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Live Coverage: WSU Uncensored Rumble – 25 Woman Royal Rumble Match, Casket Match & More

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of WSU’s Uncensored Rumble airing live on Internet pay per view tonight from 7pm Eastern. (Click here to order.)

The show will be headlined by Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez facing off in a Casket Match  with the promise of one of their careers dying tonight. Plus, WSU holds its annual Royal Rumble match to determine the next contender for the WSU World Title.

Follow our live coverage here at Diva Dirt and by following us on Twitter at @divadirt. Be sure to use the hash tag #WSU when tweeting about the show tonight.


All times in Eastern.

6:45pm: We are 15 minutes away from the show. Keep refreshing this page for results. And of course, follow us on Twitter.

7:08pm: And we are live! Ring announcer Destiny welcomes us to the show. Marti Belle makes her way out to the ring almost immediately and talks about how she is ready for another Spirit title shot, and calls out Jessicka Havok.

7:10pm: The Midwest Militia make their first appearance of the evening and Jessicka denies Marti her title shot, with a Casket Match to prepare for and having already defeated Marti twice. They are interrupted by WSU Commissioner Amy Lee, whom forces them back into the ring, and gives Havok two options: either defend the Spirit title as well, or she’ll be stripped of both! Havok finally accepts the challenge!

WSU Spirit Championship Match: Jessicka Havok (c) vs. Marti Belle
Amy Lee is refereeing this bout. Havok dominates the early part of the match. Jessicka goes for a powerbomb but Belle reverses it with a facebuster. Allysin Kay distracts the referee while Sassy Stephie makes her presence known with a “Kiss My Sass” on Belle. Havok’s opponent in the Casket Match, Mercedes Martinez, hits the ring and throws Stephie out! She then proceeds to hit a fisherman buster on Havok! Belle makes the slow climb on to Havok for the pinfall and the victory!
Winner: Marti Belle (NEW WSU Spirit Champion)

The Midwest Militia attack Mercedes and Marti after the match. Amy Lee makes the save.

7:21pm: Mercedes Martinez cuts a promo – much like how she just cost Havok the Spirit title, she’ll do the same later tonight with the World title!

7:22pm: Amy Lee is next on the microphone, and she lays down the law by banning the rest of the Midwest Militia (Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie) from ringside during the Casket Match!

7:25pm: It is now time for the first match featuring the debuting nCw Femmes (Femmy?) Fatales talent!

nCw International Femmes Fatales Championship Match: Kalamity (c) vs. Sweet Cherrie
There is obviously no love lost between these two, as they immediately begin really taking it to one another. Sweet Cherrie is in control for awhile, but Kalamity regains control with several kicks and a double knee to the back of the head on the ropes. Kalamity goes for another kick but Cherrie counters with a Northern Lights suplex. Cherrie is dominating. The fans cheer Kalamity back to her feet, and she throws Cherrie into the corner and hits her with a ferocious forearm strike. Kalamity hits a swinging neckbreaker. Kalamity nails Cherrie with the “Magnum Driver” to retain her title!
Winner: Kalamity

7:38pm: The next match-up will be Tina San Antonio vs. Annie Social.

Tina San Antonio vs. Annie Social
Duelling chants in the audience. Social takes it to San Antonio right away. San Antonio rolls out of the ring, Social follows and of course, is ambushed as soon as she re-enters. San Antonio dominates but Social takes control with an arm drag into an arm lock. San Antonio fights back. Match has slowed down considerably since the beginning. Social kicks San Antonio in the, um… nether regions. Social goes for another move but San Antonio throws her down and Social gets a taste of her own medicine when she lands in a split. Social hits a vertical suplex and a swinging neckbreaker. Social locks on a triangle choke hold but San Antonio fights free. San Antonio then kicks Social in the crotch and manages to score a roll-up out of nowhere to pick up the W!
Winner: Tina San Antonio

7:48pm: Billed as the “epic bout of epicness”, up next is Leva Bates vs. LuFisto.

Leva Bates vs. LuFisto
Looks like Bates is dressed as Black Widow from The Avengers, complete with tiny water pistols as handguns, and LuFisto has cut her hair short. The match pace really picks up when Bates hits a couple of arm drags and a headscissors takedown. LuFisto has had enough of Leva’s antics and begins taking it to her with chops and kicks but Leva counters with another headscissors and follows it up with a fujiwara armbar. LuFisto fights out.

Leva pauses the match to pull out her water pistols and squirts Pegaboo with them, which LuFisto takes great offense to. The two trade blows, back and forth, until Leva manages to hit LuFisto with a double stomp from the top rope. Leva hits a diving reverse DDT on LuFisto but LuFisto kicks out. The two once again evenly trade blows back and forth, until LuFisto gets Leva with a nipple cripple and follows it up with a boob-plex (copyright Joey Ryan). Leva goes to the top rope and misses what looks like a leg drop. LuFisto hits her with a spinning backfist and a Burning Hammer for the victory!

The two shake hands post-match.

Winner: LuFisto

Definitely the best match on the show so far. Leva Bates held her own very well.

8:12pm: Next match is underway.

