Popular E! reality show WAGS will be having another spinoff!

After the hit programme made ratings waves with its first spin-off titled WAGS Miami, E! has ordered another remake of the show, titled WAGS Atlanta.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Women of Honor star and former WWE ring announcer Brandi Rhodes will be appearing in the show. Brandi’s husband Cody Rhodes will also be in the programme.

Sources claim that Brandi will be a big part of the freshman season. Rhodes’ wrestling career is stated to be a large focal points of her story arc as E! recently filmed her match against Kelly Klein at the ROH tapings at Center Stage.

Although the show has yet to have a premiere date announced, E! has announced that we can expect the show at some point this fall. Much like its predecessors, WAGS: Atlanta will most likely be available for streaming on Hayu months after its American airdate.

WAGS initially premiered in 2015, starring former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly. Women such as Autumn Ajirotutu and Nicole Williams whilst WWE’s Maryse has made a guest appearance. The show currently has three seasons as well as a spin-off titled WAGS Miami starring Claudia Sampedro, Hencha Voigt and more. Each programme details the lives of wives and girlfriends of professional athletes as they deal with marriage, work, friendships and more.

What are your thoughts on this new project for Brandi? Are you a WAGS fan? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Nikki’s Sister


  • DivaLicious?

    Another tv show with gold digging wives who never had a 9to5 ever in they life. A show that gives them a platform too act like they are too good for anybody that below them. Including social media, photoshoots, magazine cover, movies etc. a show that makes them feel like they Beyoncé, Rihanna, Taylor swift, because they got a few eyes on them. These show make me sick.??

  • GEO
  • Juelez
    • Edwards1992

      What you mean sis?

    • C Mack

      Right lol. Like we need another reality show here

  • Ghetto Baby

    Y’all some haters. Secure that bag Brandi.

  • BLKLTR05

    Finally, something she’ll actually be able to pull off, just like Ms Barbie Blank.

  • ?too litty?

    DIVA DIRT SHADY AF… “FORMER WWE ANNOUNCER!” NOT former TNA wrestler or Current WOH talent. ?

    • Malcolm James


  • WOW-

    Wrestling just isn’t her thing, maybe reality tv will be. ? Either way, I won’t be watching.

  • ?too litty?

    Where can we talk about the WWE2K18 entrances and women in the game? Because I need to know I’m not alone on Foxy’s model looking bomb af this year.

    • DayOneISH!

      SUMMER RAE!!!

      • ?too litty?


        • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian


          Lowkey disappointed bout Paige but she hasn’t been used for a year so I guess it’s understandable??

          They finally got Nikki’s entrance literally PERFECT! From the Bella booty shake to the way she tore off her outer shirt EVERYTHING ??

          • ?too litty?

            riiight!! Nikki’s entrance had me SHOOKT! But Foxy’s model and attire just snatched my whig! I guess but like they updated summer but not paige…. it’s not adding up. They could’ve gave paige Mania gear too.

        • The Earl of Lemongrab

          Me too! Really wish they wrote article about the game and not just when someone is announced to be in the roster

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Omg I was shook to the core with Summers update! I really didn’t expect it. I’m so happy she has better hair now.

    • -V

      ASUKA is everything!

    • CarParCarlos

      Yessssss, I was waiting for a WWE2k18 Women forum. But almost all of them look amazing. Omg I cannot get over how good Nikki looks this year ?

    • Kiana Taylor

      Asuka’s Titties!!!!

  • Vito

    She’s a horrible wrestler, E! is about to embarrass her

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      She’s actually improved a bit. Still not great, but she’s coming around.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Girl, Alexa Bliss is your fucking avatar LOL stop…

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    They were filming this at the ROH show I went to in August.

  • Kiana Taylor

    She betta get that check