Live Coverage: WSU Uncensored Rumble

Diva Dirt presents live, ongoing coverage of WSU’s Uncensored Rumble Internet pay per view tonight. The show kicks off at 7pm ET. Click here to order the iPPV.

All times are Eastern.

6.55pm | Welcome to our live coverage of the WSU Uncensored Rumble! Highlights on tonight’s card include Jillian Hall‘s debut against Kristin Astara, a 25-woman Royal Rumble match and Mercedes Martinez defending the WSU World Title against Brittney Savage. Stay tuned for the latest results, as well as my opinions on the show as it airs!

Diva Dirt’s Eric and Steven are also on hand at the show in Union City, NJ, and will be sending in live news and notes.

6.56pm | Live notes from Union City courtesy of DD’s Steven: Alicia called out Jessicka Havok at a pre-show autograph signing ahead of their Uncensored Rules street fight tonight on the pay per view.

7.02pm | Pay per view hasn’t started yet due to tech difficulties. WSU sent out the following tweet: “We have one camera out just fixing we may start 5 minutes late.”

7.12pm | Show will start at 7.20pm. WSU tweeted: “Sorry we will be live at 720 we apologize it will be worth the wait we don’t want technical difficulties during the broadcast.”

7.22pm | Stream is live! Looks like Amy Lee was keeping the crowd hyped while we were waiting for the PPV to start. We see her ripping on fans in attendance. Lots of non-PG language!

7.24pm | First match is Rain versus Sassy Stephie for the Spirit Championship. Rain comes out to ‘Something Kinda Ooh’ by Girls Aloud. Eric must be marking out in the arena right now!

WSU Spirit Championship: Rain vs Sassy Stephie
The girls ask for some music… Dance off? Oy vey. Stephie is shaking her booty as Rain kicks her and gets the match underway. Rain with hair tosses across the ring. Rain walks into a boot in the corner. Now Stephie is in control with a bulldog and pin attempt. Rain now back in control of the match with a cravate on Stephie followed by a bulldog of her own. Pin attempt by Rain.

Rain with chops in the corner to Stephie followed by a front face lock. Stephie with a Russian leg sweep and cradle pin attempt. Rain kicks out and goes after Stephie. Rain with a double-knee facebreaker a la Chris Jericho. Rain chokes out Stephie over the bottom rope. Rain continues to have control of the match.

Rain now with a Texas cloverleaf on Stephie. Stephie tries to make her way to the ropes but Rain continues to lock in her hold. Stephie finally reaches the ropes and Rain breaks the hold and gets in the ref’s face.

Stephie begins her comeback now with takedowns on Rain and a pin attempt. Stephie goes up top to hit a crossbody & goes for pin but Rain kicks out. Rain hits Sassy with a Lungblower and begins a choke hold. Stephie doesn’t give up.

Stephie hits the Kick My Sass for the win.

Winner: Sassy Stephie

7.37pm | Decent opening match, but perhaps could’ve been a little longer.

Rain gets a clap from the crowd as she exits despite losing.

7.38pm | We see highlights of the WSU Tag Team Championship match last month when the Boston Shore defeated the Belle Saints for the belts. Now time for the rematch.

WSU Tag Team Championship: The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio) vs The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus)
Boston Shore attack the Saints from behind as the bell rings. Marti and Tina both hits Thesz Presses on the Shore. Tina and Amber in the ring now. Tina gets off to a quick start with a snap neckbreaker & pin attempt. Double team move by Marti and Tina on Amber.

Marti and Lexxus in the ring now. Marti twists Lexxus’ arm and tags in Tina. Tina with a clothesline in the corner and slam attempt but Lexxus counters and hits a reverse DDT followed by a senton splash. Pin attempt but San Antonio kicks out.

Tina goes into the corner and Amber tagged in. She chokes Tina in the corner and then chokes her over the top rope. Amber trash talks Marti before stepping on Tina’s hair and raising her off the mat. Pin attempt.

Amber begins shoulder-tackling Tina into the corner and chokes her out with her foot.