Nikki Syx, Jennifer Cruz and Ezavel Suena vs. Kimber Lee, Jessie Brook, Jana and Luscious Latasha
Even with Cherry Bomb unable to attend the event, it still seems odd for the faces to have the numbers advantage.

Kimber Lee gets eliminated first, almost straight away, so she becomes the #1 entrant in the Uncensored Rumble. Nikki Syx is announced as such on-screen/via the ring announcing but called Nikki Addams on commentary. Very odd. Syx gets eliminated, quickly followed by the elimination of Jessie Brook. Lots of fast-paced action. Jana and Latasha both go for cartwheel splashes on Ezavel Suena, but Suena gets the knees up on Latasha’s. One half of the winner of the WSU/NWS King and Queen Tournament for 2012, Jennifer Cruz, is much too worried about her crown to actually wrestle. Latasha gets eliminated. Suena has control but Jana locks on the “Jana Vice” and Suena taps out. Jana goes for an inside cradle on Cruz but Cruz reverses to score the surprise win and to become the final entrant in the Uncensored Rumble!
Winners: Nikki Syx, Jennifer Cruz and Ezavel Suena

8:21pm: Time for yet another debutant – Terra Calaway!

Terra Calaway vs. Allysin Kay
Terra Calaway is a tall wrestler from Las Vegas. Kay pretty much dominates this contest from the word go. Kay spits her gum at Calaway, who retaliates with a punch to the temple right in front of the referee. Calaway hits a sidewalk slam on Kay but only gets a two count. Kay hits a saito suplex on Calaway. Calaway hits a chokebomb on Kay and looks to go for a pinfall but Kay locks on the same reverse jujigatame that won the Midwest Militia the tag team titles and Calaway taps out.
Winner: Allysin Kay

8:30pm: The next match has been “two years in the making” – Sassy Stephie vs. Brittney Savage.

Uncensored Rules Match: Sassy Stephie vs. Brittney Savage
Savage looks all business. The two take the action to the outside and begin laying into one another with furious punches. The two brawl into the crowd, where the lighting is so poor we literally can’t see anything that’s going on. Apparently Savage gets sent face first into a steel chair. Stephie throws Savage into the guard rail. Stephie picks up a giant wooden plank from somewhere and begins belting Savage with it. Stephie then picks up barbed wire and goes to use it on Savage, but Savage nails her with a kick to the face and chokes her with it. Savage then throws Stephie into the guard rail and chokes her some more with her boot. Stephie manages to take control but disappears to the backstage area, only to come back with what looks like an exercise rope. Stephie chokes Savage with the rope.

The action slows down once more, with Stephie mainly dominating. Stephie hits a skull crusher on a steel chair. Savage goes for the Diamond Cutter but Stephie hits the “Kiss My Sass” on her. Savage manages to kick out! After trading blows back and forth, Savage DOES succeed in hitting the Diamond Cutter on Stephie and goes for the pin! 3 counts later and Brittney Savage is your winner!
Winner: Brittney Savage

8:49pm: Up next is a “Grudge Match” between Lexus and Alicia. Hopefully it’s a bit better than the Grudge Match between Tina San Antonio and Marti Belle a few months ago.

Grudge Match: Lexus vs. Alicia
Alicia kicks off the match with a brutal slap to Lexus’ face.

Lexus locks in a Camel Clutch and rakes at Alicia’s face. Lexus continues the onslaught and goes for a headscissors takedown, but applies an octopus stretch. Alicia drops her though. Lexus takes Alicia down with a diving clothesline. Lexus applies yet another Camel Clutch. Lots of duelling Lexus/Alicia chants. Alicia gains some momentum and whips Lexus into the corner and hits her with a big running butt bump. Alicia takes Lexus down with a hip toss and goes for a cover but Lexus kicks out. The two women begin brawling around the ring but the referee breaks it up. Lexus hits a lariat on Alicia. Lexus goes up top but gets knocked down.

Alicia is back in control. She goes for several pin attempts but simply can’t keep Lexus down. Lexus once more heads to the top rope and goes for a missile dropkick but misses. Alicia takes advantage of this opportunity and hits a sit-out scoop slam piledriver on Lexus for the win.
Winner: Alicia

9:06pm: We are shown a graphic explaining the rules of the Uncensored Rules match. You can be eliminated by going through (or over) the rope.

Uncensored Rumble Match
Due to her early elimination in the tag match earlier, Kimber Lee is the #1 entrant in this match. Allysin Kay is the number #2 entrant. Kay goes on the attack straight away and tries to eliminate Kimber Lee as soon as possible. It is revealed that Jessie Brook is the #3 entrant. Brook and Lee team up to try and eliminate Kay, but she just knocks their heads together. #4 is Ezavel Suena. #5 is Nikki Syx. There is once again more Nikki Addams/Nikki Syx name confusion – this should be cleared up. Thus far no one has been eliminated. Next up is one half of the Soul Sisters, Luscious Latasha. #7 is none other than Sweet Cherrie. Upon entering, she begins beating on everyone she can find. #8 is another Midwest Militia member, Sassy Stephie. Naturally, the two team together immediately and we finally get our first elimination. Jessie Brook has been eliminated. Luscious Latasha is next to be eliminated. Ezavel Suena is their next target, and Kay knocks her out of the ring with ease. Ezavel Suena has been eliminated. During the countdown for the next contestant, #9 (Marti Belle), Sweet Cherrie gets eliminated. Nikki Syx gets eliminated by the Midwest Militia’s combined flurry of kicks. Tina San Antonio becomes the #10 entrant, and straight away eliminates Marti Belle.

