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Lucha Libre USA (July 30, 2010): Enter Kong

The wait is over! At last, the unstoppable force of nature known as Awesome Kong is back on our television screens. Tonight is her debut on MTV2’s Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors. Will the team of Chi Chi & Tigresa Caliente (former TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan) be able to overcome Mini Park and Kong? Watch and see…

Out first is the Fabulous Chi Chi (sporting a pink feather boa, pink tiger-striped pants, and pink stars on his chest as well as a pink wig) with his partner in crime Tigresa Caliente, who is dressed to kill in a tiger striped outfit and half a tiger mask. This woman is fierce and I don’t even care that Tyra Banks may’ve overused that word. Its the only word that describes how utterly awesome Tigresa looks. Not gonna lie, I was a fan of hers in TNA because of how exotic, beautiful and fit she was. She had presence and I’m thrilled to see her here. The two enter to Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” – you can never go wrong with GaGa. But apparently these two have no idea who Mini Park’s partner is. They’re in for a shock…

Out comes Mini Park to a rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in a black ensemble with a skeleton’s outline on the front and back. He grooves his way to the ring. After he takes off his jacket, Chi Chi and Tigresa decide not to wait for his partner. They grab hands and attempt a double clothesline. Park ducks and scrambles to the outside, ducking under the ring. Chi Chi follows while Tigresa positions herself on the outside, waiting eagerly for Park to emerge so she can get her claws in him. Chi Chi’s got someone’s leg under the ring and is pulling for all he’s worth!

But what’s this? Mini Park has exited under the ring from the side and is now behind Chi Chi, tapping him on the back. Chi Chi at first waves off the interruption…but when he looks back and sees Park, he does a double take! If Mini Park’s there… then who’s he got ahold of under the ring?

The unknown person either shoves or kicks Chi Chi back into the railing. AND OUT COMES AMAZING KONG! BAH GAWD IT’S KONG AND SHE LOOKS PISSED! Chi Chi looks terrified! Mini Park looks…..well we don’t know how he looks because he’s got a mask on but STILL! It’s Kong! She pulls herself up to her full height and as Chi Chi says something I can’t quite catch, Kong gets him with a fist! Park lands a fist of his own and now Chi Chi’s trying to put some distance between himself and this fearsome woman! Park and Kong high five each other then scramble into the ring. Kong’s got her standard battle-looking ring gear on and she looks fabulous! The crowd roars it’s approval of her sudden arrival!

Chi Chi has regrouped with Tigresa on the outside and Tigresa’s jaw drops. Apparently neither one expected -the- Amazing Kong to be Park’s partner! Tigresa’s expression is priceless as the commentators make mention of the “storied history” between her and Kong. Indeeb. The two circle the outside of the ring before climbing onto the corner opposite Kong and Park. Park exits while Tigresa gets Chi Chi to enter the ring first to face Kong. But the Fabulous one rolls out from under the bottom rope to the outside, claiming one of the stars on his chest is coming undone. He can’t possibly wrestle with a wardrobe malfunction! As Tigresa climbs into the ring, the camera goes to a closeup of Kong, her expression straightlaced. She raises one gloved hand and makes a “bring it” motion. Tigresa snarls and goes at Kong, the two going into a collar and elbow tieup.

Astonishingly, Tigresa manages to twist Kong’s neck and force her backwards into her own corner! She jaw jacks Kong before giving her a chop to the chest. Kong’s face looks “Oh no you did not” as Tigresa continues to talk smack. The talk is cut short as Kong simply shoves Tigresa back onto the mat! She rolls backwards, ending up at the edge of the ring, holding her back in pain. Chi Chi helps her up but Kong storms over, taking hold of Tigresa, putting a hand to Chi Chi’s face as if he were a fly. Chi Chi manages a rake to Kong’s eyes which sends her stumbling backwards.

Chi Chi tags in and jumps on Kong’s back, applying a sleeper hold. Kong simply walks backwards, slaming Chi into her own corner and tagging in Park. As Park gets in the ring, Kong lands a nice knife-edge chop. The two take Chi Chi by the arms and whip him into the ropes. Park goes down, Chi Chi manages to leap over him but is met by a chest bump by Kong that sends him to the mat. Park and Chi Chi are the legal entrants and my attention drops for a bit (except for a moment, when Park knocks the wig off Chi Chi’s head. Chi’s bald! Madness!).

It’s not long before Tigresa inserts herself into the match (without a tag, it seems). She enters the ring and rushes over, getting Kong with a forearm that knocks her off the apron. Together, Chi Chi and Tigresa apply boots to Park in the other corner until the ref orders Tigresa out of the ring. Kong’s back on her part of the apron. The two tussle (and Tigresa gets back in and out of the ring…not sure what’s going on there), until both women are tagged back into the match officially. Tigresa tries for a clothesline but Kong ducks, then hits both Tigresa and Chi Chi with clotheslines. Scoup suplex on Tigresa, corner splash on Chi Chi! Kong’s on a roll! Tigresa attempts a spin kick but Kong catches her leg and nails her with a spinning backfist! Park’s up on the turnbuckle, pausing for a moment, as Kong gets Chi Chi with a modified chokeslam. She goes for a cover but Tigresa breaks it up, only to be met by a missile dropkick by Park!

Tigresa exits the ring, looking as if she might bail but Park gets her again with an over the top plancha while Kong finishes off Chi Chi with a sitdown powerbomb! 1 – 2 -3…this one is done, Amazing Kong’s debut is in the bag with a very solid win over Chi Chi and Tigresa Caliente! Tigresa attempts to help Chi Chi out of the ring but she pauses as Kong stares her down. Chi has to roll out of the ring on his own. The show ends with Park raising Kong’s hand in victory.

Not bad! I love the fact that at last, Kong is able to face off against the men. That drawback limited her in TNA, I think, because only a few of the Knockouts were credible threats to her. The match was interesting, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if the crowd would know who she was or react at all. They gave her a great pop though and loved seeing her in action. I’m thrilled to have Amazing Kong back on my television. Hopefully this program will interest people in looking up information about her and therefore get folks interesting in more independent wrestling. Welcome back Kong!

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