Lexxus tagged back in now and they tag team Tina. Clothesline by Lexxus followed by pin attempt. Goes for a submission but Tina slams her back against the mat and goes for a pin of her own but only reaches two.

Tina with splash to Lexxus in corner, but then gets hit by a hard clothesline. Lexxus goes for pin but no dice. Lexxus applies a camel clutch.

Amber back in with a suplex and pin attempt. She gets in the ref’s face and Tina rolls her up with school girl, but no three count.

Tina with a neckbreaker on Amber and begins crawling towards her corner.

Lexxus and Marti tagged in. Marti with the hot tag and begins taking it to Lexxus. Double knee smash in the corner followed by a facebuster. Marti goes for pin but Amber comes in with the belt. Tina grabs the belt from Amber. Ref tries to get the belt out of the ring, this allows Lexxus to roll up Marti for the win.

Winners: The Boston Shore

7.51pm | Belle Saints having an argument in the ring after the match. Tina walks off, leaving Marti all alone. Marti looks pissed. That wasn’t the best match.

7.53pm | It’s time for Serena vs Nikki Roxx now. Serena looks awesome… her hair cut looks so cute!

Serena vs Nikki Roxx
Serena and Nikki lock up as Roxx backs her into the corner. Lock up is broken. They begin circling each other and touch hands. Roxx with a drop toe hold and side headlock. Serena breaks away. They lock up again and Serena goes behind her driving her into the corner and begins pulling her hair.

Nikki pulls Serena’s hair in retaliation which angers Serena.

They lock up again and Serena with a side headlock takeover. Roxx counters with front facelock.

Serena now has an arm lock on Roxx. Roxx tries to reach the ropes but Serena not relenting. Serena with a hammerlock now and takes her down by her knee so Roxx is on the mat. Roxx rolls through and kips up, hitting Serena with a arm drag.

The two women begin circling each other again and lock up testing each other’s strength. Roxx wrenches Serena’s hands in a knuckle lock. Roxx with kick tot he stomach and wrenches Serena’s arm. Roxx with a chinlock on Deeb. Deeb tries to break free. Roxx goes against the ropes but hits Serena with shoulder tackle and then applies headlock. Pin attempts exchanged between the two.

The women are on their feet in the corner. Serena with hard shoulder tackles to Roxx in the corner.

Roxx with some armdrags on Serena and applies a side headlock. Roxx and Deeb to their feet. Serena pulls Roxx’s hair and slams her against the mat. Serena with several vicious kicks. Serena whips Roxx into ropes but gets kicked in the face. Takedown by Roxx. Butt bump in the corner. Hair toss and pin attempt but Serena reaches the rope. Roxx pulls Serena by the hair, goes for a slam but Serena counters and slams her to the mat by the hair. Serena steps on Roxx’s hair, pulling her up off the mat.

Serena in control now, hitting Roxx’s head into the turnbuckle and begins choking her in the corner. Serena with a neckbreaker and pin but only gets two.

Serena with a chinlock with her knee driving into Roxx’s back. She then goes into a cravate. Roxx tries to get to her feet and then begins with elbows . Serena takes her back down with a headlock.

Serena with an atomic followed by a belly-to-back suplex.

Serena jumps to the outside and begins getting counted out. Roxx goes after her and tosses her back in the ring.

Serena with a kick to Roxx as she gets back in the ring. Jawbreaker by Roxx. The two exchange several strikes now. Roxx with an inside cradle but only gets two. Flapjack by Roxx.

Roxx hits the Voodoo Drop but only gets two. She then goes for the Barbie Crusher, Serena rakes her eyes and then begins hitting her with big punches. Roxx counters the last one and hits a forearm shot and goes for a pin but Serena kicks out.

Serena grabs Roxx by the hair and begins kneeing her. Serena with spear but Roxx moves and she goes outside the ropes but manages to hang on and stay on apron. Roxx goes after her with a knee strike but Serena moves. Roxx is hanging with her leg over the middle rope.

Spear by Deeb for the win.

Winner: Serena

8.16pm | Great back and forth match! Best match so far. Now time for an 8-woman elimination tag match. First eliminated will enter #1 in Rumble later. Winner will enter last.

