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Ash By Elegance Battles Xia Brookside; Masha Slamovich Finds A New Partner?

The April 4 episode of TNA IMPACT featured Ash By Elegance competing in her fourth TNA match, but this time it was a competitive contest against Xia Brookside.

Xia strategically targeted Ash’s face throughout the bout, but it wasn’t without resilience from Ash. Ash pulled out a monkey flip early on, which allowed Ash to stay in control for a bit. She tripped Xia into the ring steps and also hit her with a cutter on the floor.

Xia fired back up with strikes to the chest followed by running double knees in the corner to smash Ash’s face against the turnbuckle. Ash managed to kick Xia off of her, which allowed Iceman to throw champagne in Xia’s face. Ash then rolled Brookside up for the victory.

Masha Slamovich appeared backstage to address her recent frustrations when Alisha Edwards walked up and says she heard Masha needs a new partner with Killer Kelly out. Alisha wants to add more gold to The System and tells Masha to think about it.

Steph De Lander appeared backstage alongside Matt Cardona to discuss their returns last week. SDL and Jordynne Grace will have a Rebellion contract signing next week.

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