In Pictures: Stacy Keibler Covers Men’s Fitness Magazine

Former WWE Diva turned red carpet beauty, Stacy Keibler, has been seen in some of the finest gowns known to man this past awards season while on the arm of A-list boyfriend, George Clooney, but for the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine, Keibler toned it down (as best she can) but still looks gorgeous!

Stacy is on the cover of the June 2012 issue of Men’s Fitness and looks smokin’ in her effortless, simplistic sports bra and shorts combo.

Check out some more pictures from Stacy’s spread over at GotCeleb:

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  • Choko

    I am so happy for her. Love that she has reached so much success after WWE.

    • StuartWilliamMckay

      What success ? Not being rude just in general I’m asking.

  • bjorn448

    My first thought was :OO is tat Stacy Keibler! I didn’t recognize her!

    • Taylor

      Me neither! She looks a lot like Alicia Silverstone here.

      • mariah.

        Yes! She really does!

  • Mr. Asstastic

    She’s so hot.

  • Marlon Eric

    Boy. I would hate having my rise in Hollywood be because of who I was dating.

    • Looking Glass

      This ^ People are congratulating her for finding fame, they neglect to remember the fact that when she turned to acting, post-WWE, no one picked up on her. Now she’s dating the commitment-phobe, everyone knows her name.

      • art

        She was doing mags way before George came along,she was doing them in wwe…

        • Looking Glass

          Yeah exactly, she was with WWE and did magazines as a Diva with them to champion her, now as a free-agent, the only way to revive her career is through her personal life rather than profession.

    • Litawasrobbed

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one who noticed. I like Stacy though, and hopes she this new found fame to invest in herself more.

      • melon2617

        This. The fact that Stacy has only found fame because she’s bedding George Clooney makes me sad for her, because she seems like a really nice girl (based on her interviews and WWE days). I think she really thought DWTS would vault her into superstardom and I hope she realizes that people are only interested because she’s with Clooney.

        I also kind of feel badly for her because Clooney is such an ever loving douchebag and in about a year, he’ll drop her like a bad habit for another leggy starlet.I hope she doesn’t think like the rest, that she’ll change him and he’ll marry her, because she’ll end up crushed.

    • Jake

      Stacy got magazine covers after WWE and before Clooney. Being on the cover of Men’s Fitness isn’t much of a rise.

    • xx_swayme

      Yeah she had a number of magazine shoots and covers post- WWE… It is pretty obvious that she is getting more fame for her relationship but I think Stacy will be fine once that relationship comes to an end. She has a natural beauty that most of Hollywood lacks and I can see that putting her in a place now that the more mainstream Hollywood knows who she is.

      • Marlon Eric

        I never said I don’t agree with Stacy being famous. I agree with you, she does have and IS a natural beauty that Hollywood don’t have. I remember her in Bubble Boy and on Chuck and she has that IT factor that it takes to be in the business.

        She’s also done magazine covers before. But I’m not talking about “magazine covers”. She’s been the talk on shows, she’s been getting more gigs and she’s been doing more interviews and having more publicity overall. And the subject that comes up in all of them – George Clooney. So, let’s not pretend he haven’t played a part in her success.

        • Marlon Eric

          And I think she’s WAAAAY better then him. Too good for him. Clooney is so overrated it hurts. Atleast in the looks department. But he is powerful, and he would like to believe he has something to say. So there you go.

        • Essex Boy

          Lol you guys are jokers! Don’t you get it?… George Clooney is actually.. Gay. I have friends in the industry (as I’m an Actor myself) – haven’t you ever wondered why he never settles down?.. I know some people genuinely don’t like the idea of settling, and that’s fair play to them. But George my dear boys and girls, I Gay. P.s Simon Cowell is gay to. The story about that one is hilarious.

        • Marlon Eric

          ^ That wouldn’t surprise me one bit. It happens. There’s actors and actresses in mainstream Hollywood who fear their career will plummet if they expose their personal life.

  • Kessuki

    gurrrl got sexy goin on – stacy lookin better than her wwe days.

  • Ryan

    Stacey gets better with age man..what a woman!! Back then she had the longest thickets sexiest legs EVER!! And that walk down to the ring was the best!!!


    • Kessuki

      her ring entrance can be compared to velvet’s and tbh stacy made it a whole lot more sexier.

      • Ryan

        Velvet is hot as hell man! Full figured female! Stacey and Velvet dont look alike so kind of hard to compare em
        I like Velvets entrance and loved Stacey’s too!
        We get great ass shots from Velvet Stacey never gave much booty shots lol..

        • Choko

          I like Stacy more, because Velvet looks fake.

        • Marlon Eric

          Angelina Love, when she had a booty can blow Velvet right out the water. She claps her ass better and she had a better one. I HATE that she’s so skinny now!

      • No Holds Barred

        Velvet’s made her look slutty, Stacy was being sexy

  • AdrianRay

    Men’s Fitness…that’s a good way to put it…

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    1- This is the type of woman in wrestling I don’t like- only would go to WWE to get famous
    2- She’s not attractive at all

    • no rain

      wait what!?
      shes pretty as fuck ! D:, but everyone has their teases and opinnions xP

    • Jake

      How many times do you have to state this? I think the majority of the people on here get what you like and don’t like.

    • xx_swayme

      Clearly you missed her time in WCW first.. She wasn’t one of those girls that used WWE. She spent a long period of time in the WWE before ever doing anything outside of it, and even then her DWTS appearance was controlled by the WWE. Do some research before bashing a woman that clearly had respect for the business but got burnt out.

      • Choko


        • Ryan

          XX_SWAYNE so true my dude! WcW Miss Hancock and in WWE she was willing and ready to take bumps and also she loved the biz!! She just got tired of the BS hey Mickie James got tired of WWE towards the end you could tell she lacked a bit of passion on her Smackdown run
          Trish Stratus maybe doesnt say it but her work lacked a bit of fire towards the end, Lita obviously did too..

          Funny story Molly Holly was the head trainer of WCW for the Nitro Girls and her job was to beat the hell out of the new Model Girls but Molly took it easy on em because in her words “The model girls are just like you and me. They need a job and need the money. So why should I hurt them and make them want to quit instead of coaching them?”

          Stacey and Torrie were some of the chicks who were hot and tough but like it or not they were good at wrestling! And like i said before WILLING T TAKE BUMPS!!

    • Marlon Eric

      I think Stacy is a pretty girl. I remember in an artistic book she modeled for, she posed a few times without make-up. She looks like a normal pretty chick. She’s tall, have great legs, dresses nice, have a nice body and is a striking blonde.

    • No Holds Barred

      not attractive at all?

      ok, so Maxim are blind for rating her #5 in 2006 Maxim Hot 100.. just because your precious indy girls aren’t on that list… you do realise because you think they’re hot.. doesn’t actually make them hot?

  • Ryan

    Stacey is gorgeous! Why the hate? So what if she is using him to get famous?! Im sure he is using her too…works both guys gotta be adult about this. Mind you im 23 =/

    Im proud of Clooney wish I was like him =)

    And its Men’s Fitness..No big deal, I read this sometimes while I do laundry
    Good workout tips sometimes, lot of model pix and whatnot…but dude! Stacey doesnt have to try hard she looks smoking as hell d’ogni lato!!!

  • No Holds Barred

    Stacy using George to get famous? Yeah because she was on Stuff and Maxim magazine… and Dancing With The Stars.. and How I Met Your Mother… and Psych.. and What About Brian because of George.

    and anyway, George is using Stacy as his trophy girlfriend. I have to laugh at those here who think they are perfect, off the high horse please