8.19 | Before bell rings, Jana takes the mic. Jana says they should have a soul sister dance off. Amy asks the crowd if they want to see it. Guess we’re going to see a dance off! Rick takes the mic and says he doesn’t need music. He asks the crowd if they wanna see him shake his ‘lovely posterior’? Well, they’re not gonna get it. He says in the state of New York gay marriage is now legal which means “all of you can come out of the closet.” He says Amy is an ‘old crow’. He calls her a ‘fat f**king bitch’ and slaps her.

Allysin Kay, Monique, Jennifer Cruz and Rick Cataldo vs Amy Lee, Jamilia Craft, Jana and Nikki Styxx
Bell rings. Amy with DDT and eliminates Cataldo. He will now be #1 in the Uncensored Rumble.

Monique in the ring now with Lee. Jana tags in. Monique misses an Irish whip, monkey flip by Jana. Front facelock submission by Jana. Monique eliminated.

Jennifer Cruz and Jamilia Craft in the ring now. Jamilia with forearms and clotheslines in the corner. Jamilia goes for a splash in the corner but Jennifer hits her with boots to the face. Clothesline to Jamilia. Cruz with a suplex and pin attempt but only gets two. Cruz with a rollup but only two again. Cruz kicks the wind out of Jamilia and then begins taunting Amy Lee. Jamilia with a schoolgirl and eliminates Cruz.

Allysin Kay in the ring with a kick to Craft. Nikki Styxx tags in and wrenches Kay’s arm. Kay reverses and applies a side headlock. Knees to the face followed by a running knee strike. Styxx is eliminated.

Jana vs Kay now. Jana with a cartwheel splash but only gets a two count.

Kay with an overhead suplex with a cobra clutch on Jana. Jana eliminated.

Jamilia back in the ring with a spinning sidewalk slam on Kay. Near fall on Kay.

Lee tagged in and tosses Kay by the hair across the ring several times followed by a big splash in the corner. Lee goes for a low dropkick but Kay moves out of the way. Jamilia in the ring and gets hit with a big yakuza kick. Kay hits Craft with a cobra clutch back suplex as she did with Jana. She attempts to pin Jamilia but Craft is not the legal woman in the match.

Lee kicks Kay in the face. Kay goes for the cobra clutch suplex on Lee but she counters into a bulldog for the win.

Amy Lee will enter the Uncensored Rumble last.

Winners: Amy Lee, Jamilia Craft, Jana and Nikki Styxx

8.31pm | Fun tag match!

Lee takes the mic and says ‘Camilia’ Craft is going to Japan and asks the fans to give it up for Japan. Nice show of respect to Jamilia.

Lee says she’s retiring soon. She says it’s a bittersweet night for her. She says she’d love to get her hands on Brittney Savage because she’s a ‘c*nt’ and hopes she wins tonight over Mercedes so she can ‘skullf**k’ her.

8.35pm | Video package for Alicia vs Jessicka Havok.

8.37pm | It’s time for Kristin Astara vs the debuting Jillian. Kristin comes out and takes the mic. She says it’s an ‘enormous, fantastic evening’ because she’s managed to manifest her ‘BFF’ Jillian to WSU. She says fans can thank her later. She brings out ‘Jillybean’. Here comes Jillian to Britney music… of course! Kristin and Jillian hug. Kristin wants to personally thank Jillian for being here and says she knows Jillian wants to thank her for bringing her here. She says this isn’t that ‘sports entertainment’ stuff she’s used to doing. Jillian says ‘Kristin… bestie’… and punches Kristin. Bell rings.

Kristin Astara vs Jillian
As the bell rings, Jillian takes it right to Kristin. Jillian with a couple of quick pin attempts. Kristin smashes Jillian against the mat by her hair and smashes her into the canvas a few times. Kristin stomps Jillian in the corner. Astara with a sleeperhold. Jillian mounts a comeback with elbows but gets slammed back to the mat by the hair. Kristin with boots to Jillian and a legdrop. Pin attempt but no dice.

