SmackDown Redux (March 4th, 2011): One Loaded Boot Coming Right Up!

Welcome to yet another edition of the SmackDown Redux. As always it is written by yours truly and proudly sponsored by ClickWrestle dot com. Wait, this isn’t an audio show. It’s been a long week, what can I say? And honestly, speaking of long weeks, it’s a few long weeks since we last got a chance to see Beth Phoenix in action on SmackDown. This week, the Glamazon returned to the Blue Brand, teaming with her former Raw running budding, Rosa Mendes. They took on the team of former co-Diva Champions, Michelle McCool and Layla. How did the match go? Well lets take a look, shall we?

The team of Beth and Rosa make their way to the ring first. Brings back memories of Rosa being Beth’s sidekick doesn’t it? Beth is wearing her awful red Glamasuit (sorry David, but it’s an eyesore) and Rosa is wearing silver-gray and black. They pose for the fans once they’re in the ring and Lay-Cool’s theme music begins to play. Michelle and Layla, both in their eye sore outfits, do their usual shtick on the stage before they go to the ring. A video recapping Rosa’s shock win over Layla last week is shown and the dissension between Lay-Cool is teased despite the fact Michael Cole insisting everything is fine now. We switch back to the ring and Lay-Cool can’t seem to decide who will begin the match. Michelle finally takes the initiative and the bell rings. Beth and Michelle (hurt foot and all) lock up and the Glamazon is quick to get behind Michelle, lock her arms around her waist, and take her down to the mat. Beth hops up and grabs the injured foot much to Michelle’s horror. The ex-schoolteacher starts screaming and pleading, but Beth shows no mercy and slams her fist right into that boot. Michelle screams like she just got stabbed with a rusty butcher knife and while she’s withering around in pain, Beth tags in the Freakin’ Costa Rican, Rosa!

Rosa follows up on Beth’s progress by taking Michelle’s foot and slamming it into the mat. Michelle continues to shriek and she realizes she needs to make a tag. Layla urges her on, but Rosa tries to prevent the tag. Luckily for Michelle she’s able to push Rosa away and get her bestie into the match. Rosa is game and helps Layla into the ring… by the hair. She tosses the Brit across the ring by the hair, actually, and Layla lumbers back to her feet. Rosa takes her down again and she heads for the ropes. Michelle is waiting which distracts the gorgeous Latina and she whips around to confront the FSU alumni. She takes a wild swing at Michelle, who ducks and bends to get out of the way, and Layla capitalizes by kicking Rosa in the stomach and leveling her with a huge forearm. Rosa gets kneed in the gut and Layla brings her to the corner and tags in Michelle.

As Michelle gets in, Rosa pushes Layla away. She ends up crashing into Michelle, who doesn’t take to kindly to the shove. She shoves Layla into the corner and screams that her foot hurts, and she turns around to go and get Rosa. Rosa has almost gotten to Beth at this point to make the tag, but Michelle keeps it from happening by throwing Rosa to the opposite side of the ring. She drops down and begins to pound on her. The referee breaks it up because Michelle has shoved Rosa underneath the ropes, but Michelle goes back to work. She gets Rosa in position to go for a sick kick with that loaded boot but Rosa moves and Michelle viciously kicks the ropes instead. Michelle crumbles in pain and begins to roll towards Layla to make the tag. Meanwhile, Rosa has made the tag to Beth!

Beth and Layla come in simultaneously but it’s all Glamazon. She takes Layla down with a shoulder block, as well as a clothesline, and she just takes her to school for lack of a better term. Beth kicks Layla in the stomach and whips her into the corner. Layla does her best to block this and tries to leap over Beth, but the lovely Buffalo, New York native catches her much smaller opponent and slams her down into the mat. She goes for a cover but Michelle flies in and breaks it up. That brings Rosa into the ring and Michelle gets the heck away from her. She wants none of Rosa at the moment! The referee restrains the dark-haired beauty and forces her out of the ring, and Beth goes to pick Layla up for a Glam Slam. Michelle seizes the moment to jump up and nail Beth in the side of the head with her boot, and Layla goes for the cover. Team Lay-Cool pick up a big win!

Lay-Cool fall into each other’s arms and praise Michelle’s foot which is bedazzled with the word “Flawless” on it. They celebrate their win and Beth’s return to SmackDown has resulted in a cheap loss.

