Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Maryse Makes a Few Valid Points

The other day, I inadvertently linked Maria and Maryse, but today it looks like a feud may be a-brewin’ between these two Divas.’s lastest Diva Dish featured a few quotes by Maryse, and while it’s obviously all in character, it’s funny to see her point out a few things that I may feel as well:

“Obviously she never planned to break my nose because she has no athleticism. I’m not scared of Maria at all. I think she’s just a funny joke,” Maryse said.

“And she says I’m not smart. Well, I’m not the one who showed up there in a winter outfit. Honestly, we don’t ski in the summer. We play tennis, we don’t ski.”

Maryse also shared her views on Maria’s fashion sense. Maria is a budding fashion designer who often totes her sewing machine to live events to work on her infamous hoodies and in-ring gear.

“The best designers are French – we all know that. That’s a fact, I’m not inventing anything. She talks about fashion all the time and that she’s really good at it, but she has no clue what she’s talking about. If you look at the way she dresses, it’s unfortunately so cheesy,” Maryse said.

“When I look at her, I see somebody who tries and thinks that she’s got it, but she doesn’t know. That’s the funniest part for me. She thinks she’s good, but she’s not, actually. And us French people all know that. It makes me laugh every time!”

So, in a hypothetical feud, which Diva would you root for, SmackDown’s newest acquisition or her French counterpart?

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