Sleeper hold applied by Kristin. Kristin clubs her across the back and goes for a slam across her knee. Jillian trips up Kristin and then monkeyflips Kristin. Clotheslines by Jillian. Samoan drop by Jillian. Pin attempt but Kristin kicks out.

Jillian picks up Kristin for another Samoan drop and spins around, Kristin’s foot accidentally kicks the ref. With the referee down, Kristin takes off her boot, throws it at Jillian and then fakes injury. The ref calls for the bell. Jillian is disqualified!

Winner: Kristin Astara

8.45pm | Not to sound biased *cough* but heel Astara is awesome. Great promo before the match. The match didn’t really get out of first gear, unfortunately and could have used more time, but the end was creative.

8.46pm | Cindy Rogers retirement match now against Allison Danger. Bizarre to see Danger in a WSU ring. Wow!

Cindy Rogers vs Allison Danger
After some shenanigans, the bell rings. Rogers with a knee submission. Danger with a headscissors counter. Rogers counters and stomps Danger between the legs.

The two women begin circling each other and lock up. Danger with an arm submission. Rogers counters. Danger rolls through and takes Cindy down by her legs. Now a leg lock. Cindy counters with a single leg crab. The ladies back on their feet and begin circling each other again.

Danger wants a test of strength. They lock knuckles and Cindy hits a takedown and applies a cravate. Danger tries to counter and wraps her arms around Cindy’s waist then goes for a roll up but Rogers kicks out. Rogers gets rolled around the ring by Danger who has her in a bodyscissors. Rogers with a surfboard submission.

With the move broken, the ladies back on their feet and sizing each other up. Lock up. Suplex by Danger. Danger applies a submission locking in Rogers’ legs and arm. She uses the ropes behind the ref’s back.

Danger drags Cindy into the center of the ring and then slams her leg into the mat. She applies a submission driving her knee into Cindy’s back.

Cindy Rogers with a vertebreaker on Danger. Looked sick! Danger is out of the ring and looks hurt. Danger begins getting counted out. She gets back on the apron. Rogers with a spear attempt Danger moves. Cindy is on the apron and Danger hits the Lovelace Choker across her knee to the outside. Danger throws Cindy into the ring post and then begins smashing her head against the steps. Danger whips her into the guardrails several times. Cindy counters with a Russian leg sweep into the guardrail on Danger. Rogers whips Danger into the ring post. Rogers gets a chair and props it up. She drop toe holds Danger onto the chair.

Danger on the apron and hits a jumping knee strike to Cindy on the outside. Danger grabs the chair and places it over Cindy’s throat and chokes her.

Danger rolls her into the ring. They exchange forearms. Danger with an STO and a near fall but Rogers kicks out.

Front facelock by Danger. Rogers counters and hits a front chancery and then applies a dragon sleeper on Danger. Danger taps!

Winner: Cindy Rogers

9.07pm | Really entertaining match here which ranks up there with Serena/Roxx. Rogers picks up the victory in her farewell and gets a big applause from the crowd. After the match, Rogers and Danger embrace. Very emotional moment for both.

Farewell video package airs for Cindy Rogers showing some of her highlights in WSU. Classy stuff!

9.11pm | Niya coming out to the ring to take on Barbie.

Niya vs Barbie
Niya with the early control. Barbie with a kick to the face and pin attempt but Niya kicks out. Just as the match gets started, Jessicka Havok enters the ring and attacks both women…

9.14pm | Jessicka calls out Alicia on the mic. It’s now time for their street fight.

Alicia vs Jessicka Havok
Jessicka and Alicia go straight at it. Alicia with kicks to Havok in the corner. Alicia with a butt bump in the corner. Pin attempt by Alicia.

Havok chokes Alicia with a foot over her throat, then mounts her and chokes her out with her hands. Alicia whipped against the ropes and then gets hit with a clothesline. Havok applies a chinlock. Legdrop and pin attempt but Alicia kicks out.

Alicia kicks Havok in the head and jumps atop of Havok. Pin attempt but no three. Havok kicks Alicia and takes her down. Havok hits Alici across the back with a chair. She then chokes her out with a chair over the throat.