Is it just me, or does this whole “loaded boot” thing give off Bob Orton vibes? I can totally see Michelle and Layla as a modern day Cowboy Bob and Roddy Piper type of combo. And I promise that this is really Cryssi writing. David hasn’t suddenly taken over the SD Redux and made it old. Bad  joke. But seriously, I love the fact Michelle used her boot to knock out Beth and get a cheap win for her team. Orton used to do it all the time. I’m fairly certain he didn’t have a broken arm for a million years. I really want to see Michelle get more wins like this because we’ve never really seen a Diva compete while injured. I find it fascinating that Michelle could use her protective foot as a weapon and honestly, I would love to see her keep this up for awhile. It just added a whole new dynamic to the match in my opinion.

As far as the Lay-Cool tension goes, it is what it is. Don’t expect to see a break-up happen until after Wrestlemania, if at all. I think it’s a shame because a Layla versus Michelle WM match could have been pretty amazing. It definitely would have deserved a big stage after all the work these two ladies have put in this year.

Beth and Rosa as a team was interesting. I can’t pick it apart and I can’t really praise it because it really didn’t do anything. It just seemed like a random Diva pairing and I wish the commentators would have put over the fact Beth and Rosa have a history together. Beth getting pinned didn’t really bother me. Her loss was cheap and doesn’t really hurt. Didn’t see enough of Rosa this week to judge her ring skills. She didn’t look bad though so that’s a good thing and I know her fans are just excited to have her on TV for the second week in a row.

The match itself was good. I liked it and that’s because of interesting ending. I would say SmackDown was pretty good again this week and I look forward to next Friday, like usual.

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  • Envy

    It was a quick match for obvious reasons so that’s good. I liked the whole “tension but oh we won, never mind, let’s celebrate” thing with Laycool. And I love Rosa Mendes in general – just saying.

  • Lily exLVEF

    WWE make it seem as if LayCool are bipolar. Michelle pushed Layla during the match and then they start hugging at the end. WWE need to make up their mind. I also prefer Kaitlyn over Rosa & K2, i surprisingly have become a small fan of Kaitlyns. I see her improvement and passion even though she needs a few more months to work the ring rust i actually see her being big in the future.

    WWE should keep Michelle, Layla, Beth & Kaitlyn and send Rosa & K2 away and have them be replaced by other faces *cough* AJ & Naomi *cough*.

    The match was decent at most. Definetly better then the battle royal. Why does Rosa always have an ackward moment in her matches? That proves she needs to be released asap because she is probaly one of the worst WWE has ever had. I feel bad that she trained for 6/7 years and still can’t get it right. She should have probaly known by now that wrestling isn’t her thing.

  • rromero456

    Okay match I guess… Is it me or does some of Beths offense look completely fake considering she never hits the opponent for example her clotheslines… Beth looks stunning in red though. SD desperately need some new divas as there’s no real competition right now.

  • Trevon

    This Match was great and it’s always nice to see Beth Phoenix on TV again.

    Cryssi can’t believe you don’t like the red suit Beth’s got on

  • Lily exLVEF

    I don’t like the red attire either. I miss Beth’s attires from her first days in WWE or her OVW days.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i thought it was a nice match, and it was the longest womens match all week lol, so thats good, i like the Laycool friendship thing having good times and bad times, because every friendship isnt perfect, so it makes it more relate able and everything

    However, i would like to see kate more :)

  • DIVAsupporter

    I wonder why Kelly wasn’t on SD this week?? kinda sad :((

    the match was ok… the outfits were ok…
    Michelle shoving Layla was ok….
    I do hope WWE announces a divas match for WM soon.. and I hope it aint a mixed tag match…. and maybe more than 1 match with the divas :))

  • 041293

    Aww. I actually thought that Michelle’s outfit was okay. I mean, it complemented her skin tone well.

  • DAFereldan91

    Beth looks awesome,as she always does.. :)
    But what bothers me is that what’s the point of keeping Beth in sideline and now in losing effort after her victories over LayCool months ago?
    This is bad,really bad…They made Beth,Nattie,Gail and Tamina take the back seats while Bella,Eve and Kelly on the spotlight?What an insult…

  • baby

    i perfer shorts on layla … they never match anymore ?

  • Kessuki

    match was ok, but i love laycool regardless and will be very sad to see them split if they do as i have a feeling layla will take a backseat which i would hate to see happen cus shes the best diva on the mic.

