Madusa Reveals That She Still Has Original WWF Women’s Championship, Wants to Give it to Current Diva

Former WWE Women’s Champion Madusa aka Alundra Blayze has revealed that she still has the original WWF Women’s Championship belt and would like to drop it to current Divas Champion Beth Phoenix in a match.

In a video blog posted today, Madusa answered a question about whether she’d like to return to wrestling. She said: “I’d like to do just a little angle and that angle would be [that] I do still have the original [WWF] Women’s Championship belt. I still hold it. No one ever took it. I still have it, by the way, WWE. Who would I wrestle for it? None other than Beth Phoenix.”

Speaking on Beth, Madusa added: “She is probably the best wrestler out there. She looks good, she has knowledge, she has talent, she has what it takes to still carry herself through to hit the pinnacle of her career. She hasn’t hit that yet. They’re not letting her. They’re stifling her.”

“I think if I could do just a little angle and actually give her a title of meaning. Not that the [Divas Title] doesn’t mean anything, [but] this comes from old school. Like giving something to a future great from a past great.”

Madusa, known in WWF at the time as Alundra Blayze, infamously defected from WWF to WCW in December 1995 and threw the Women’s Championship belt in a trash can live on Monday Nitro. Following Madusa’s departure, the Women’s Championship was deactivated but brought back three years later in 1998 when the Women’s Championship belt that we all know, held by the likes of Trish, Lita etc., was introduced.

Watch Madusa’s video blog below:

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  • WWEStarInTraining

    Wwe would never do this but it would be awesome.

  • samtherofl

    She’s so desperate to come back, Aha.. I love Madusa regardless.
    Her favorite diva was Michelle McCool and now it’s Beth Phoenix?! She has good taste.

    • Lily


      • Cookie

        That girl dose of some good taste in who’s good female wrestler for wwe!

    • Teri

      This woman knows talent when she see’s it. Madusa and McCool have always been my top two favorite in-ring talents.

    • Marshy

      The reason why that Madusa is busy admiring the likes of Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix cause they totally reminded her of herself back in the day and even now. Madusa and Chyna has one thing in common is that they both wants to return to the WWE and so far we have only had heard from WWE about Chyna returning is the answer is in big bold letters no,but have yet to hear from WWE about Madusa doing a little angle with Beth Phoenix.

      • Young Master Jamie

        They both remind me of Madusa too…. However I’m a huge Chyna fan (even still) so in my mind i’m going to “never say never”

        I would be excited to see Madusa/Alundra back but I would be a bit shocked too… I guess we’ll see!!

        • Raekon

          I would be shocked aswell since both Alundra and Chyna are too old for WWE standards so no matter if they are legends or not, I highly doubt they will let them appear.

          I know Mae is even older but they are only using her a comic relief and thats something they can’t pull with Chyna or Alundra so I highly doubt it. :/

  • shameronstar

    I thought she left the original woman’s championship in the garbage and that it would still be buried under trash in a dump somewhere. I guess she dug it out of the trash can while no one was looking, but seriously that would be kind of epic to see. Wait a minute. Does that mean that the women’s championship from 1998-2010 doesn’t actually count than?

    • Mikas

      It counts off course, but technically its a different belt, its only the same one in name only. There are basicly 4 different womens titles in WWE.

      The first one was from 1935-1983, which was the official NWA womens championship.

      The second one was from 1983-1988. WWE basicly stole the history of the NWA title and ignored the 1935-1956 period completely. They also ignore all title changes from 1978-1983 and instead just claim Moolah held the title all those years.

      The third one was from 1993-1995 and was brought back for Alundra Blayze who was the big star back then.

      The fourth went from 1998-2010 and this time it was brought back for Sable. Jacqueline was the first champion, but that was so Sable had someone credible to defeat.

      So 4 periods, each seperated by many years of inactivy. Some people say its all all the same title because they have the same name, others dont. There have been plenty of discussions about this subject, and both sides have their valid arguments.
      But in the end it doesnt matter, WWE makes the rules and us sheep follow them ;-)

      • Future Endeavoured

        I don’t think they “stole” the history, Fabulous Moolah sold the title to the WWF, they can ignore the previous champions since they now owned the title, it was the WWF Womens title and not the NWA Womens title, their ties with NWA were gone so I don’t think they would be allowed to recognise NWA Champions (even though they do so for the US Title but it was bought by WCW which was bought by WWE)

        strange thing was, WWE claimed Moolah held the title for 28 consecutive years and somehow held it 4 times, they always talk about “record 28 years” and “record 4 time champion”

        • Future Endeavoured

          ..also, Billy Wolfe didn’t like Moolah and he didn’t recognise her reign as NWA Womens Champion, so the WWF thought they would also not recognise previous reigns

        • Young Master Jamie

          Both of you know your stuff really well, which I totally appreciate!! I won’t get into the arguement on “stealing from the NWA” though. I really think that’s all how someone chooses to look at it..