Drop toe hold onto a chair by Alicia on Havok. Alicia props a chair over Havok’s face in the corner. She goes for a butt bump and connects. She does it again at the fans’ request.

Alicia sets a chair over Havok and sits on it, applying a camel clutch on Havok.

Alicia sets a chair on the mat and goes for a curb stomp on Havok to the mat. Allysin Kay, on the outside, distracts her and allows J-Hav to hit Alicia across the back with a chair.

Havok in control now. Pin attempt but only a two count.

Havok chokes out Alicia using the chair over her throat.

Havok places a chair over Alicia’s face in the corner and begins stomping. She then tosses Havok out of the ring. The two women find themselves in the crowd. Alicia with a flurry of chops to Havok’s head. She grazes Havok’s face into the concrete floor and then hits her across the back with a steel chair. Havok with a chair strike over Alicia’s head. J-Hav now with a rear chinlock on Alicia. Havok uses a water bottle to strike Alicia across the back of the head.

Alicia spills a drink all over Havok as they continue to brawl through the crowd. The two women exchange blows in the bleachers.

Havok in control now, splashing a bottle of drink all over Alicia’s face. Alicia fights back with forearm shots and applies a front facelock in the bleachers. Havok now with a headscissors on Alicia. Alicia whips J-Hav into the concrete wall. Alicia with the pin but Havok kicks out.

Havok whips Alicia into a bunch of steel chairs and begins stomping her.

Alicia with a chair shot to the back. She stops to say hi to her mom in the crowd, haha.

Havok now in control and throws a chair on top of Alicia. J-Hav now getting in Alicia’s mother’s face with Allysin Kay. The mom slaps Kay and Alicia hits a bulldog on J-Hav. Fun spot with Alicia’s mother.

Back in the ring, Alicia props a chair in the turnbuckles. Havok picks up Alicia but she counters with a DDT.

Alicia with two A-bombs on a steel chair but J-Hav still kicks out of pin attempts.

Havok whips Alicia into the steel chair she propped up earlier face first.

Havok uses a chain to choke out Alicia in a crossface submission. Havok tries to choke out Alicia. From ringside, Alicia’s mother tosses a towel into the ring. Havok wins by referee stoppage.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

After the match, Havok gets on the mic and smack talks Alicia and her mother. She drapes a towel over Alicia.

Officials come out to the ring and help Alicia.

9.42pm | Insane brawl between Havok and Alicia which went all around the arena. Nice touch by adding Alicia’s mom into the mix.

9.43pm | Video promo from Mercedes Martinez about Brittney Savage. Video package on Brittney now.

WSU World Championship: Mercedes Martinez vs Brittney Savage
Martinez has control in the early going. Chops to Savage in the corner.

Savage comes back with a big DDT and pin attempt.

Mercedes goes to the outside. Savage follows and applies a Boston crab.

Both women are back in the ring. Savage chokes Martinez with her foot. Mercedes later hits a running yakuza kick. Slap to the face follows.

Suplex by Mercedes. Pin attempt but Savage kicks out.

Martinez with a submission move, some sort of stretch which adds pressure to Savage’s legs and arms.

Submission gets broken. Mercedes continues to take control with hard chops to Savage. Pin attempt.

Irish whip into corner. Savage moves out of the way and Mercedes goes into the corner. Savage with butt bumps and a dropkick. Pin attempt but no three.

Kick from Savage. Another two count.

Mercedes in corner now and Savage chops her and then grazes her head over the top rope. Mercedes in corner and Brittney gives her a stink face. Pin attempt but Mercedes kicks out at one.

Savage steps on Martinez’s hair and pulls her off the mat by the arms.

Mercedes takes back control and props Brittney on the top turnbuckle in a tree of woe and hits her with a baseball slide. Pin attempt but no three.

