NCW Femmes Fatales 9 Results

Tonight, NCW Femmes Fatales is holding their ninth show in Montreal, Quebec.

The show will feature Kalamity defending her Femmes Fatales Championship against Sara Del Rey, LuFisto vs. Mercedes Martinez, and a plethora of debuting talent (including the Midwest Militia, KC Spinelli and Leah Von Dutch).

Results from the show are coming to you thanks to Twitter.

* Preliminary Match: Serphantina def. Mileena D-Bomb via powerbomb.

* Angie Skye (w/Kath Von Goth) def. Leah Von Dutch following interference by Von Goth.
* Missy def. Deziree.
* Two videos aired – one promoting the next show on November 3, and another with Mademoiselle Rachelle berating Mary Lee Rose and telling her that this was her last chance to prove herself.
* Veda Scott def. Mary Lee Rose after interference from Rachelle. Rachelle tripped up Rose, which led to her defeat. The Midwest Militia made their way out… only to declare that Mademoiselle Rachelle had now aligned herself with their group! Courtney Rush made the save for Rose and offered her a spot in her team’s corner later on in the evening.
* “The Canadian NINJAS” Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews def. Cherry Bomb and Sweet Cherrie to earn themselves a shot at the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships in November at Femmes Fatales X. Cherry Bomb turned on Sweet Cherrie after the match.
* LuFisto vs. Mercedes Martinez went to a double count-out. The two brawled all over the building. A highlight included LuFisto with a big moonsault from the top rope on Mercedes (who was outside of the ring).
* Hailey Hatred, Athena and Saraya Knight were announced for the November 3 show.
* LuFisto and Mercedes Martinez will face off one more time on November – this time, in a Cage Match!!
* “The Pink Flash” Kira def. She Nay Nay. Kira was attacked by The Canadian NINJAS post-match, who hit her with a chair. They then proceeded to demand their tag team title shot right now – they were choosing not to wait until November for their match. Courtney Rush was eager to defend the titles, but Sara Del Rey was not having a bar of it and even offered to forfeit her title. However, referee Bryce Remsburg gave it back to her and the match was on.
* SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Match: “The Canadian NINJAS” Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews def. Sara Del Rey and Courtney Rush (c) to become the new champions! Del Rey abandoned Rush during the match.
* Cheerleader Melissa def. KC Spinelli.
* The Midwest Militia of Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie def. Courtney Rush, Xandra Bale and a returning Cat Power in six woman tag action. Havok pinned Xandra Bale after a spiral powerbomb.
* nCw Femmes Fatales Championship Match: Kalamity (c) def. Sara Del Rey.

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  • Ed

    RIP Queens of Winning. Damn you, Sara. :(

  • bxradimus


  • xxQOXxx

    Courtney Rush & Sara Del Rey losing the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles so quickly is prompting people at the SHIMMER Board to think that either SDR has signed a deal with WWE(She was seen on camera on the last FCW show) or Rush has been signed by TNA(She did a Gut Check Challenge in Canada last week).

    Can’t wait to see this show now, nice to see CatPower wrestling again.

    • pumped up kicks

      If that’s true that’s awesome for Sara! I know she’s been wanting a wwe contract for awhile now.

      • darkangels

        that explains it you notice del ray weight lose she is more and more looking like a diva.

        • Jhonmarco

          How so? Has she gotten implants? She’s toned down more though I doubt that’s for WWE and more for herself. She’s stated while WWE is a goal she would never alter her look to get a contract.

        • xxQOXxx

          Yeah, Sara is big into fitness and healthy eating.
          I don’t think her body changing has anything to do with her desire to get signed by WWE because she wasn’t exactly overweight before, she just enjoys working out and has a growing hatred for junk food.

    • Jhonmarco

      Yeah I heard that too. I’m so hoping SDR was signed, she totally deserves it after giving fans so much and so many damn amazing matches. Regardless if they use her right or not, it’d be great to find out she was signed seeing as it was a goal and dream of hers. The selfish part of me wants her to not be signed as the indies would suffer a huge loss then again others could step up I guess with her absence, either way SDR will be prime wherever she is.

      • darkangels

        and dont forget about angelina love also

  • Crazy_J

    I never really said Sara was one I watched because I barely have time to watch tna and wwe as it is, however; I just hope if she is as good as everyone says she is (as well as she is in the few matches I’ve watched) that WWE doesn’t water her down, but sadly.. they will. I remember watching all the moves Nidia, Victoria, Beth, Katie Lea, etc, etc, etc could do when they weren’t in WWE (or at one of their training facilities). I watched everyone say the same things about them that people do about most indy wrestlers.. but once they hit WWE it all goes away, it’s just sad. Good luck to her if she did sign.

  • Bethinho

    interesting……Sara Del Rey losing a match…..

    • Dave Muscarella

      Sara doesnt win EVERY match ya know. She loses more than she wins in AIW for example.

      Its mainly in CHIKARA and SHIMMER where the queen reigns supreme.

      • Bethinho

        Dave i´m only relying on the reports of the results i read,and regarding Chikara and Shimner i honestly don´t know why she has to look so invencible that Sara herself has to ask the promoters to make her lose a few matches.

    • Future-Knockout/Diva

      @BETHINHO To be fair she didn’t get pinned she walked out on her partner Courtney Rush, so SDR cost herself the match. You win some you lose some its all apart of the buisness.

      • Bethinho

        of course it is,i´m just saying i don´t see SDR losing too much and in this match she abandoned her partner….but later on she lost to Kalamity in a title match.

  • psykohurricane

    I was there live last saturday and i’ve got to say that this wasn’T the best show they put on but was still a good show. My main problem was that most of the match seem rush a little bit. I understand that they had already 9 match on the card and had to find a way to get the tag title match in there but still i would have prefer having them give more time to some of the bigger matches and drop the less important match like the Missy vs Deziree to give more to other matches.

    Also, there was a huge Yes chant going on during most of the night especially during the main event. It got annoying a little bit but still it was fun to hear.

    The biggest surprise of the night came when the ninjas won the tag title, nobody thought that shimmer would let the tag title change hand in montreal so their was a surprise reaction from the fans in attendance for that title change.

    Next up for femme fatale is the november 3rd double taping and i’m hoping that we get at less one rematch between Cheerleader MElissa and Hailey Hatred because their last match at Femme Fatale 8 was what i would consider a match of the year candidate. It was that good.

    On a final note, i just want to say that i was glad to see Cat power wrestle again because she was one of my favorite female wrestler.