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The Women’s World Title Main Events Raw! – Becky Lynch Crowned Champ Heading Into WWE Draft

On Monday Night Raw we crowned a NEW WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPION!! The discussion post was active with excitement and anticipation! 

Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at what went down on Raw last night because whether you agree or disagree with the booking decision of who won, I really enjoyed the battle royal! There was even a Gail Kim reference right before the match started. WWE uploaded the full Battle Royale to their YouTube channel which you can watch below:

Throughout the night there are backstage segments of the participants preparing for the main event. At one point we see Liv Morgan approach Dominik backstage teasing another layer to her story with Rhea. 

Nia Jax donned in gold exudes championship presence had a brief segment backstage and it was fine, but I prefer when Nia can play off another performer hence my preference to her backstage interviews. Speaking of interviews, Cathy Kelly is backstage with Candice and Indi who speak briefly on their recent (heel) victories. Segment doesn’t last long as a brawl breaks out off screen. 

Nia Jax and Liv Morgan are seen brawling in the back before the match even starts! Fast paced action goes down backstage with the match participants with the camera eventually landing on a returning Becky Lynch!! Amidst the chaos and Becky brings the audience back to focus on the championship match coming up next!! Great promo here from Becky, really fired me up and made me excited for the match.

Most of the entrances happen during the commercial break, which I’m fine with as the match is slated to get over 20 minutes!! The bell rings and action starts off in a frenzy with the power houses of Nia Jax and Piper Niven going to battle right away. Action is breaking down fast and Nattie scares me with a teased early elimination. 

The first elimination comes from Maxxine when she gets revenge when Candice is eliminated first! The Indi is out next!! Very frustrating though bc then we go right to commercial!! 

Back from the break, tag team action is the focal point as Kayden & Katana get to showcase some cool moves that just aren’t practical for Battle Royals hence their elimination by Shayna & Zoey. 

Nia destroys Ivy Nile, she’s eliminated.

Maxxine gets cute, and has a really fun flurry against Nia that ultimately gets her eliminated. Great showing from Dupri though!

Focus is on Becky as she eliminates Piper next! Out of frustration, Niven takes Lynch out from the bottom rope and punishes her for the elimination by throwing Becky into the steels steps, OH BUT THAT’S NOT IT!!! She takes Nia out of the ring too which, okay things definitely didn’t go as planned here with the table spot but when we come back from the commercial Becky is battered and broken through the announce table, so we got there eventually.  

Back in the ring we have Chelsea and Nattie with a back and forth. Green gets eliminated by Stark who takes Nattie out while she’s at it. Impressive showing for Zoey who got a video package prior to the Battle Royal btw so seems like she’s on the up and up! 

Remaining we have Nia, Zoey, Shayna, Liv & Becky Lynch! Nia effortlessly takes Zoey out and then tosses out Shayna like it’s old news too. Becky is back in the match though and it’s down to three!!

A cool codebreaker/neckbreaker spot! 

Nia is pure dominance, some more cool spots! A double suplex is tried onto Nia, she blocks and then takes out both Liv and Lynch!! Nia gets too arrogant though and then goes for a turnbuckle bonzai drops which ultimately leads to Jax getting eliminated!!

We’re down to Becky Lynch & Liv Morgan!!!

The women are throwing fists and it’s aggressive between the final two!!! Once we get to the  apron spot, the end is near! Both women are on the edge and these spots are getting me nervous!! A codebreaker to the post!! Becky bounces back and hits the Manhandle Slam to ELIMINATE LIV MORGAN!!!


Author’s Note:

Congratulations to Becky Lynch!! I was a big Becky fan in her journey to becoming the man and am not surprised at the booking decision in taking the Women’s World Title to the Big Time. It’s also understandable that with the upcoming draft, WWE would want an established performer representing the title. It’s also good for promotional purposes because WWE Clash at The Castle will be taking place June 15th in Scotland, not the exact home of the Lasskicker but relevant enough for WWE. 

So yea, I definitely understand why Becky got the win here and I even think doing it via Battle Royal was smart booking because no one looked weak in defeat. Liv winning last night with that kind of booking would’ve felt underwhelming. So here’s hoping the LMRT extends all the way to Scotland. 

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