Mercedes goes for Fisherman Buster but Brittney rolls her up for a small package but no three. Martinez goes for a big boot but Savage moves out of the way and she hits the ref. Brittney hits a swinging neckbreaker. She grabs the WSU World Title belt and clocks Martinez with it from behind. She hits the Ace Crusher (RKO) and tries to wake up the ref. She covers Martinez and gets the three but Mercedes had her foot on the bottom rope.

Brittney has the match won and is announced as the new champion but another referee comes out and lets the official know that Martinez had her foot on the rope.

The match is restarted!

Savage goes for another Ace Crusher but Martinez counters into a Fisherman Buster to retain.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

10.07pm | Very nearly had a new champion! Interesting bait-and-switch at the end that added some intrigue to what I think many fans, including myself, figured would be an easy victory for Mercedes.

Now time for the Uncensored Rumble match which will be competed under Royal Rumble rules. New entrants every 90 seconds.

The commentator says Rick Cataldo will not be in the match as he has a concussion. He was supposed to be #1 in the match. Jana won’t be in the match either due to concussion.

Uncensored Rumble Match

10.19pm | Jennifer Cruz first eliminated. 7 girls still in the match.

10.21pm | Another five girls gone. Boston Shore and Kay remain.

10.23pm | Rick Cataldo comes out. He faked the concussion to avoid coming in at #1.

10.25pm | Marti enters and is attacked by her opponents from earlier, the Boston Shore, right off the bat.

10.27pm | Annie Social makes a surprise return to WSU and eliminates Cataldo.

10.32pm | Savage, who just had a World Title match, is the next entry. Her music plays but she doesn’t come out to the ring…

10.34pm | Serena in now and she and Roxx continue their fight from earlier.

10.35pm | Astara is next out but she hides under the ring apron.

10.38pm | Kristin gets into the ring and gets eliminated immediately by Rain.

10.40pm | Alicia enters the Rumble after her brutal match earlier. She eliminates both Allysin Kay and Jessicka Havok.

10.42pm | Lee is the last girl in the match at #23.

10.43pm | Brittney has finally appeared! She hits the Ace Crusher on Lee.

10.44pm | After being eliminated, Lee gets back in the ring and eliminates Savage.

Order of Entry
1. Lexxus
2. Amber
3. Sassy Stephie
4. Monique
5. Jamilia Craft
6. Jennifer Cruz
7. Barbie
8. Nikki Styxx
9. Allysin Kay
10. Rick Cataldo
11. Bonesaw Jessie Brooks
12. Marti Belle
13. Annie Social
14. Tina San Antonio
15. Niya
16. Nikki Roxx
17. Brittney Savage
18. Serena
19. Kristin Astara
20. Rain
21. Jessicka Havok
22. Alicia
23. Amy Lee

Order of Elimination
1. Jennifer Cruz
2. Jamilia Craft
3. Barbie
4. Monique
5. Sassy Stephie
6. Nikki Styxx
7. Bonesaw Jessie Brooks
8. Rick Cataldo
9. Niya
10. Tina San Antonio
11. Marti Belle
12. Annie Social
13. Kristin Astara
14. Allysin Kay
15. Jessicka Havok
16. Rain
17. Lexxus
18. Amy Lee
19. Brittney Savage.
20. Amber
21. Nikki Roxx
22. Serena

Winner: Lexxus

10.46pm | Lexxus???!!! Okay. She will meet Mercedes for the belt on August 6th. She gets on the mic and says fans should watch out for the Boston Shore.

Out comes the WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez. She gets on the mic and says “keep talking your sh*t” and that all the Boston talks makes the fans want to kick their asses. Martinez tells her to enjoy her moment because Martinez is going to kick her ass ‘New York style’ on August 6th. Martinez gives Boston Shore 5 seconds to get out of the ring… they flee.

Martinez says Lexxus better come prepared for August 6th. “Nothing good ever comes out of Boston.”

Martinez says she wants to take a moment to thank the fans. Martinez calls out Cindy Rogers, who had her retirement match earlier. Cindy and Martinez close out the show with an embrace.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I think this was WSU’s most cohesive pay per view yet with lots of good matches and storytelling, and not as much filler. Definitely check for the Rogers/Danger, Havok/Alicia and Serena/Roxx matches for the wrestling. As for entertainment wise, check out Astara/Jillian — particularly the pre-match promo should be seen.

