In Video: Angelina Love on TNA Today

Returning TNA Knockout, Angelina Love is the focus of the latest episode of TNA Today, discussing her return from injury. The Knockout makes her Impact return tonight. Watch below:

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  • SClub7

    I <3 her. She's the only high quality Knockout though, I think the only Knockout she'd have a decent feud with (chemistry wise) would be Velvet Sky. But you know, how could you only feud with one Beautiful Person.. Gosh.

  • CursedMilkshake

    what band/artist was she talking about (the one with the Nightmare song)? I couldn’t make it up from what she said xD

  • crazyinsane11

    LOL Angelina is so funny…and hot! Can’t wait til her return!

  • crazyinsane11

    @CursedMilkshake Avenged Sevenfold is who she was talking about.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Wow, now my REAL favorite Knockout is back! Madison was my favorite while Angelina was gone, but I love me some Angelina!

  • Kaledrina

    she is definitely one of a handful of current knockouts and divas that are what i consider the full package. she has the ability, the vocal skills, the beauty, the acting, everything. i’m really looking forward to her return tonight but at the same time i’m getting wary already of tna pushing her way too much..

  • ohiofan1

    Angelina Love truly does have charisma down to a science!

  • NT86

    I really cringed when she was describing how she suffered that injury. Even more shocked how quickly she recovered from it (thankfully). Can’t wait to see her back tonight. Angie has a really good personality by the sounds of it.

  • Prescott

    The only thing I would disagree with, about Angelina, is her being a face. I think she can pull it off, but I think it loses a lot of the luster and mystique she had helped create in TBP. I don’t think they were ready to spin her off from TBP, and the whole “green card” crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Knockouts division.

    Except for a few blips from the Tara/Daffney feud, the whole division itself has not recovered from losing what was then a winning paradigm. I say turn Angelina heel (it was all a plot!), have a loser-leaves-TBP match with either Madison or Lacey, don’t care, and reform the real Beautiful People while you still can. One of TNA’s foremost strengths, the Knockouts division, is now a rather glaring weakness and I don’t think you change Angelina’s long-term profile as a startlingly good heat-drawing heel, just to focus on Madison Rayne getting clean victories w/ no entourage.

    Angelina’s choices of music actually say a lot. The fact she’s a rocker/biker type chick at heart, combined with the mystique and “stripper opulence” of TBP – this made a great contrast. What locked Velvet Sky in a cliche, let Angelina break out, because it was many things at once and the worker themselves (Williams) was progressing enough to make it work. I mean, TBP was so over at one point they would salvage quarter-hour segments just by showing them walking backstage – THAT many people were DVR’ing through segments just to get to their stuff because it was hot, compelling and edgy.

    It’s that “image management” that somehow just naturally came to TBP while they snuck around on the midcard during the Main Event Mafia era; that was the real impetus behind it. I vote, Angelina for heel champ vs. Mickie as the face, draw out the program, more physical chemistry and less ‘fat suits and birthday cakes’ for cheap heat, and let the workers win ‘em over on PPV. Put Madison back where she belongs (3rd banana) and consciously work to bring back the air of TBP in the heel department, it’s what was putting every face over from Taylor Wilde to Tara.

  • Prescott

    In fact, TBP was so over, that when Awesome Kong was there (and mercilessly heel), she would get blistering face pops just for showing up to drop Implant Busters on the whole stable. Kong’s great and all, it’s just that you have to be running pretty hot to get significant face pops on someone who was booked in the heel monster, franchise role consistently.

  • Edazon

    Angelina Love is beautiful. I never realized just how pretty she is. She looks great. But her boobs are sooooo fake. :D Like worse than Maryse.

  • theregoeskitty

    you gotta love the Love, unless it’s a Lottalove cause that’s down to opinion lol