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Shayna Baszler Returns To NXT; Perez Retains At Spring Breakin’!

It’s NXT Spring Breakin’ and we’re starting off hot with a triple threat match for the NXT Women’s Championship!! The champion Roxanne Perez defends against former champion Lyra Valkyria and her former “friend” Tatum Paxley.

Match starts with Tatum approaching Perez as if she were trying to befriend her but the scorned Valkyria immediately storms her former “ally”

A brief back and forth before Paxley once again sets her eyes on the current champion but Lyra interrupts every single exchange! The former champion looks great as she hits a clean Northern Lights Suplex on Tatum, only to be interrupted by the champ to which Lyra responds with a Northern Lights to her too!

Fast action follows with no clear wrestler getting the upper hand, and we’re onto our first commercial! 

Back from the commercial and all three women are in the ring bringing the energy for this opener! 

The champ takes control and brings Valkyria to the mat with a crossface only for Paxley to lock in a cross face of her own!! We see Eat DaFeat by Perez onto Paxley only for a TWO count! Protect the legend that is Gail Kim’s finisher ladies! 

The following sequence is impressive with Perez and Valkyria throwing haymakers, to German Suplexes, a countered PopRox by Paxley then what could’ve been a TV ending with a perfectly timed spinning heel kick from Valkyria to Perez!! Roxanne rolls and out of nowhere a Sunset Flip from Tatum gets a near fall that got me good!! Literally thought she had it! 

Tatum hits what I assume is her near fall finisher (someone fact check me on the name), nice impact but she mistakenly doesn’t go for the cover! Instead, Paxley hit’s an impressive 450 from across the ring but taking time to show off really proved to be her detriment as Perez slips a jackknife pin and a get’s the 1..2..3!!! Perez retains!! Really great match, definitely worth a watch!

No Carbs Ivy appears in a backstage segment! Never upset to see the Creed brothers either.

Jaida Parker is out next with OTM and Miss Parker is coming in like she already has the match won. Not mad about it. 

What I am mad about is the match with Fallon Henley already started during the commercial which is rude but so is Jaida who is just dominating! Fallon is having a really hard time getting anything going but girl has grit! 

Hardcore Fallon finally gets the better of Parker and lays in some hard strikes. It seems like she’s finally gaining some momentum until Jaida literally throws Henley into the ropes, smacks her into the Hip Check get’s the W and then whip’s off her braid. I don’t think that last part was intentional but great TV. 

Backstage promo next with Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx who runs down Thea Hall the entire time and hypes up their match for next week! The former tag champ emphasizes her point by stating “Gratitude is not an option but a debt you will repay to me” 

A video package next with Lola Vice trying to run down Nattie but my girl is doing so much she just ends up looking good while Vice comes off as a hater. Then we get into the training montage portation of the video and I do admit, Lola does look good which makes me go Nattie why did YOU make this challenge. At least Lola acknowledges Nattie is a legend.

Speaking of the BOAT, her and Karmen Petrovic are walking backstage then a quick cut to Lola because the divas are out next! If there ever was a moment to bring back Feelin’ Me it was there.  

General Manager Ava is out in the middle of the ring to host the contract signing! Love this glamorized presentation of NXT Underground! Fitting for our first challenger Nattie with fellow Charlie’s Angel/training partner? But stunning Karmen Petrovic! 

Natalya signs the contract immediately which cue’s the hip swiveling Lola Vice! Good line too with “Just because I shake my a$$ doesn’t mean I can’t kick your a$$!!” Nattie goes the respect route and makes a fair point because Nattie does know submissions and her cardio has gotten pretty sick but Lola says nuhuh…DALE’


I could use more of her in NXT! Yea, that does diminish Nattie’s chances from a kayfabe point of view next week BUT KARMEN’S GOT A GREAT HIGH KICK!! Fun end to the segment, adding Shayna to the equation next week only makes me more excited. I’m so into a Nattie vs. Shayna 12+ min NXT match

The Beach Brawl between Sol Ruca and Blair Davenport is up next and they’re bashing with boogie boards right out the gate! Despite the colorful decor around the ring I’m sure being whacked with anything doesn’t feel great. 

Blair is leading but while getting in some licks Ruca turns it around and goes into a fun spot when she hits Davenport with a face buster into the inflatable ball pit! Then plows onto a surfboard and Cowabunga! Commercial! 

Back from the break this beach blast is getting physical and creative with the atmosphere! Super athletic stuff from Ruca and a REALLY nice powerbomb for a 2!! Davenport responds with a big spot of her own and literally made me wince in pain when she pushed Ruca off the barricade. Ouch! 

Blair puts a picnic table into position which is the fate of her demise when Ruca does a wicked plunge! Slamming Blair, full impact, through the table from the top of the barricade!! Sol powers up, tosses her fallen competitor into the ring, hits the always impressive Sol Snacther and picks up the win!! Sol had something to prove and really shined here! Blair was a great dance partner, enjoyed her in this match a lot! 

Author’s Note

If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed Night 1 of NXT Spring Breakin!! Reviewing NXT is nice palette cleanser, the talent are hungry to prove themselves and it reflects in their performances. The triple threat match for the NXT Women’s Championship was especially worth the watch, action packed match while advancing the Roxanne/Tatum storyline. 

Good stuff all around, if you’re not watching NXT you’re missing out! Despite the shade, I am really looking forward to Natalya vs. Lola next week! I’m going to try to be more active in the comment section going forward so sound off below and stay Phonie ya’ll!

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