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  • MickieFan98

    first comment!
    but yay! cant wait to see jillian!

  • Jai

    Show is kicking off strong! Thx DD for hooking me up via competition!

    Rain looks HOT! Wearing an outfit fom the house of Candice Michelle and she has a Girls Aloud theme song? Double points!

  • Williambitious

    LMAO. I’m from Union City, NJ. Never would I think that some event like this would take place here. This is the smallest town in the world… how could I not know? :/ Oh well….

    • Mikas

      I wouldnt call 70000 people a small town ;-)

      DGUSA, CHIKARA, EVOLVE and CZW have all done shows in the Ace Arena. So it must be a populair place to hold wrestling shows.

      • Williambitious

        Trust me, it’s very small. I’ve been living here 16 years. Its funny because we’re the most densely populated city in the country.

  • Bdawg0701

    Looking good, WSU. Can’t wait to see Serena tomorrow for ACW’s Queen of Queens. Congrats on Cindy Rogers on winning in her retirement match (which is shocking because the ones retiring always lose). Wish Cindy the best in her life.

    They didn’t mention that Lucious Latasha (Jana’s tag partner) was in Japan, as well. J-Hav is on a rampage!! I think Kelly Kelly triggered it because she won the Divas Title, and Havok just riot and took it out on Alicia.

  • Eric

    Its interesting to read the review having been there. I will say the Nikki vs. Serena mach did not fare well live. It seemed to drag on and there were several call outs to wrap it up.

  • DarkJoker

    The IPPV Kicked A@@ for Start to Finish! The MVP of the Show was the “Dangerous Doll” AK-47 Allysin Kay!!! She was the Stand-Out performer in the 8 Person Tag Match, was in Jessicka Havok’s corner for her match with Alicia which was the Match aka Fight of the Night aka the Show Stealer of the Show, and AK-47 looked GR8 in the Rumble Match too. Allysin Kay just needs 2 singles wins over some WSU regulars on IPPV and she will be ready to feud with Sassy Stephie over the WSU Spirit Championship IMO! Speaking of Sassy Stephie she and Rain looked Stunningly Beautiful 2nite! I loved both of their wrestling outfits. They had a GR8 match too. Jessicka Havok vs Alicia on the next WSU IPPV – No Holds Barred Street Fight 2- Loser Can’t Wrestle in WSU for 1 Year! WSU is not Big Enough for the 2 of them. This would be the perfect way to settle this blood feud once and for all IMO.

  • DarkJoker

    Main Event #1- WSU World Title Match:
    Mercedes Martinez c vs Brittney Savage
    Another Great match between 2 of the best women wrestlers in WSU and the world. This was Mercedes 44th Title defense in 30 months/2.5 years! Brittney Savage the 2011 J-Cup Tournament Winner wanted to prove to everyone that she could defeat Mercedes Martinez all on her own with no help from anyone. Like their previous encounters it was back and forth and counter for counter. Mercedes dominated the 1st 5 minutes of the match with her power and strength advantage over the smaller Brittney Savage but Brittney finally found an opening and came right back on the champ and swung the momentum into her favor. Mercedes started a comeback but inadventenly knocked the referee out with a Yakuza Kick. Brittney seized this opportunity and hit Mercedes with an Ace Crusher. With the ref down Brittney grabbed the World Title Belt and hit Mercedes in the back of the head with it. Brittney picked Mercedes back up and delivered a 2nd Ace Crusher. Brittney revived the ref and he slowly made his way over where Brittney was covering Mercedes and started the count 1-2, Mercedes Martinez put her foot on the bottom rope but the ref did not see this and counted 3. Winner and New WSU World Champion the “Cosmo Girl” Brittney Savage!! As Brittney Savage began to celebrate 2 more referees came down to ringside and informed the “assigned referee for the World Title Bout” that Mercedes Martinez had her foot on the bottom rope before he made the final 3-count. Mercedes Martinez is recovering all this time. The ref after hearing this information restarts the match after declaring Brittney Savage the winner and new champion. Brittney goes for a 3rd Ace Crusher only to have Mercedes counter it, kick Brittney in the mid-section, and hit the Fisherman’s Buster on Brittney Savage for the 1-2-3 and retain the WSU World Title for the 44th time. 2 initials describes the outcome of this match: B.S.!!! The assigned official for the match counted 1-2-3 & declared Brittney Savage the winner and new champion. It’s not Brittney’s fault that the referee didn’t see Mercede’s foot on the bottom rope before he made the final 3 count. Bottom Line: The assigned official’s ruling and call should be final no if, ands, or buts about it! Brittney Savage got ROBBED tonight by 3-party bystanders who had absolutely NO BUSINESS whatsoever sticking their noses into this match. Brittney Savage is the Uncrowned WSU World Champion as far as I’m concerned!! If the referee wanted to restart the match he should’ve had Brittney Savage go to one corner of the ring and Mercedes Martinez go to the opposite of the ring. Then restart the match with neither lady having an advantage over the other one. A great match was ruined due to Outside Company Politics! The only fair thing WSU Company officials can due is give Brittney Savage another shot at Mercedes Martinez for the WSU World Title in a Steel Cage Match! That way No DQ’s, No Countouts, No Nothing! Pinfall or Submission with winner being the Undisputed WSU World Champion! If Mercedes Martinez is the true champion that she has been for 2.5 years she will agree to this match without any hesitation.