          I just wanted to mention that for the longest time Moolah and Madusa were the ladies with the most title runs (until Trish & co. came along of course) – However Moolah did best Madusa when she beat Ivory in the late 90s to get her 4th title.

          Moolah had the belt for 30 years or so (she owned the damn thing so nobody beat her!) – however in the 80s WWF she lost and regained it a couple of times which made her a 3 time champ. Then there was that silly stuff with Ivory many years later makin her a 4 time champ. :)

        • Future Endeavoured

          We’ve had a lot of different title designs for every WWE title, they are all new/different titles just with the same name

        • Raekon

          It was 5 title reigns and thats the story:

          The NWA World Women’s Championship is the National Wrestling Alliance’s women’s singles professional wrestling title. It is descended from the original Women’s World Championship won by Mildred Burke in 1935 from Clara Mortensen.

          June Byers was then recognized as the succeeding champion after her two out of three falls match with Mildred Burke in 1954 went to a no contest. Subsequently, Byers was recognized as the NWA World Women’s Champion, and Burke created the WWWA World Championship and was recognized as its first champion.

          Upon June Byers’s retirement in 1956, it was held primarily (and operated) by Lillian Ellison under her ring name, The Fabulous Moolah, who first won the championship in a battle royal in September 1956.

          In 1983, the title was sold by Ellison to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where it became the WWF Women’s Championship.

          The World Wrestling Federation recognized Moolah as the reigning champion but did not recognize any of the title changes that had occurred since Moolah was first awarded the title.

          The NWA continued the title without Moolah after her title was renamed the WWF Women’s Championship.

          Moolah has held the title more than any other wrestler, with a total of five reigns. She also has the longest reign of 3,651 days. It is still defended in the NWA today and the reigning champion is Tiffany Roxx, who is in her first reign. Overall, 20 women have held the title for a total of 28 reigns

  • TheGamergirl22

    That would be a great way to revive the Women’s championship if Beth returns in Raw and shows the classic Women’s Belt(like Cody Rhodes) and say she’s a future legend and even other legends like Bull Nakano agree

  • JJ

    wow that would be a great match! hopefully WWE does something about it!

  • LayTorres

    OMG!!!!THAT WOULD BE SOOOOO COOL!!! and I am happy….at least there is some wwe alum out there who respects the Glamazon.

  • mariah.

    I’d love this! But I think if a scenario where a past diva brought back the women’s championship were to happen, it would almost certainly be with Trish Stratus…

  • shannymac


  • LadyGoDiva

    Hard to invision that happening but I’ll say that the original women’s title belt Madusa has looks way better then the Divas title.

  • Goodvibes

    Great Madusa, theres no way to add further prestige to ones career by handing over a title YOU threw in a trashcan. Beth needn’t go near her at this stage, however I do agree with her comments regarding the WWE stifling Beth’s career,

  • MattyM

    I love that idea

  • Ryan

    Id love to see Madusa back hell ild love to see many women wrestlers return

  • nitesaver

    I dont know why Beth is working this angle. Rather a fast way to get heat here.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    That would be intresting ! Im a fan of Madusa so that would be a treat to see…
    Im not suure dropping the title to Beth would make much sense , seeing as how the womens title is retired and Madusa isnt the champion anymore. Its nice to dream tho …

    Its nice to see that after Madusa dumped the WWF Womens Championship Belt ( Thats how she said it in the video lol) in the thrash that she stuck her hands and picked back up the WWF Womens Championship Belt !

  • Bethinho

    AWESOME IDEA!!!!WWE,make this happen,instead of trying to mix Divas with dumbasses celebrities!

  • Lily

    This would be amazing!

  • wweandtnadivafan

    haha but the problem is that beth and natalya are the only divas who are worthy of holding such a title

  • wweandtnadivafan

    can anyone please give me a link of alundra throwing the championship into the trash can ! >.<

    • Marshy

      Only thing that I can think of is Youtube.

