New FCW Divas Champion Crowned

Spoilers ahead…

Former Queen of FCW, AJ defeated Naomi to become the new FCW Divas Champion at last night’s taping.

The match will air in January.

The episode will also see Shaul Guerrero’s television debut for the company.

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  • mah

    Im sure it will be something

  • velvetsky

    The history of this title seems good so far. Can’t beat AJ & Naomi!

  • Lolaa

    But hopefully this doesn’t mean AJ won’t be moved to the main wwe roster now…

  • Russell

    That means AJ creates history as the 1st diva to be Queen of FCW and the FCW Divas Champion. When are they going to bring this girl to the main roster. I will never know!!!

  • Spike7000

    So it’s actually Naomi Night possibly getting the call up to the main roster shortly??…hmmm very interesting

    I see then Sonia/Su Yung beating AJ Lee/Miss April for the FCW Divas title later on

  • Lily

    I had a feeling she was going to drop the title but not to AJ. At least it’s someone talented. The title is looking a bit prestiges, let Sonia win it from AJ and the title will already be half way better then the divas title.

    Also by television debut, does that mean for a match or to appear in a backstage segment or so? Just wondering.

  • JJ

    You realise “New FCW Divas Champion Crowned” is a spoiler in itself? Lol!

    Well done to AJ, the first Queen/Champ. Wrestling wise already off to a good start with the FCW Diva’s Title lineage.

    I hope both ladies are coming up to the main roster soon though.

  • callie superperv

    I’m scared, does this mean AJ is not going to Raw? I had hoped when she dropped the crown, it was like with Serena- she was getting promoted upstairs.

    So congrats to AJ, but I better see her making out with Primo on Superstars or Raw soon!

    callie “they totally toned down aj’s tbp-ish rope entrance [except under the 2nd rope] for nxt :( ” superperv

  • Rhawk

    @LaceyVonErichFan – Well you know how all the FCW are at ringside during a Divas title or crown match? Well Shaul appeared in the Divas Title match that way. Whether she had a backstage promo or something else, doesn’t say. =-\

    But either way, congrats are in order for AJ being the first holder of both FCW QUeen Crown & Divas Title. I predict she may be on TV now and again in the future, mostly likely as a valet for Primo in their relationship and all that, however I see Naomi mostly getting pushed to the main roster.

    But in terms to the title matches, I say have AJ start a fued with Sonia along the lines, Sonia wins the title, and the belt is then made half as prestigious as the Divas Title. x-P

    And this off topic, but maybe have Rosa compete against Shaul for the crown, you know cause Shaul being of wrestling origins in amoungst itself is big so she’d get a slightly bigger push, and that would be a nice way to start her off. =-)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very exciting, FCW usually tapes three episodes at a taping, was there any other diva match on the other 2 shows taped, and i hope Shaul wrestles, excited to see her and i hope Sonia feuds with Aj next

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    Totally agree with LVEF this FCW Divas Championship is turning into something amazing. Thought she was gunna drop the title to Sonia though. Really hope this means that Naomi will b called up 2 the main roster. Naomi is more talented than half the girls on the main roster. She shouldn’t b kept down because others are jelous

  • madslam2009

    Well now AJ should of just retained the Crown and then beat Naomi to unify the titles becauae there is no reason to have 2 titles especially with like 7 girls who are getting trained.

  • LadyGoDiva

    It’s very surprising that once AJ lost the Queen of FCW crown that she would be FCW Divas Champion, but I think that even if she’s Divas Champion she could still be called up to the main roster that’s my belief. Congrats to AJ for being champion,and I feel that having Shaul Guerrero shouldn’t be on TV so soon because I feel that she stil needs some more training even though she’s on FCW TV.

  • Lily


    Wasn’t there going to be a mix tag team match where Jerry the king lawler and some other guy suppose to choose 2 divas? Hopefully it was sonia and caylee xD

  • Rhawk

    @LaceyVonErichFan – probably in a live event? Or on a different taping, cause dont they have 3 tapings in a week or something like that?

  • Anthony

    I hope WWE signs some new divas to developmental. Now that Shaul is going to debut theres no one else that we are waiting to see. Because Jemma Palmer is gone and I don’t think Melyssa Buhl ever signed

  • melina prez

    congrats AJ on making history !!!!! and i guess Niamoni is getting called up. But A.J. should have been called up tho. Oh well.

  • A.E

    congratulation ti AJ it seems to me that she is stuck on fcw for a couple more month.i hope she depute soon though .i think naomi well get called up early.

  • Rhawk

    @Anthony – Adding to that, we don’t know if we’ll be seeing Britini Knight there anytime soon as even if she is going to be signed, it could take awhile to even get her a contract and all. WWE did try to hire that Reby Sky woman, but she turned them down, which I lol’d at considering she’s more of a Playboi Bunneh than a wrestler (atm). They really need to start search for more talent for sure.

  • Lily


    It’s been about 2 months since Britani tried out so there is still a chance. Also about them signing women i think they should train the one’s they have (shaul, caylee, kaitlyn, aksana, and maxine) sonia doesn’t even need training, she already advances and then when Tough Enough comes they can sign some of the women who got eliminated and what i find funny about that is that WWE want EXPERIENCED wrestlers and i repeat EXPERIENCED wrestlers for Tough Enough over non experienced wrestlers and they even sent out applications to alot of wrestling promotions and told the “founders/owners” to give them out to WWE potential men & women.

  • mikeparis18

    I hope that means Naomi is coming up (though I’m not sure what they’d do with her except have her feud with Kaitlyn over who should have won NXT (if that’s the case, leave her in FCW, she doesn’t need the embarassment). The Diva’s Title is already in a busy storyline with Nattie, Beth, and Laycool.

  • ahlanthony

    FCW divas championship and the queen of FCW title is really prestigious and all divas who held these titles are really deserving. Let A.J. lee feud with aksana!!! I’m really excited for shaul guerrero. I hope she wrestles soon tho.

  • AnnaRose

    yaaaay! AJ FTW! :)

  • genxyxlove91

    I love the direction the crown and title are going in! Personally, I think the FCW Divas Championship and the Queen of FCW is [so far] more prestigious than the WWE Divas Championship and both of the TNA Knockouts titles. But it still has yet to reach the ranks of the Shimmer, AJW, NWA, and the WWE Women’s Championship.

    Maybe AJ isn’t going to main roster yet, but this could be a good sign of Naomi going on. And I think it’s time to unify the titles or at least make it undisputed.

  • Dylan

    I really can’t wait to see what Caylee, Sonia & Shaul do for the FCW Divas Devision. Sonia being actually trained makes me super hyped. I’d love to see Sonia VS AJ. They both give off a spunky athletic vibe. FCW should keep her face, until AJ is called up to Raw.

    Caylee in my opinion will be one to watch, just because she has little wrestling experience doesn’t mean she’ll suck, and further forever suck. Look at Naomi and Aksana. Especially Naomi, she really did fall in love with wrestling and worked her ass off! Caylee has allready been involved in a 6 Diva tag team match and she did fine, she’s mastered some simple moves in the time she’s been there. Now that Alicia has become a “jobber” it makes me wonder Caylee’s chances of getting called up anytime soon.

    I’m totally anxious for Shaul to debut, as of i’m anxious for her to do well. WWE could do SO much with her. Vickie connects with the crowd and always gets a huge pop from them. WWE NEED to bring Shaul into it as Vickie’s daughter, have her be the new Kaitlyn and have Vickie command her around. I want her to do really well in FCW. Having a total newbie be rushed straight into wrestling is awfully risky.