  • xxQOXxx

    Annie!!! So glad she’s back in WSU. Hopefully not a one-time deal.

  • laqisha

    Lexxus win??? WTF

  • NY32986

    in a way I wonder if 8/6 is gonna be another basic DVD taping so Lexxus is just used as Fodder and Alicia & Havok will be the focal point. at the next iPPV it’ll be Martinez Vs Havok because that is a $$$$ Match.

  • Dr. VonAwsom

    Another amazing show by WSU! Alicia & Jessicka Havok tore the place up, literally. Tonight only added fuel to this fire, & I couldn’t be any happier that we’ve just started to see the war these 2 phenomenal talents are waging on one another. As much as I loved the Alicia, Havok match for it’s brutality, I equally loved the Cindy Rogers, Allison Danger match for it’s technicality. Danger’s transitions are so smooth, she’s an absolute pleasure to watch. I was glad Cindy got the win. To have to walk away from something you love when you still love it is a heartbreaking experience. I hope she remains an active member of WSU in some form. Poor Brittney Savage besides being the new champ for a minute only to have the match restarted, she also got hit with some very hard shots. I have no doubt she has some lumps, welts and bruises today. I’m looking forward to the Amy Lee, Savage feud that seems to be brewing. Amy had some choice words about Brittney prior to the show starting. If these two are going to fight at the August show i suggest getting Amy Lee on Twitter, as I’m sure she’ll have some very colorful things to say about her opponent. A couple of the women really stood out tonight, Allysyn Kay being one them. The meaner half of Team Be Jealous established herself as a major player in WSU this ppv by dominating in the 8 woman tag and the uncensored rumble itself. Perhaps the only person to make a bigger impact at the Uncensored Rumble was Lexxus of the Boston Shore. First Amber & her successfully defended their titles against the Belle Saints in a match I thought told a great story. Then in a Ric Flair type performance she entered the rumble at #1 and out lasted all the others to win it and become the new #1 contender to Mercedes Martinez’s title. This may become a case of “be careful what you wish for” for Lexxus. Mercedes Martinez is only part of her problem. Jessicka Havok made it clear she wants that WSU Championship. Lexxus just stepped in between Havok and her goal, not to mention Allysin Kay was holding her own against the tag team champs for a good portion of the rumble. I’d say Team Be Jealous & the Boston Shore are on an inevitable collision course. There may be a “Toxic Shock Syndrome” in Lexxus’ near future. An honorable mention goes out to the loveliest lady of the night, the always beautiful, queen diva himself, Rick Cataldo. Rick is GOLD!!

  • tonlon0013

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  • tonlon0013

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