressing my opinion.

  • Brittany

    When are Diva fans gonna realize that WWE could honestly care less about quality in their “division”? It’s ALL about the look, and how the 18-34 males see you. Talent comes in at a distant third. I’m sure Cherry will go to TNA and make a name for herself.

  • Sonia

    I’m surprised that they released someone as talented as Cherry. Her look was different than the rest of the Divas (which was good imo). And I thought they would keep her since WWE went PG.