WSU Finds a New Owner

As announced on last night’s Uncensored Rumble Internet pay per view, WSU has been sold to the owners of the Beyond Wrestling promotion.

Promoter Sean McCaffrey announced last month that WSU would be sold so he can seek medical care.

An official announcement is expected early next week.

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  • xxQOXxx

    A couple of points about this.

    Beyond Wrestling wrestle in an empty building(apparently), please don’t let them do that for WSU.

    WSU has some really good wrestlers at the moment, i hope the roster doesn’t change so much.

    Lots of people on twitter are saying that they won’t be running shows out of NJ/NY anymore. If that’s true, i hope it doesn’t hurt the fanbase.

    And my last point, is Beyond Wrestling a ‘really big indie’ because i watch quite a bit of indie wrestling and i honestly have never heard of them.
    I was expecting CZW or Chikara.

    • Mikas

      Beyong Wrestling does shows not in front of fans, but in front of wrestlers. It was definately different. I remember their earlier shows which aired on their YT channel. They were black&white videos and the place looked like a living room, with some wrestlers sitting around the ring watching the wrestling. It was only 1 camera, mounted in the corner of that warehouse. It looked very strange.

      I wouldnt call them an A-list indie like WSU claimed, they probably wont even rank in the top50 indies. But at least its owned by people who care about wrestling, thats definately an advantage.

  • SebastianScorpe

    Is Beyond Wrestling a “big indie company”, well they DO have shows on GFL IPPV, haven’t they ;-)))).
    My point is I personally do not like that “unconventional” and “experimental” style they stand for and they say they stand for. Wrestling is in my point of view not the place to do “experiments”, if you wanna do that get yourself a science lab…
    On IPPV it was said that WSU would remain as a separate brand, let’s just hope they will keep it that way.
    Well, I guess at the end of the day potential buyers for a wrestling company do not grow on trees like grapefruits, so one must be thankful that this great company that WSU always was will continue in one way or the other. I just hope their future will be bright.

  • nitesaver

    Will this mean more or less c-bombs and tone deaf swearing on their shows?

  • Indymark75

    It would be nice if CZW or particularly Chikara (things would of improved throughout certainly) were the buyer, but at least these guys care about good wrestling, and won’t carry the company in some wacky experimental direction.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    good luck because I’m gone as a customer this last WSU Ippv turn me off to WSU Beyond Wrestling I wish WSU wrestling would went with a safe thing and let Chikara buy them out I could see them growing bigger now it back of the line in my books!

    but I can be wrong Beyond Wrestling as big shoes to fill that for sure Shimmer and Chikara and Chickfight and more Beyond Wrestling really needs to step up and let there fans tell them what they want not the other way around!


  • jim462

    you mean the guys who put those b&W matches on youtube bought WSU to me it dont seem possible they would have the cashand ifb they do them like the YT vids i know one lady wrestler who is with WSu thats goneand probably more I hope like hell im wrong and beyond wrestling will do WSU right