The #1 entrant, Kimber Lee, is still hanging on. The 11th entrant, Leva Bates, re-enters the ring with her water guns. Bates spends her time doing superhero poses while Stephie is busy with San Antonio and Kay with Kimber Lee. Good strategy. Jana becomes the #12 entrant. Number #13, Lexus, takes her time entering the ring. Everyone is paired off with another competitor except for Leva Bates, who is chilling in the corner. Number #14 is Terra Calaway, who makes a beeline for Allysin Kay. Unfortunately for her, Stephie is still in the ring and the two team up to beat down on Calaway. Annie Social becomes the #15 entrant and helps out her tag partner, Kimber Lee, straight away. Terra Calaway gets eliminated by the Midwest Militia. Kalamity is #16. Brittney Savage is #17, and immediately, she and Stephie begin beating the tar out of one another. Alicia is contestant number #18. We finally get another elimination when Tina San Antonio is thrown from the ring. LuFisto is next out and takes it to Kalamity. She manages to eliminate Kalamity. LuFisto and Allysin Kay go strike for strike, chop for chop. That’s a match I wouldn’t mind seeing. Commissioner Amy Lee is revealed as the number #20 entrant. Lee begins head-butting everyone. The final contestant, “Queen” Jennifer Cruz, is next out.

Leva Bates, Jana and Kimber Lee get eliminated in quick succession. LuFisto is next to go. Lexus eliminates Annie Social. Amy Lee clotheslines Jennifer Cruz straight out of the ring and into elimination. Amy Lee gets fired up and goes after the Midwest Militia. They get the numbers advantage and eliminate Amy Lee. Lexus gets eliminated and rolls under the ring but the referees don’t see it because they are busy with Amy Lee. Brittney Savage is eliminated. Sassy Stephie is eliminated. Alicia manages to throw Allysin Kay out of the ring and believes she is the winner. Alicia begins cutting a promo about her victory, but Lexus sneaks up behind her and tosses her out of the ring. Alicia is eliminated and Lexus wins the Uncensored Rumble for the second year in a row! Alicia is beside herself with rage!
Winner: Lexus

9:45pm: It is announced that WSU has been acquired by Beyond Wrestling. A video package is played, highlighting the feud between Mercedes Martinez and Jessicka Havok.

Casket Match/WSU World Championship Match: Jessicka Havok (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez
Jessicka Havok comes to the ring wearing black angel wings on her back. Mercedes goes on the attack as Havok enters the ring. Martinez lights up Havok’s chest with a brutal chop. Mercedes goes for the fisherman buster very early in the game, but Havok counters and hits her with a big powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle. Havok chokes Martinez, and lays into her with punches. The two trade strikes and kicks. The action spills the outside, where Havok continues talking trash to Martinez. Martinez gets fed up with it and sends her flying into the guard rail. After brawling a bit more, Martinez brings the match back to the ring.

Mercedes drops Havok with a double-arm DDT and calls for the casket. Havok wants none of that though and fights back, hitting Mercedes with a sidewalk slam. Both women head to the top rope and exchange blows, but Havok is knocked down. Mercedes lands a missile dropkick. Weapons get brought into the ring. Havok scoop slams Mercedes onto a ladder and calls for the casket herself, but Mercedes fights back. Mercedes lands another DDT, this time onto the ladder. She sets the ladder up in the corner and goes for the fisherman buster onto it, but Havok counters and hits a vertical suplex on her, onto the ladder!

Havok next locks on a bear hug and rams Mercedes into the ladder, back-first. The two once more exchange blows. The casket is once more brought into the ring. Mercedes hits a german suplex on Havok onto the casket. Mercedes then hits a huge fisherman buster on Havok THROUGH the casket, which smashes into pieces! The commentators now question what’s going to happen, as Havok is technically “in” the casket but there is no lid. Mercedes calls for some help, then sets her up for another move on the top rope while another casket is brought out to the ring. Mercedes hits another fisherman buster and goes to open up the second casket, but is blasted in the face by a fistful of powder via LuFisto, whom was hiding inside the casket!

LuFisto goes onto the ambush straight away and starts beating the holy hell out of Mercedes. Once she’s satisfied, she disappears, much to the shock of Jessicka Havok. Havok decides to take advantage and lays Mercedes out with an Air Raid Crash! She then proceeds to drag Mercedes into the casket and close the lid, retaining the WSU World title!!
Winner: Jessicka Havok

10:10pm: Still WSU World Champion, Jessicka Havok celebrates with her foot on the casket. The commentators question the relationship between LuFisto and the Midwest Militia as we go off the air!

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