    • Future Endeavoured

      go on to YouTube and type in “The Madusa Stunt”

  • dunk20

    That would be awesome, a dream match for sure! Lets hope WWE makes it real

  • adifferentsame

    Wow. Madura looks like a redneck Barbara Streisand.

    • adifferentsame


      Sigh. That’s what I get for being a smart arse, I guess.

    • Teri


      sorry.. i just had to do it, haha

      • adifferentsame


    • Young Master Jamie

      HAHA. You messed up twice!!

      I’m only laughing because i’m a big Madusa er… Madura? fan. However I’m also a fan of the Legend that is Barbra (without that third A) Streisand. Any homo my age or older can’t help but love her at least a little…

      Oh and as far as your later comment and expecting “backlash” – Well here it is!!

      I mean I don’t actually have anything to say, but because I’m a fan of Madusa I just want to go on record and “stick up for her”.


      • adifferentsame

        I take full ownership of my epic failure. I suck and I blame the flu. And recent alcohol abuse. Either way both Madusa and Streisand (the characters, I can appreciate their respective talents to a certain degree) aren’t high in my tastes.

        Madusa didn’t just throw her belt in the garbage, she threw her great reputation in there a well. At least, that’s my opinion. From one homo to another, we can politely agree to disagree. :)

        • adifferentsame


          Touchscreen can take the blame for that one. :)

  • DivaDerby

    This would work on many levels. The WWE can use this to promote the WWE network by showing Medusa’s old Nitro footage (the trashcan incident). This will get people curious about going back to watch the old WCW on the WWE Network. And it would be something new for the divas.

    • Marshy

      It would be interesting if GTV is back and ending up showing the trashcan footage in a way to promote WCW Monday Night Nitro.

  • Spike7000

    She’s been saying since last she wants to return. She originally wanted to drop it to Michelle McCool because like she said she was a fan of her and even thought she would make a great tag team with her until she retired so she’s now saying Beth Phoenix. She’s been eager to return when time is right

    If Madusa stayed with WWE and back when she was feuding with Aja Kong in late 95, she originally was suppose to have a match with Kong at Royal Rumble 96 (even it was advertised in a WWE magazine) and drop the Womens title to Kong

    Yeah after she jumped to WCW, the title was deactivated and was brought back until 1998 where it would be incorporated into the heated feud with Jacqueline and Sable on RAW then rest is history

    • Ryan

      Fun fact too about the Womens Championship..aside from the obvious design difrence. The same title that Jacqueline won on September 1998 same belt that Sable Stephanie Ivory Kat Debra and Lita held, well when Chyna left the WWF she took the Womens Championship with her and never returned the belt. They had to make a new one for Trish Stratus

      • norisclouds

        Yep Chyna claims that they wanted her to drop it to Lita but she declined because there was no storyline (I don’t believe that reason for a second) so she tossed it in the trunk of her car and didn’t go back…

  • Taylor

    Having Madusa return and drop the “original” belt to Beth would, in my opinion, invalidate the title reigns of the women who succeeded Madusa. It would only be fitting for Layla to be involved in the resurgence of the Women’s Championship as WWE considers her the last champion. So, no thanks Madusa.

    • adifferentsame

      I agree.

      And, on another note, I want to add that by denouncing a championship and division that she largely helped establish, she negated her own legacy and prevented opportunities for other women to follow in her footsteps. I appreciate that she helped expose joshi to the mainstream, but in my mind her talents were only matched by her ego.

      And I am fully ready for any backlash for that comment. :)

      • TheLadySamantha

        You’re very silly.

    • TheGamergirl22

      IDK I like the whole Legend from the 90’s passing the torch,

      Also it would be epic if Beth and Layla fight for the Classic Women’s belt (both former women’s champions). That feud would put revive the women’s divisions like the whole story-line could be Beth blame Layla for ruining the Women’s division for destroying the belt and she wants bring prestige and meaning to Woman’s belt like Cody Rhode and the intercontinental belt,

      Then Beth beats Layla, and Natalya wins the belt from her at Wrestlemania 28, finally winning the Women’s championship.

  • Jamal

    Love Madusa. She’s one of the legit post-wrestling success stories.

  • Young Master Jamie

    I thought I’ve read that Madusa’s last match (post WCW) was actually against Beth (pre WWE).

    I think a healthy Madusa (or Chyna for that matter) against a healthy Beth would be awesome. However the folks behind the scenes would have to let them get out there and be top-notch wrestlers. Call there own matches and put on an awesome show. None of this all too common super choreographed stuff.