Results from MCW Shamrock X (July 31st, 2010): Mia Yim vs Mickie James

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James was victorious in her return to Maryland Championship Wrestling last night.

The Diva-cum-country singer defeated rookie, Mia Yim, with a DDT according to @FutureDivaSarah on Twitter.

The match was sort of a ‘full circle’ moment for James, who at the beginning of her career a decade ago, wrestled for MCW under the name Alexis Laree. Meanwhile, for Yim, the match marked the end of her rookie year in the industry.

(IMAGE CREDIT: Mia Yim Official Fan Page)

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  • art1e

    yeah for both women hope it was an awesome match..

  • LaycoolLove16x

    yay mickie won =) was this a normal match or the title one werent mickie surpossed to wrestle someone for a championship

  • LaycoolLove16x

    nevermind my last comment its 7th august she has her title match

  • Kaledrina

    there’s a few photos from the night up on mia yim’s facebook page for anybody interested.

  • JaiRate86

    Looks like a great match! Although, I have noticed Mickie has been wearing her retro wrestling gear as opposed to her newer attire. I wonder why she has changed?

  • theregoeskitty

    i love that they’re outfits sort of match, i could see them as a tag team, they both have a variety of kicks for one thing

    i would love to see Mickie on TV in the future,

  • A.A

    i would love to see mickie on tv also she is one of the great wrestlers and its good to see her back in shape again.

    her we go again with the immaturaty in comment dude mickie is one of the great wrestlers and the like her is a real grow up

  • A.A

    the present and the future of wrestling collide.

    p.s : about the second pragraph it was a reply to some idiot who said i wish piggie james go a way or some one hurt her so she could stop wrestling when i post the comment i notice it was gone.

  • Alex

    Wait does mickie design and buy her own gear or does wwe make it for her and lets her keep it like when victoria left wwe she kept on using her wwe outfits in tna???

  • A.A

    @alex i think their is some people design these gear for them.

  • dafalcon

    I wish I could have been there; it sounded like a great match. Apparently the match lasted 11 minutes which makes it the longest singles match of Mia’s career so far. The comments about the “present” and “future” of wrestling seem appropriate. Mia has big aspiriations and mickie has already realized many big dreams of her own. It would be fun to see these two as a tag sometime (they already have complementary colored gear)!

  • Alex

    @A.A. yeah in wwe they have a woman named julie who designs all the outfits for most of the superstars but i don’t know if wwe lets them keep their outfits

  • imj1995

    In a Wwe magazine before Mickie said she designed her own clothes. I know sometimes the magazines aren’t reliable because they usually tell them what to say to fit with the storylyline that there doing at the time, but the interview was more personal so who knows.

  • melina prez

    Go mickie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Loving Mia Yim’s Attire :D
    i wish diva’s/ ko’s would were that more oftfen.