  • Piggie James

    It’s rather dismaying to constantly see a Lay-Cool breakup teased only to see them ‘come back together’ once again. It’s hard to take any of these teases seriously now, as they don’t seem to go anywhere with them. Lay-Cool haven’t done much else all year except be randomly injected into matches with Natalya and Eve. I hope they get put into a good match for Wrestlemania (against Trish & Kelly perhaps), then lose it due to not working together, and then we have their breakup feud post-Wrestlemania.

    I have to say that it’s great to see Beth back again. I’m wondering what her ‘big push’ that she keeps talking about is going to be though. Possibly they are actually serious about bringing ‘Cyborg’ in to feud with her? Otherwise I don’t know what she’s going to do on Smackdown with only Lay-Cool there as heels.

    Rosa was ok this week again, but not exactly impressive. I don’t think she did a single actual ‘wrestling’ move, which suggests that she’s still very limited in her in ring ability. Layla on the other hand did quite well I think. Given her smaller size, Layla really needs to keep improving if she’s ever going to be a serious title contender in the future (without Michelle).

    @Cryssi: As far as you complimenting Michelle’s ‘loaded boot’ as giving off old-school Bob Orton vibes, I think it actually gives off vibes which are much more recent. Tara has been using her elbow brace as a weapon for a while now due to being legitimately injured (we don’t know if Michelle is actually injured or not yet), and Madison was using her ‘loaded glove’ as well, which didn’t exactly get the sort of praise that you’re giving Michelle.

    I don’t personally have a problem with Michelle using a similar gimmick for herself, but the difference between how things are received when they’re in WWE instead of TNA is very unfair.

  • Rizki

    Layla’s character reminds me to Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo

  • rhysus

    why is rosa still hired?

  • wweandtnadivafan

    since they retired the wwe women’s championship is the knockouts championship the oldest championship right now? (wrestling companies that do not air on tv doesnt count)

  • shokko22

    The match was…..meh. I wish they would start using Kaitlyn

  • shokko22

    Is it just me, or is Michelle getting hotter every week?

  • wweandtnadivafan

    i believe that trish should return to wwe and become a champion due to the fact that her record 7-time championship reign is coming to an end due to angelina love’s 5-time knockouts championship reign and her current knockouts tag team champion that = 6 championships..also Tara is a 2-time women’s champion and a 4-time knockouts champion = 6 championships and mickie james her 5-time womens championship reigns with her one time diva championship reign another 6-time champion!
    with other divas catching up!

  • shokko22

    Although it would be nice for Trish to remain the only 7x womens champ, I think having her come back would take away opportunities for current and upcoming divas.

  • wweandtnadivafan


    yea that is true but i like having a diva who is legendary :)

  • Freaky-Lucha-Dolls

    Trish coming back to compete would not take away time or oportunities from the current divas, cause they dont get any time or opportinities to begin with anyway.

    As of now, I feel the divas title has no actual value or meaning, litterally no history, prestige, or honor.

    Now Trish being the divas champion would instantly boost the titles value, image, and prestige. No questions about it. In fact, if anything negative ever happened between Trish and divas title would be that, Trish’s image would maybe hurt from holding such a stale title.

    Rosa did not seem “improved” in my eyes, far from it actually. Is she aware that shes suppose to wrestle??? Better yet, is she aware shes working for a wrestling company??

    So the WWE offerd a budweiser model a contract, while TNA offered a trained wrestler (Rosita) a contract!!

    Yet people still think the WWE has a division?!?!?! Can I please know what drugs the WWE groupies r taking???

  • wweandtnadivafan

    good point! :)

  • wweandtnadivafan

    wwe doesnt have a division anymore that is why they retired the wwe women’s championship, that title was way too prestigous to give to a random diva

  • Aksana

    I do feel quite sad for Rosa, it seems watching her FCW/OVW matches that she can actually work reasonably well in a wrestling match and then over on SD it seems she’s to busy worrying about how she’s doing in the match. I do like Rosa, but I don’t think there is much the WWE can do for her.

    Ok match, wasn’t anything to moan about. I do like the tension between Laycool at the moment. Someone mentioned something about Laycool coming off bipolar? I agree with that, and being honest I quite like it. Maybe thats another part of their split? it’s to early to say Laycool are going to split because we’ve seen a Laycool break up sometime last year.

    Next week I really hope we see some more Beth.

  • Aksana

    **we’ve seen a Laycool tease sometime last year.**